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Smart Alec? Baldwin Does "The View"

4/25/2007 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie and AlecHow's this for a shocker?! -- Alec Baldwin will appear on "The View" this Friday!

Earlier in the week, Rosie said she was sympathetic to Baldwin in the wake of the incendiary voice mail he left for daughter Ireland.

Rosie announced on today's show that Alec called her and expressed interest in doing a phone-in segment on the topic of parental alienation. Somehow, the ladies convinced Baldwin to come into the studio. That'll be interesting.

Alec Attacks: click to hear the message


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Alienated Granny    

Finally, the truth on Parent Alienation. Balwin did a good job of explaining and the fact, Kim is alienating her own mother. What does that say? Who has the real problem? Ireland can't see her grandmother? Go Alec, many children are suffering at the hands of an alienating parent.

I do not condone his verbal message and some words used, but how many parents have not yelled at their kids and regretted it later?

2738 days ago


Awwww...isn't that sweet?

2740 days ago


wow, there's a shocker. two nutball liberals.

2740 days ago


Let's see how she turns this into Baldwin being a victim. I'm so over her, him and the rest of the Hollyweird crew.

2740 days ago


sympathetic? i have no sympathy for baldwin. what he did was wrong and he is paying for it now.

2740 days ago


Rosie can console Alec-
I wonder if all the nut cases in the world have a convention every year???

2740 days ago


There's two sides to every story---but Alec needs to cool his tool..........poor guy has anger issues!!----divorace's suck! --just don't take it out on your daughter!!

2740 days ago


I feel sorry for Alec.

2740 days ago


GOOD! Kim Basinger to Alec is like Barbara Walters, to Rosie, hiding behind the crisis and acting like they are oh so innocent. I am very glad to see Mr. Baldwin take some media time to discuss this subject. It truly can drive someone to frustrations beyond comprehension. I doubt Mr. Baldwin makes it a practice to yell at his daughter. Thoughts on his actions need to be balanced against what has been happening to him behind the scenes for years in his divorce and custody mess. I can tell you, Ms. Basinger is no innocent in this saga.

2740 days ago


I'm so sad to see Rosie go. I have taped "The View" ever since it's inception in 8/97, and have always enjoyed it, but since Rosie came on last Fall, I can't tell you how much pleasure it has brought to me. I'm so sorry to see Rosie go; now I understand how the dedicated Imus fans felt.

2740 days ago

carol ard    

Alec needs to control his temper and not let that ex wife bitch set him up with his own temper ..But I ask you who did the most harm to this child?
Alec for leaving a private message of pissed off and hurt stuff or his ex bitch wife who released it publicly instead of just taking it to the judge like she should of?
My answer and I am a gramma is the Bitch EX...I hope you people never see your son go through this as I have...These women are out for flesh in a divorce or custody and they care not how it harms children! 8 out of 10 men experience this and than the courts and social service wonder why they just end up paying support and staying away from their children, especially when in my case the bitch daughter-in-law was cheating for so long that my son had to ask for a DNA test for his son conv=cieved durning this time..It was his son and is his son but than she moved in with the home breaker and now unmarried and 6 years later ,after making my son have a vacestomy and she would stay bit and she did not guess what she is pregnant at age 41.... Believe me these women thinkl they deserve everything their way !

2740 days ago


Gee, I wonder if the fact that they're both a couple of zealot liberals has anything to do with her so-called sympathies? If it were a Republican, she'd hang him out to dry. Sickening hypocrite.

2740 days ago


After hearing the voicemail; WHY would he go on "live" television. He needs to check himself in somewhere and learn how to handle his anger issues. I am sure we will be reading about Ireland years from now; it will be a miracle if she is not screwed up!!!

2740 days ago

carol ard    

Poster # 9 You got that right!

2740 days ago
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