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Alec's Shocking Contrast

4/20/2007 12:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comMonths before his now infamous rage-filled telephone rant, a candid Alec Baldwin opened up to Larry King about his highly criticized relationship with his daughter, Ireland.


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I'm sorry but Basinger is a big blonde bozo. If the court denies him his visitation rights, then they need to do that to the rest of the population that goes off on their kids.. Basinger should be sited for contempt of court, we all know that she was the one that leaked it.

I can't even begin to imagine how their daughter feels, both Baldwin and Basinger are at fault here...

2603 days ago


um, yeah right

2652 days ago


He seems borderline psychotic to me.

2652 days ago


Auuurrgggghh I just can't get over this guy!! I'm gonna vote him for worst father of the year!! Nothing can justify the message he left for his daughter NOTHING!!!! I don't care if he had a bad day or year or whatever she's a CHILD!!! Sick Sick Sick!!!!!

2652 days ago


put some lipstick on that pig - it still ain't gonna make him pretty!

Gawd - imagine if his kid did something terrible if he overreacts to this phone nonsense.

Hey Lindsay - be lucky he ain't your daddy! Same to you Paris....errr maybe he should have been..hmmm

2652 days ago


I think this story makes Kim Basinger look worse than Alec Baldwin. Yes he shouldn't have used those words, he was obviouisly fustrated which any parent can be. But at least he's passionate about his daughter. Kim Basinger on the other hand, just publically humiliated her 11 year old daughter by exploiting her for her own gain in what already seems like a bad situation for a child to go through. By bringing this out to the public was VERY BAD PARENTING on Kim's part!

2652 days ago


I think the real alec is the one on larry king all parents go crazy sometimes and if he hasnt spoken to her for days and she kept ignoring him all its logical to flip out. all parents love their kids

2652 days ago


I know what he did was bad...but my mom has yelled at me pretty horrifically as a kid. Everyone I grew up with had parents that did that....not saying it is ok to do so. But come on, if you've seen the state that kids are in today how many parents out there wish they could tell their kids off. No one makes you angrier than the people you love. Again, I'm not saying it was ok. Having said that, Kim is being just as damaging to her child as Alec with the hatred she demonstrates towards him. This little girl will end up another drugged out Hollywood child. If she doesn't, it is a miracle and show of sheer personal determination not to let her parents ruin her.

2652 days ago


Who cares. Let's get some real news.

2652 days ago

Ann Koenig    

This was one of the worst voicemail messages I've ever heard. It actually frightened me. This man was clearly out of control.

No matter what an 11 year old child has done, and I don't believe it was that bad, nothing warranted that response. I believe it will be difficult for her to get past this.

Shame on you, Baldwin!

2652 days ago


oh come on. Tell me what father wouldn't be upset with his daughter - if not angry, if for the x-time she doesn't pick up or god knows what else she did. And that this tape has been made public is just another act from the bassinger camp. Just leave Alec alone, look at yourselves first

2652 days ago


Mary have you lost your MIND??
I quote.. Mary #6 " I think the real Alec is the one on Larry king all parents go crazy sometimes and if he hasn't spoken to her for days and she kept ignoring him all its logical to flip out. all parents love their kids"
What planet do you live on???? I am pretty sure that a loving parent who has there children's best interests at heart would NOT leave a message like that for them!! Maybe that's how you talk to your children but I would never cut down my daughter like that my job as a mother is to build up her self esteem not crush it!! Mary you need help for you and your kids that's just SICK woman I mean really now!!

2652 days ago


This pig has no place being a parent. His family as a whole is clearly demented - history speaks for itself...get some anger management help and while you're at it Alec...take some parenting classses.....damn, I feel sorry for Ireland.

2652 days ago


#6 - Mary: Do you pay attention to the news? Unfortunately not "all parents love their kids." Millions of children are abused daily (physically and emotionally) by parents who never wanted them. I'm not saying Mr. Baldwin doesn't love his daughter, but as a parent, I found that phone abhorrent. Getting mad is one thing; calling your daughter a "pig" + the colorful adjectives to me is emotional abuse. Ms. Basinger is just as bad for leaking this to the media.

2652 days ago


No one. Not even the high and mighty Alec Baldwin, should EVER speak to their child like that! His rants were inexcusable. He's totally unfit to parent. Baldwin is self absorbed, selfish, and spoiled. Thank God for Ireland, he lives on the opposite coast. We should all hope the courts will do the right thing with regard to the custody suit with Kim Basinger.

2652 days ago
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