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Birkhead and Virgie Still At Odds

4/24/2007 1:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Virgie Arthur is making it very difficult for Larry Birkhead to assume the role of daddy.
Virgie and Larry
We're told Virgie is trying to block Larry's move to take Dannielynn back to the U. S. of A., unless Larry agrees to share guardianship with her. Virgie also wants sole guardianship if Larry dies while Dannielynn is still a minor.

Virgie's conditions are curious to say the least, especially since we know the Bahamian judge has already said that he would probably allow Larry to take the baby to the U.S., provided he return with Dannielynn for the formal custody hearing on June 9.

Larry and Virgie are due back in court tomorrow and the judge could lay down the law and clear the way for Larry and Dannielynn to take the first jet that smokes out of Nassau.

In spite of Virgie's demands, Larry has allowed her to visit with the baby, but we're told Larry feels like Virgie is trying to act like she's in the middle of a marital custody dispute. This just in -- she's a grandma!


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My Two Cents    

She loves the limelight and does not want her 15 minutes to end. She was a terrible mother and she only wants a piece of the pie.

2678 days ago


Their family is completely wacked!!! screw both of them... on a side note, did anyone see the Akon rape scanadal brewing.. they removed the video from youtube but you can watch it here

2678 days ago


Virgie will NOT be allowed to see Dannielynn if Stern gets his way.

2678 days ago

monkia louinski    

Larry: Think for yourself and trust no one in this they all have their reasons for being in this and their reasons may not be what is best for Dannielynn.

Let Grandmothers be Grandmothers and nothing else. If someone is NOT RELATED to Dannielynn (Howard) then they should be out of the picture completely!

2678 days ago

sick sick sick    

I blame the ignorance of the Bohemian government. Let this man take HIS child home.
Grandparents do not have the right to joint guardianship. She is looking for the #=$$$
Catch a Clue!

2678 days ago

Mary T.    

Yes, she had 39 days to go to the Bahamas when her grandson died. But she chose to appear on National TV and show her ingorance.,

2678 days ago


Grandparents have rights to see their grandchildren when their chiild is dead because the person can re-marry and leave the grandparent out. This is probably only 2 weeks out of a year so she's lost her damn mind. That's all Larry want's to give her and she should accept it. I cant' wait for him to Marry someone so she can be her mother, But he better pay close attention to who he picks.

2678 days ago


Ok so we know TMZ has of late printed all negative on LB and VA
Nothing on HKS???
Makes you wonder where TMZ is getting all these scoops
Think about it
LB isnt telling the rumors VA isnt telling the rumors who does that leave???
LB nor VA bad mouthed each other in front of the cameras at every chance nor did they bad mouth each other in interviews or at Annas funeral
Who did???
All of the leaks to the press are coming straight out of Sterns camp no doubt
Wait until LB and VA get back to the states and then lets see what has truely transpired
As long as he hides in the Bahamas HKS can squat in the Horizons and cause all the turmoil he wants

2678 days ago


Virgie needs to give it up. I understand though. I think if my sons fathered children and the relationship didn't work out, for whatever reason, the mom would take the grandbabies and I may never see them again. She has no connection to Larry's family. Therefore, he could take baby and cut her out of its life. Larry's mom has nothing to worry about. Her son will have his daughter and she will have all the access she wants. Maybe if Virgie sat down with Larry and explained herself, he would feel differently. At least he'd understand. On another blog, someone said they saw her in Bahamas and she wheezes a lot. My feeling is her health is not good and that she would find it hard to chase a small child. I am unable to care for my 4 yr old grandson for the same reason. Love him madly but couldn't chase him & keep him safe. If anything happens to his mom, he will be with my older daughter who is young enough and healthy enough to finish raising him. Give it up, Virgie! Live your life!

2678 days ago



2678 days ago

C Sanchez    

Larry - this child is YOURS. Time for you and your child to come home. What in the world would make her think that she has ANY RIGHTS to joint guardianship? Is she truly bonkers? Other than grandmother - Don't bow down to any demands from anyone!!!!!!!!!!!
Virgie - go home back to your 5th husband. I sure would hate to have you as a grandmother! You are showing the world how sick and money hungry you are!
I am from Texas - maybe you should stay in the Bahamas - giving Texas a bad name!

2678 days ago


I think Virgie is afraid of what will happen to the baby if Larry dies. Her fears are not unreasonable, but she might be going about it the wrong way.

Perhaps they need to consider this type of agreement: If Larry dies and is not married, the custody of the child will be shared equally by Anna's mother and Larry's mother.

If he dies and is married, and if the child has been legally adopted by the new spouse, then she of course has custody. If the child has not been legally adopted by the new spouse, but she would still like custody of the child, then custody will be shared by the surviving spouse, Anna's mother and Larry's mother, with custodial custody going to the spouse.

The odds are that Larry will outlive both grandmothers anyway.

2678 days ago


53. Virgie was not allowed to go to Daniel's Funeral. Don't forget Daniel waited in his coffin for 39 days at the Butler Funeral Home in the Bahamas while they did their "Commitment Ceremony", sold pics of Daniel, and Dannielynn, did the ET Exclusive "Mommie Dearest" Video, they couldn't bury Daniel they were too busy!!

I have stood behind Virgie for a long time through all of this, but now it's starting to bother me for every day she fights this Howard still has the baby in his clutches. I hope the Judge this week overrules any fight she has and sends Larry home with Dannielynn posthaste!!
Posted at 12:58PM on Apr 24th 2007 by monkia louinski

I have never stop backing Virgie. If she is called a bitch!!!!! MORE power to her. It is not hard to see that if she comes to terma with Larry...she is accepting Howards terms because Howard has Larry all confused. GO VIRGIE!!!!!!!

2678 days ago

no way    

# 14 & #24 Michael I think you were sent here by Virgie herself. I see absolutley no spelling errors in my post and it is my opinion just as you have your opinion. This woman is no way elderly, shes greedy and that is that. You share your opinion I will share mine thats the whole point of the board! OK So I reread my post again and I am sorry for forgetting the S in Texas!!!

2678 days ago


What a money grubbing witch she is. She can't be happy with knowing she can visit the baby whenever she wants. She has out to try to get this baby for the money, that's all. She should go marry another step brother and have her own baby. What a waste of space she is.

2678 days ago
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