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Kate and Owen

Out of Our Way, B**ches!

4/19/2007 3:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson greeted waiting paparazzi outside their NYC apartment with the enthusiasm usually displayed by rock band security guards welcoming unruly fans.

What's going on with these two that they so hate to be seen together? One unlucky paparazzo was shoved aside by a wailing Hudson, seen here with the camouflaged Owen behind her.

Where's a nice cream pie when you need one?


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philly fan    

Their apartment???? When did they move in together?

2709 days ago


I was wondering the same thing!

2709 days ago


I think they make a cute couple! I think the relationship wont work out if they can't even get some alone time.

2709 days ago


It's her apartment. She used to spend time there with her soon to be ex Chris Robinson. She's been quoted to say that she & Chris met on a Tuesday & he moved in the following Sunday.
Obviously she has yet to realize she has traded in one older man for another. Still looking for Daddy??? Owen is a player & he will break her heart. At least Chris truly loved her & was even faithful to her which is unheard of in rock star circles. Chris is the BEST. He deserves someone better than Kate anyway. I just hope she gives him the opportunity to continue being a great Dad for Ryder. That SHOULD be her top priority along with being a good Mom.

2709 days ago


I can understand their frustration -- there is pictures posted of the couple going TO dinner - so they were probably followed to dinner, and home --- seriously, who wouldnt get aggrivated?? they dont seem to be hiding from the public view - but we dont need minute-by-minute --- step-by-step of their every move.
give them some space!

2709 days ago


Chris was not faithful to her. He cheated throughout their marriage.

2709 days ago


They don't look happy. They're dressing down. Kate looks pregnant.

2709 days ago


I think Owen Wilson is about the ugliest guy you could date. He dresses like a schlep, he's short and wimpy. And for Ms. Hudson she is a poor example of a mother.

2709 days ago


She doesn't want to be seen with yet another ugly guy.

2709 days ago


of course the slut doesn't want her picture taken...she looks about 4 months pregnant!

2709 days ago


Get out of the way, leeches, and you won't get pushed.

2709 days ago


Manners are free. Even for "stars".

2709 days ago


I cant blame Hudson and her boyfriend for wanting their privacy. THey obviously didnt appreciate photographers stalking them. However, it sems Kate Hudson has a habit of being rude to people, period. I saw her on tv once coming out of a club or something like that. as fans asked for her autograpgh she made this frowning face when she thought the cameras were not on her, She did not appreicaite being asked for an autograph at all. I have seen her get uppity with people like Rosie o Donnell who asked her simple questions that were not that intrusive on her show. I am sorry but Kate Hudson seems like an extremely spoiled, bratty hollywood stars kid. No matter what age she is now. People such as her dont need to be given the time of day due to their rudeness, and obvious high opinion of themselves. Goldie hawn worked her but off to get where she got in show business, I admire that, Hudson worked also, but being given a start as Goldie hawns kid never hurt her.

2707 days ago


The story is the other way around. She moved in to this place. Also, he did not cheat on her. Where did you hear this crap?!?!

2706 days ago

Sharp Eye    

It's obvious TMZ staff must sit on their asses all day, just waiting for a new pic to spin a story around.
I don't care and stop wasting web space with this tripe!

Harvey I thought TMZ was going to be something very different?
You're just another cheap tabloid!
Report about the rampant drug abuse in the industry.
Hollywoods inability to make quality movies.
How scientology has gained a strong hold in the movie industry.
Those are truths I'd love to read.
I don't want to read about two very unsavory people with not enough talent between them to light a match.

Basta, TMZ!!

2705 days ago

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