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Does Nicole's Body Good!

4/25/2007 12:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Richie looks hot!

The tabloid princess has metamorphosed from waif wonder to healthy hottie and glammed it up with a fab weave and chic short jumper on a trip to Dior in Beverly Hills on Tuesday. Wrong-way Richie got it right!

While the leggy blonde ain't exactly buxom, it's the best Nicole's looked in years! That's hot!


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Healthy? Hottie? She is still anorexic-looking. If my teenage sisters looked like that I'd drag them to therapy. And the grocery store.

2741 days ago

Lisanell Richey    

Her sunglasses are bigger than she is..weird looking.

2741 days ago


Still looks like Paris Wantabee to me

2741 days ago


That is healthy? She has maybe put on 5 pounds. Can you try to be a little more responsible. I bet you just made thousands of young women feel fat and want to diet, purge etc... She looks better but has work to do.

2741 days ago


I don't see any noticeable difference in this photo. She needs to gain at least another 10 pounds.

2741 days ago

still here    

glad im not a celebrity.i likes me some,this cookie dough ice cream is delicious!!!

2741 days ago


News & Gossip

Is Lindsay Lohan A Thief?
Is Lindsay Lohan a thief? "Yes," a source exclusively tells Star. "Lindsay stole $10,000 worth of clothes and accessories from one of her former friends, Lauren Hastings, and has absolutely no shame about it. In fact, she even laughed about it with her girlfriends, among them Nicole Richie and DJ Samantha Ronson."

On Sunday night, April 15, Lindsay visited Lauren's home in Los Angeles, which at the time was being watched over by a mutual friend because Lauren, a model, was working on a shoot in Texas. According to the source, Lindsay told Lauren's house sitter that she had left some of her clothes at the house and needed to pick them up. The house sitter, a mutual friend to Lauren and Lindsay, saw no reason Lindsay would lie about such a thing, and so she let the starlet inside!

But Lohan, whose normally chummy relationship with Lauren recently turned sour, scurried into her former pal's bedroom, her bodyguard tagging along, and gathered up huge armfuls of clothes, purses and belts, a source tells Star. Almost everything was expensive, designer items, things Hastings picked up on various modeling shoots or bought at high-end designer stores. In all, the source says Lindsay and her bodyguard left with an estimated $10,000 in merchandise, which she ordered her security man to load into her car.

"The mutual friend saw Lindsay leaving with everything, but she just didn't think that Lindsay would actually be lying about the clothes and steal their friend's things! At the time, she was under the impression that Lindsay and Lauren were still friends! That is, until Lauren came home the following day and flipped out. She started yelling, 'Where are all of my clothes? Where are my things?'"

That Monday night, April 16, a sobbing Lauren went to a friend's house for support and decided to text message Lindsay, demanding all her things be returned. That's when a text messaging war broke out between the ladies. "It was nasty," describes a source who has read the text message exchange.

"Lauren sent Lindsay a text message threatening to go to the police and press charges," a source said.

Friends were out clubbing with Lindsay when she got the messages and at least one Lohan pal said the starlet responded by laughing uproariously. "Lindsay just told her she was delusional and claimed Lauren didn't know what she was talking about. She insisted the items weren't stolen because they did belong to her. Then she'd laughed to her friends about it. She thought the whole thing was hysterical," a source said.

Lindsay was at the nightclub Hyde in L.A. at the time, sitting next to friends Nicole Richie and famed-DJ Samantha Ronson, and began passing around her Blackberry to show off the exchange, causing the girls to burst out in laughter.

Lindsay texted Lauren that she was a fat bitch, a friend of Lauren's says. Nicole Richie also chimed in, a source said, and told Lauren that Lindsay would return the clothes after they cut them up!

"Nicole wrote that she and Lindsay were going to cut holes in Lauren's jeans because Lauren was so fat and her jeans didn't fit," our source notes. "Then Nicole told Lauren that if she went to the cops, she would regret it!" our insider said.

These are two of the meanest bitches out there, they do not deserve their noteriety and what are they famous for BACKSTABBING. These girls call each other names and with this article I am NO LONGER GOING TO WATCH ANYTHING WITH LINDSAY IN IT!!!
Just goes to show..that when you have a Trailer Trash Mother, An Ex-Con for a father, I guess you go their way...being a loser. Lindsay can have all the money in the world, but shes still a loser and when she is no longer hireable, is when she'll wake up. Hey Lindsay ever heard of EMMA ROBERTS, she can do any role you do and better and on time!
Plus she is so much better looking than you and your wonder they call you firecrotch

2741 days ago


She looks like one of Olsen Twins to me.

2741 days ago


2. I thought it was paris

Posted at 12:12PM on Apr 25th 2007 by Dawn

I guess one TRAMP Looks Like Another!!!!!!!

2741 days ago


2. I thought it was paris

Posted at 12:12PM on Apr 25th 2007 by Dawn

I guess one TRAMP Looks Like Another!!!!!!!

2741 days ago


I love me some Nicole baby! That little angelic face, hair over one eye look and that beautiful skin color make her one of the sexiest women on the planet!!

2741 days ago


Healthy??!! She still looks horrible! I hope that is not what people think a "healthy" woman should look like! God,no wonder anorexia is running rampant!

2741 days ago


All of you posting that Nichole STILL looks too skinny must be fat asses. I say that in the nicest way possible becuase some women (like myself) are 5'8" and 115lbs. NATURALLY, not becuase we starve ourselves. Nichole has never been morbidly obese so why would she chunk up to a size other than that at which she was prior?

All you haters need to pry yourself away from the blogs & glowing boxes to get what we like to call "excercise". I love curvy women like Beyonce & Tyra Banks but not all women where born with those curves & to discriminate against a naturally thin body is just as bad as calling Beyonce FAT!

Women come in all shapes and sizes. When are snippy b*tches going to realize that and stop picking on each other for our own insecurities?

2741 days ago


Morgan, don't be all pissed off at Nicole because your a fat ass. This is the best she looked in forever!!

2741 days ago


May be if she would stop wearing those GIANT sunglasses, her head would look bigger???

2741 days ago
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