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Baldwin -- Can You Hear Me Now?

4/20/2007 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hours after TMZ posted Alec Baldwin's explosive voice mail message to his 11-year-old daughter, we spotted Baldwin in New York -- on his cell phone! It looked like Alec had already flipped into damage control mode.

Baldwin was spotted making a swift exit from a benefit party for The Old Vic Theatre, keeping his face turned away from cameras as he gabbed on his cell.


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blah blah blah    

Phoenix Guy

What gives you the right to say that "ANYBODY" for that matter, nobody deserves to be a victim of any damn thing??
I want to know
Give me an answer big boy
I'm waiting

Oh, and by the way Mr. Phoenix:
What's your excuse for your condition of being so obviously ignorant?
Is it in your genes, or are you just the victim of being ignorant?

2680 days ago


Some of you need to chill out. I would bet money that, most if not, all of you have said something at least as hurtful to someone you love! Anyone who tells me different is a lier. Granted, this was bad and I am sure that his daughter was hurt even if, as he says, he apologized. What you should really be bothered with is that his wife took a situation that was personally hurtful to the child and exposed it to the world. Now not only is the child dealing with the original hurt but she is now dealing with the humiliation of her friends and everyone else in the world talking about her personal family problems. Who ever released the recording is a total lowlife. Using the daughter as a hammer against the husband is despicable. You “holier-then-thou” morons should look at who did the most damage here.

2680 days ago


That is his personal life. Everyone should mind their own business and if he want's to kick the little girls ass he should be allowed to. He is the father after all. She probably is a spoiled little piglet. It's not like he is going to kick her in the head give her to black eyes and a concussion. He seems to be a reasonable dad and kids need a good kick in the ass every now and then..

2680 days ago


Sounds like Flip got his ass kicked one too many times!!!! (##33)

America Boycott Alec Baldwin!!!!
BTW wasen't Alec going to leave the country???????????

2680 days ago


Alec Baldwin definitely has issues. And this crap he says he puts up with from Kim Basinger? He is a lying cheater himself, so what does that say to his credibility? He makes passes at every sweet young thing he comes across and I know this to be fact. He is nothing but a piece of crap.

He doesn't deserve visitation, hell, he doesn't even deserve this child!

2680 days ago

Anne Desmond    

Alec's daughter will never forget his hateful tone or the obvious contempt and anger in his voice The use of the word "pig" will be a wound to her heart forever. Reducing women to pigs, sluts, bitches or whatever strips away their humanity, makes it easier to justify striking out at them. Alec has obviously used anger and threats before to successfully control and manipulate the women in his life. Notice his rant was all about him and his feelings. The only feelings that matter to him, the only person who can be hurt, the only person who counts is: Alec Baldwin! Someone should "straighten him out" and soon. He's dangerous and full of himself.

2680 days ago

Pete from DeBary    

Once again Mr. Baldwin has proven that he is a certifiable jerk. He's not only a secular progressive who open hates the USA, and he vowed he'd leave the USA whenj/if G.W. Bush was elected but he didn't have the guts to carry out his own prediction. Now he starts in on his 11 year old daughter who probably has every right and cause to distance herself from her dad. There are two sides to every story and we don't know both sides here.....what we DO know is that Alec Baldwin is a psychotic jerk.

2680 days ago


If you were an innocent 12 yr. old, would you want to visit or talk
to a guy who treats you like this???
No thanks. He shouldn't be allowed to be alone with this child
or talk to her without a witness. He's not only a raging nut case,
he's a violent threat.

2680 days ago


the jurk says every one knows what he went through with Kim. They only know what he has lied to them, to make him self like like the victum. It is very clear to this 68 year old, that he was a real ass hole to Kim, and she was the one to take the abuse from him. I think that if she turned off her phone or dissabled it so her father could not get through. He was using the phone time to say mean things about her mother, and not how are you doing hon, or I love you and miss you. I raised four step kids, and their father did just that downgrading their mother till they would not talk to him no more. He was like Alec, the kids were old enough to remember the way he treated their mom. From what I see he needs to loose any parental visitation rights or contact with the child till she is 21, then she can decide if she wants any thing to do with the ass hole. My self I see a lot of movies at the theater and on tv, aned will never watch any thing he is in any more.And to the person that said Kim should not have given the tape to the courts, you have a screw loose also. Kim did exactualy the right thing. She was protecting her daughter like a good mom should.

2680 days ago


As a teacher, I am disgusted to hear that ANY adult would speak to another human being in such a manner, let alone a child. This is what is caught on tape. Can you imagine what he says to her when there are no witnesses? The harm that he is causing this child cannot be measured. How dare he! The pain that she must be feeling and will fill for the rest of her life must be immense. It just goes to show that you never know what goes on in a child's life, behind closed doors. Money and fame do not guarantee happiness. Hopefully, she will not end up choosing abusive men in her life, as we all know happens so often. If she does, Alec can thank himself!

2680 days ago

Showed his true colors    

How is it possible to speak so lovingly about your child (for the whole world to see on the Larry King show), yet be so hateful and malicious when leaving a message directed specifically to your daughter. It's probably not the first time, and I'm glad you got busted for it. It doesn't take much to leave a lifelong scar on a young child - you're not going to be able to sweep this under the rug. Good going Dad!

2680 days ago


Wow....this is a family matter that shouldn't have been put out in the public for scrutiny. As was said earlier, there are two sides to every story. None of us knows what is really going on in that family. From what I have seen so far, it is a nasty, bitter divorce and somehow the child is either being used as a weapon between mother and father or the whole divorce is hurting her and she's acting out. The parents should be mature about their divorce and show this child how adults should really act. Divorce is really painful for the parents but they both need to take into consideration that this whole mess is even MORE painful for their daughter. The father's visitation rights should not be terminated. They should all get counseling.

2680 days ago

Emily St.James    

Well maybe those of you who backed him politically will think twice the next time he lets go on our president. But the mother is worse.! She could have handled this in private. What was she thinking? The kid goes to school Her peers can read! Why did you marry the guy in the 1st place Kim. You both need counselling. Concerned parent.

2680 days ago

J. Watson    

Sounds like a normal Dad to me!!!!!

Kids these days are quite manipulative, especially when parents are divorced. Ireland is obviously playing games with him.

I am not saying that harsh words or shouting are going to get him any where with her, but I understand how he feels, and I understand how he could "lose it."

2680 days ago


That Mother is a Ballbreaker. And when it comes to a "Battle of Wit's" Alex , your unarmed.

2680 days ago
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