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Alec Baldwin -- REDIRECT

4/19/2007 4:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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That's child abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse and completely wrong. That poor child. Not knowing the ins and outs of their circumstances, on the face of it, it would appear that Mr. Baldwin has serious anger issues and needs help dealing. Even if he is very frustrated with his child, he needs to remember she is a child and he is the adult. He has been fighting with his ex-wife for years over this child. Well it looks like that issue is now resolved. No more visitation or contact with the child by Mr. Baldwin. She must have been terrified when she heard the message. I know if someone left me a message like that I would have contacted the police. The threat was clear as day. A restraining order should be issued forthwith.

2745 days ago


NICE ....i hope he wont be seeing her ALONE from now on!

2745 days ago


What do you expect? "Liberalism is a mental disorder."

2745 days ago


This man is a verbally abusive bully. How scary as a child is hearing a "grown up" and I use the term reluctanly, spew this at you. The junior high school name calling of her, and put downs of her Mom are sick. No wonder why this child does'nt want to answer the phone. He needs a psychological exam asap.

2745 days ago

My Thought on this    

Whoever that was needs to go on Dr. Phil and have their anger issues worked out. He doesn't know what is going on. For all he knows the child's mother could have kept the phone from the child. He also needs to keep in mind that it is a child and children do make mistakes. Again I say that person needs help. I would be shattered if my father talked to me like that. My father talked like that to my brother and sister and I didn't like him for that I could only think of how it felt to them..

2745 days ago

Dirty Whore sounds like he's been taking some of Britney's crazy pills

2745 days ago


Kim is a nut case!! This woman is very bizarre, and has used her own daughter as a weapon against Alec.

Everyone knows he is a little short-fused, but she uses that and against him. She also knows what buttons to push to get him going.

Seems like after all these years, her daughter has finally picked up her mothers inconsideration towards her father.

Under normal circumstances, this would be very harsh for a young girl. Alec is probably afraid she is going to end up just like her mother.

This woman is a selfish-recluse, who uses her daughter to manipulate Alec.

2745 days ago


Um, the part I read just makes him sound like a frustrated dad. 11, 12 & 13 year old girls can be rotten, esp. to their parents.

2745 days ago

That is not Alec Baldwin    

It's not Alec PEOPLE!

2745 days ago

That is not Alec Baldwin    

That's not Alec Balwins voice. That dude on the recording sounds GAY!

2745 days ago

D Ramsey    

So what Alex, do you think you have one and only rude little pig. I guess you havent heard about Pork's little rude pigs. Yes I said pigs, several. If I were placing a bet I bet they were with a lot of sows. Not just one. Watch the TV on saturday morning Alex. You,,Yes I said you do not rule the world on RUDE LITTLE PIGS

2745 days ago


I am just glad he is having his visitation rights suspended, and not GETTING CUSTODY!
Verbal and physical child abusers get custody everyday. They have swanky, persuasive attorneys, know how to work the system, and much more money than mothers. There IS justice. This poor little girl.......she and her mother have obviously endured alot.

2745 days ago


Living on Long Island, I've met both Alec and Kim...........Yes Alec does have a temper........but Kim is a psycho maniac and has used her daughter to turn against her father. He shouldn't of left that message (if it's indeed him) but we don't know the entire story..........Ireland could be spoiled by Kim and Alec has to be the disciplanarian......and she could of pulled this stunt dozens of times...........At 11, she shouldn't even have a cell phone...........that's probably a frustration in itself...............Again, I am not siding with Alec by no means........but Kim could have coached her daughter to shut the phone push Alecs buttons..............

2745 days ago


First of all, I'm so tired of the media and all of America thinking that they know what is going on in celebrities lives just because they read a few blogs. Clearly there are a lot of issues going on in the family and from what I can see that child deserved that rant...maybe without the profanity though. Although quite frankly it doesn't sound like Alec.

This country is full of spoiled little brats and their ignorant parents who try to be their child's best friend instead of a parent. Children need rules and boundaries. They shouldn't be given everything they want and they shouldn't be allowed to treat their parents that way. Alec's spoiled ass should be thanking her lucky stars that she is so blessed and fortunate but instead she sounds selfish and like her mother is turning her against her father.

What happened to respecting your parents?

And beyond that why do people feel we have the right to invade someone's privacy like this? It's one thing to take a picture of someone when they are out and about but to play their private phone messages is disgusting.

This is what's wrong with this country!

2745 days ago


#7--yeah right---they proved it in a court of law. That's the final "prove it" spot in America. They don't have to prove it to you.

2745 days ago
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