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Britney's Paparazzi Parade

4/25/2007 6:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Everyone and their photographer is on Britney's tail!

While driving her convertible in Malibu on Tuesday, Britney was followed by eight of her closest pap pals -- nine if you include the one who actually took the pic. Just another day in Spearsville!

The snapping, flashing caravan shows just how intensely competitive getting a shot of the wigged wonder has become. Makes you want to be famous, doesn't it?!


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Plenty of People put their car tops down every day. We also apply lipstick in the mirror. We go to clubs, have lunch, work out in the gym every day. We also have children that we leave at home for a few hours to get away. We don't have to justify to other people intruding on our lives every move we make.
The fact that people here are quoting STALKERS from X17 as fact is really scary. These people are selling you what they want you to believe so they can make money. I cannot believe that people are quoting this guy as if he is some high ranking official. Please....................
STALKER: transitive verb law harass somebody persistently: to harass somebody criminally by persistent, inappropriate, and unwanted attention, e.g. by constantly following, telephoning, e-mailing, or writing to him or her.
transitive verb follow somebody stealthily: to follow or try to get close to a person or animal unobtrusively.

2716 days ago

yeah right    

No wonder shes crazy, how can anyone live like that? Everyone is always bitching about her not having her kids would you want to put ur kids through that maddness? I wouldn't!

2716 days ago


OMG!!!! Thats enough to drive the sane insane!!!!

2716 days ago


And people alsways wonder why she leaves her kids at home. I wouldn't take my daughter out with all of that going on. How sad!

2716 days ago


Alright Bee but x17online is getting the videos and photos of her with HER permission.
If you see those videos, she CHALLENGING the paps to follow her. How she got her top ripped so the paps could get a shot of her tatas, how she removed the top of the convertible to get the shots, she LOVES THE ATTENTION. The day she's NOT follow by the paps, she's going to REALLY freak out.
And again, those comparing Diana with this selfish bitch should be shot. Diana DIDN'T ask for the attention. This bitch does.

2716 days ago


bee is a bird

this is the only site bee reads.
Go into archives or just todays first 5 pages of pics and vidoes of britney. Britney loves and all their foreign paps. She craves the attention. Just look at the under wear pics in public this time with no clothes over top of them when she goes to dance studio. Heck with her money she could build her own dance studio on her acres of land in back yard. Not britney, she would die without a pap following her!

2716 days ago


Please leave her alone!

2716 days ago


it should against the law and considered harassment......i would be a nervous wreck driving with that crowd following me everywhere......someone should step and do something

2716 days ago


I think Britney is just trying to live her life and be a mother to her boys. Everyone says she is a bad mothher when in actuality, she is a good mother for not bringing the kids with her.....look at the paparazzi! Also, her sister (Jamie Lynn), told me that she is a great mother and she is trying to get better. She just wants a normal life and for everyone to quit obsessing over her. It's Ridiculous!! I mean how would you feel if you couldn't even go to a convienence store without 8 poeple following and take pictures?? It must be hard to deal with. I wish you all the best Britney!! Keep your head up, we all are supporting you!

2716 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

Enough of this trailer trash hick. She's a trainwreck, and should be allowed to slip back into oblivion (where she belongs)...

2716 days ago

Harvey's a douche    

I wish they would have all driven off the side of the road and died. They are worthless lives that those douche bags lead.

2716 days ago


Hey, Bone Head I think your vehicle made it the 9th. Do not try to exclude yourself from the others, you are one too.

2716 days ago

West Coastian    

Come one......she's loving every minute of it. If she didn't she'd be hiding or at the least, calling 911 about being followed. It's her choice where she goes and what she does so don't blame the paparazzi if they follow her.

I wouldn't be crazy about all the attention either but I'd have enough sense to stay home. Tinted windows wouldn't stop them 'cause they're waiting to see what loser place she'll be heading to next. And we know it's not to be with her kids. Grow up Britney!

2716 days ago


Get back Brit to where u belong: rehab.....

2716 days ago


Those paparazi are dangerous!It's the worth job of the world!Shame on them!They killed Diana, and now the are trying to kill Britney!Poor Britney, she needs her fan support!It isn't a life to be followed like this!

2716 days ago
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