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Baldwin Rivets Audience on "View"

4/25/2007 4:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed Alec Baldwin pre-taped "The View" today for a Friday airing, and it was an emotional scene.

Someone present recounts that Baldwin "was very heartfelt, apologetic and emotional." We're told the audience applauded multiple times as Baldwin discussed the events surrounding the voice mail.

On the show, Baldwin indicated he is interested in being released from his "30 Rock" contract. Sources tell TMZ, however, that if NBC does not release him he will fulfill his contractual obligations. We don't know how long those obligations run.

"30 Rock" has been renewed for next season.

UPDATE: NBC has issued a statement to TMZ that says "Alec Baldwin remains an important part of '30 Rock.' We look forward to having him continue his role in the show."


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I'm sorry that Alec Baldwin has to say he's sorry on national TV for saying something to his daughter that was private and should not have been shared with the public. I'd like to know how this Papparrazi guy got a hold of this private tape. Perhaps it was given to him by Alec's Ex! If so, that is despicable on her part.

Alec is a respected actor who, I'm sure loves his daughter very much and she will forgive him in time. This kind of reporting is so out of control. People in the Media should not report the private conversations of anyone, including famous people, unless they are prepared to have every detail of there own lives revealed as well.

As a woman who's father died tragically months before I was born, I would like to say to every person going through a divorce: STOP FIGHTING WITH YOUR EX! For the sake of your child, who believe me, needs BOTH of his/her parents, grow-up and put your hate aside. Keeping your child from your Ex may make you feel good, but it's selfish, it's wrong and it WILL hurt your child who may end up hating YOU for it later on. TO IRELAND IF YOU READ THIS: I wish my father was alive for one day in my life! And if so, I wouldn't mind if he called me a selfish pig on that day! I will never know what name my father would have called me if he was alive and I never will. I don't know what his voice sounded like or what kind of jokes he liked to tell or anything about him. Love both your parents while you have the chance because we humans never know when any of our loved ones may be tragically taken away.

2739 days ago


Who Cares?

2741 days ago


I hope he and his daughter can reconcile and he and his ex-wife can grow up!

2741 days ago


He's an actor for gods sake...why is the public so easy to fool and manipulate?

2741 days ago

Dallas Fan    

There will be no reason to watch 30 Rock without Alec Baldwin!

He MAKES that show!

2741 days ago


My daughter is 11 and I have not been together with her father since she was 3, but we get along for HER sake and always have. She is very well adjusted and actually loves having 2 of everthing!! Christmas' and birthday parties, etc.!! Alec and Kim should've thought of Ireland's wellbeing as soon as they separated and not about attacking each other.

2741 days ago


I doubt he will leave 30 Rock,,,,but probably giving NBC the option to let him go

2741 days ago


I do feel for him. Maybe this embarrassing situation will force him to analyze his temper and he can move forward with his daughter. Sooner or later, Kim will get a taste of her own medicine.

2741 days ago

mickey lou    

Alec, do yourself a favor and go to anger managmt classes & seek help from a shrink.

2741 days ago


It never surprises me to hear about divorced couples and the aftermath that ensues whether they're rich or poor. Battle for the kids, the potential to poison the children against another parent, and all the war or words and battles. If they really were responsible parents, they'd work together like adults and ensure that they do whats best for their child. I am unsure about whose pitting the kid against who, but Kim really should be mature and simply open communications with Alec and do whats best for their daughter. Such a shame. Alecs frustration is clear, and I'd recommend counseling for the entire family.

2741 days ago


I understand that he was very upset when he called his daughter. There's was probably a scheduled phone chat so he was angry when she wasn't there. He has said many times that he feels that Kim says bad things about him to their daughter and that he is frustrated as a parent that he feels railroaded by these things. On the other hand it is totally unacceptable that he calls his daughter a "pig" and other words that he used. It is one thing to be angry with the is quite another to call your child nasty words in a voicemail. He didn't snap like he claimed he did he is obviously a mean SOB who treats people this way on a daily basis. I am actually not surprised... all of the Baldwin brothers seem to be royal screw-ups.

2741 days ago


I think Baldwin is a deranged and dangerous man. I hope the authorities watch him closely so he does not harm his daughter or others. His visitation rights should be removed and His wife and child should have a protection order to keep Baldwin 100 miles away from them at all times.

2741 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

It might be his contract that keeps him from being in LA and near his daughter and now he is willing to forgo parts of his career so they don't continue to drift apart. too bad the lessons that this family had to learn were done so in public.

2741 days ago


Who knows? Maybe his daughter is a mouthy little monster!!!???

2741 days ago


why in the world would he want to leave 30 Rock? it's the best thing that's happened to him in years!!!! hey...we all know parents lose their tempers at one time or another....unfortunately, most parents don't have their recorded tirades on tape on sent to TMZ.....i think TMZ showed extremely POOR TASTE and THOUGHTLESSNESS by shoving those tapes down our throats....shame on the way, what's happening with birkhead??

2741 days ago
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