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Baldwin's Late Night Change of Heart

4/20/2007 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comJust a few hours before he blasted his daughter on her voice mail, Alec Baldwin had a few laughs at Ireland's expense on "Late Night with David Letterman."

After telling Dave that his 11-year-old was "doing great," Baldwin regaled the live audience with a story about Ireland's new affinity for dancing in public, then playfully mocked a few of her favorite moves.

When Dave asked if Ireland's new passion was embarrassing for him, Alec replied, "Hey, she could be out stealing cars." Funny he should mention that.

Shortly after the taping, Baldwin tried to call his daughter. We all know what happened next.


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OPEN UR eyes Lady!    

yea... live and learn! Get along people!

2686 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

This guy is definitely a psycho. And before all you nutjobs come and start defending him:

1) The way he berated his daughter is inexcusable.
2) This crazy bastard has a history of uncontrollable temper tantrums.
3) Don't blame Kim Basinger's for him being crazy. He should still be able to deal with this situation in a rational and controlled manner. He's the adult - she's the child.

2686 days ago


2686 days ago


Dude, TMZ? What the hell? Are you on the Basinger payroll? Let me know if you start digging through his trash.

Its pretty obvious you got the audio from her camp, all this follow-up is getting a little on the piss on the guy's grave then kick the headstone side.

2686 days ago

OPEN UR eyes Lady!    

IF we're parents we make mistakes! I think all 3 of them are at fault~ Get some help! They have a hateful divorce.... they need to get over that and show some support for their child!

2686 days ago



2686 days ago

no pervs allowed    

Give Alec a break-- he is just another one of us -- a single dad, trying to raise an adolescent kid. I have gone off on mine before, but it is out of love, frustration and trying to get them to listen and learn. All this syphony for single moms is overrated, what about dad, we should be just as important, especially when we doe not get the same respect. Crap happens, and because he is in the public spotlight, it is twisted to make him lok worse than he really is as a parent. Give him a break, it gets frustrating having a teenager, especially a girl, seems like they don't handle the tough parenting the same, especially with an ill-suited mother looking to milk some camera time with the press. Maybe if Kim worried about working her issues out instead of making Alec looking like the bad guy in front of the kid, things would be better and this issue wouldn't have come to light in the press. No admit it people, who hasn't gone off their kid like that- if you say no, your either Mother Theresa or a liar.

2686 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

PS - The only "pig" in this situation is Alec Baldwin. How many chins does this guy have now? I lost count.

2686 days ago


Poor Ireland is nothing more than a pawn in a chess game as are most children from broken homes where there are bickering parents. Alec is a nut job... Do you think Ireland begs and pleads with her mom to see her dad as much as possible??? I don't think so...

2686 days ago


Go Team Alec!

2686 days ago


Your posting of Alec Baldwin losing his cool on a VM is nothing more than greed motivated tripe. Inappropriate? Yes. Our business? NO!
TMZ is the definition of bottom feeder journalism. Where have the REAL journalist gone? Murrow, Cronkite. Oh yeah, Dead and Retired. First the tirades of a psychotic self-exiled misanthrope murderer now this crap! Don't hide behind "doing the public a service". You are greedy scum who feed off the misery and misfortune of others. SHAME!

2686 days ago


First of all, there is NEVER an excuse to call a child names, I don't care what they've done, NEVER. Name calling accomplishes no good, only harm. I've NEVER "snapped", as some are saying they've done, and called my child a name, NEVER. Losing one's temper, yes, it's possible with children, but there is a fine line you should never cross. Name calling is plain and simple verbal abuse. Alec, you've just lost you a few more "supporters" of your work. My suggestion to you, get help quickly.

2686 days ago


Ireland should realize her dear ol' dad is the first and last man who will ever call her; she's ugly as sin.

2686 days ago

Oh Brother    

Rude little pig? Oh, the humanity!

This is from a man who clearly loves his daughter. Shame on you TMZ for letting a bitter mother use your space to make this available to the public. I'll bet she -- and most parents -- have said way worse. Any kid who's too tender to handle being called a rude little pig after pissing off her father (and who hasn't done that?) is being sent out into the world with a serious handicap.

2686 days ago


He acts like he has bi-polar disorder. I hope Kim makes him get a psych eval before visitation is reconsidered.

2686 days ago
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