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Kevin's New Chick Makes a Run For It

4/24/2007 12:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michelle Trachtenberg doesn't want to be spotted with Nicky Hilton's sloppy seconds -- running from cameras to avoid being photographed with "Entourage" star Kevin Connolly.

The new couple were at Turner's Liquor Store on Sunset Strip, where sources tell TMZ they were making out before going in to shop. The instant Trachtenberg spotted cameras on them, she bolted -- making a mad sprint for Connolly's car and hiding with her head down in the front seat.

Connolly remained calm and was far more comfortable with the cameras. See, dating a Hilton gives you something!


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Michelle is a beautiful young lady. I loved her in Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Maybe she is looking for a wooden stake? Keep running, girl!

2717 days ago


Ummm...OK. Am I the only one to think Kevin can do MUCH better? She really aint that hot, but maybe she has a great personality. I thought Kev could get supermodels by now, why is he dating an Olsen Twin reject? He shouldve told her ass to Keep running and left her!

2717 days ago

Tristan [Unsworth]    

Ew! Michelle T. was a freakin' DOG back when she was getting her chest scrubbed by (gay) Rosie O'Donnell in the movie 'Harriet The Spy'. You'd think Kevin C. would show some CLASS. Might as go and screw that ugly chick from 'My Girl'!

2717 days ago


who the heck is michelle trachtenberg?

2717 days ago


OMG she was HOT in Eurotrip! She's a cutsey kind of pretty. Honestly, I think it was more of her escaping the paps than it was anything. Some people (stars or not) don't want their name slandered and bad things said about them in the press.

2717 days ago

John Mesh    

The person in No. 4 talking about class is laughable and crude. Trying to turn this into a romance is even more laughable, but makes a living making these leaps and conclusions without anything to back it up.

2717 days ago


Uhhhh. Hilton sister...who cares. Michelle is pretty. But she's obviously doing the do with the guy, if she's out buying liquor with him. The running is just proof that she doens't want anything said about her and him, that is more than likely true.

so he's painting that ass white. Lucky SOB

2717 days ago


Is it me or does Connelly still look like he's 12 years old and hasn't reached puberty. Is he that much of a babe magnet?

2717 days ago

John Mesh    

I see that the's BS is spreading throughout the internet as each unimaginative blog is now posting this -- way to go Michelle was honored this weekend at the Sarasota Film Festival as Top Newcomer and she has four films coming out plus a new TV show -- she has a lot of talent. Despite what critics think, Michelle is very beautiful and was awesome on Buffy and in everything she has done. But instead of highlighting her beauty and talent, wastoid blogs like yours prefer to try to turn Michelle into another Lindsay Lohan. Where was when Michelle was in Florida this weekend -- oh I'm sorry you were chasing Paris, Lindsay or Britney around. I have an idea -- why don't you run something that resembles news instead of making stuff up -- there is no relationship here you clueless twits.

2717 days ago

Johann Conrad Dipple    

This story is completely not true.

A friend of mine saw them and according to him, they were NOT making out. They went into the store and when they came out, the idiot paparazzi was being VERY rude to her. She had enough and ran to the car, but not before telling the paparazzi to get bent. THAT part of the video TMZ isn’t showing, AND, notice that the article says, "Sources said..." so they won't get sued.

The liquor run was for a party held for her for her Breakthrough Artist award. It wasn't because she was out getting drunk with this guy.

Because she doesn't get carried out of nightclubs blind stinking drunk or loaded up with recreational pharmaceuticals, because she doesn't run around with a hundred men, and because she isn't personally a bitch, the gossip mongers have to make up things about her.

2717 days ago


I especially appreciate the comment by Johann Conrad Dipple, as it gives another side of the story. Otherwise, I considered Michelle T. disrespectful to her "boyfriend," for one thing, by being unwilling to be photographed with him.

I felt a peaceful relief at hearing another, more positive telling of this event -- and I also came up with this idea, if the paparazzi really are rude at times: Celebrities: Bring your own camcorders! Let YOUR side of the story be heard -- and seen, if something is done inappropriately to you. Also, distorted or outright false stories can be exposed for what they are, if you have recordings showing the truth.

2717 days ago


Perhaps Michelle wishes she could replicate what her Dawn character has done in the new Buffy season #8 comic book Joss Whedon is writing -- grow to giant size, so she could step on the paparazzi.

2717 days ago

John Mesh needs to quit sending photogs to ambush celebrities, particularly Michelle -- it's a disgusting practice. Someone's going to get hurt. is irresponsible. It's also a disservice to Michelle and an attempt to tear her down. She gets honored for her work in film this weekend and rewards her by ambushing her. I wish she'd sue, especially if the info in the No. 12 is correct. All I got to say -- just stop it -- don't do it again -- leave her alone. And here's a novel idea, instead of ambushing stars, making up phony stars and setting them up, how about showing up at legitimate events such as the film festival she was at and writing a legit article.

2716 days ago

John Mesh    

That should have read:

And here's a novel idea, instead of ambushing stars, making up phony stories and setting them up, how about showing up at legitimate events such as the film festival she was at and writing a legit article.

And quit spreading this crap around the internet -- other bloggers pick up false stories and spread it around.

2716 days ago


You know what? She has alot of class and style. I would run from TMZ photogs also, but nobody wants pic of me except my mum! Michelle is NOT at the clubs every night or making rude and outrageous statements about her BFF's. She's a good actress and she's beautiful! TMZ lays down with the dogs everyday. Yer waking up with fleas is just a bonus! Stick to the trash that yer used to!

2716 days ago
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