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Cops: Sandra Bullock Watches as Hubby Attacked!

4/26/2007 4:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sandra and Jesse JamesPolice sources tell TMZ that a woman obsessed with Sandra Bullock almost killed Sandra's husband, motorcycle mogul Jesse James, during a frightening attack at the couple's Orange County home late Sunday night.

Cops say that Bullock, along with James' 10-year-old child, looked on in horror as Marcia Valentine "attempted 3 or 4 times to run Jesse James over with her silver Mercedes." Jesse was never struck by the car during the alleged incident.

We're told Valentine also "laid in the driveway and wouldn't move."

Orange County Sheriffs were contacted and responded to the scene, but Valentine allegedly fled before they arrived. After an intense manhunt, officers located Valentine early Monday morning and took her into custody.

Valentine is being held on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

In an exclusive statement to TMZ, the couple's rep, Cheryl Maisel, said, "The incident did occur. Both Jesse James and Sandra Bullock are fine and it is now in the hands of the authorities."


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beth c    

south lake high school if you are such a good actress and successful comedian why don't you sign your name...ashamed of your success or just another d lister.....??? i hate when faux celebs come on here and say how great they are and then go anon..

2707 days ago


I never said you got in trouble. Let me make this very simple for you.

A. You didn't get in trouble.
B. You "got even" (for not getting in trouble) by throwing A BRICK at a little girl.
C. You take pride that you scared and injured this little girl, making her wet herself, injuring her enough to make her limp for a week!
D. You take pride that YOU were the BULLY, not her, mind you as you seem to think she was when the whole Kotex issue initially took place.
E. Yeah, payback's a bitch. I wouldn't walk outside in incliment weather if I was you.

She may have dropped out of high school in the 11th grade ... you dropped out of reality.

2707 days ago


This women is obsessed, we all know that BUT not any more than the rest
of this nation is just in a different way .
Hollywood and obsession RUNS rampend in this braindead country we are
living in. just the DUH remarks of some of these commentaries tells me enough
where we at with our smarts about in the stone age , behind Europe.
PS dont give me the crap and say Move there, i wish i could
Also , not perfect , smarter = YES, more classier= YES
Euro Trash lives in America and is alive and well.

2707 days ago


Sorry ... I forgot to include that you turned into the bully when you decided to nick-name this girl Maybeline, and encouraged other kids to join in.

Yeah .... she's the loser. (Sorry, I forgot you don't understand sarcasm)

2707 days ago

Laurie R    

THIS is why i love the internet! and TMZ...IF this story is true from washington apple. look woman, SB was probably a self-absorbed cheerleader who thought nothing of making fun of the misfits. it's life, it happens...she was also A KID! that doesn't excuse what she did and for all you know, IF IT DID happen, she might really be sorry about it now. i did some things to people that i truly need to forgive her for that or this putrid hatred of yours is going to destroy you. and if you can't do that....remember, KARMA.... what goes around comes around. she may be suffering in ways that no one in the public knows about. PEACE!

2707 days ago


#15 - Too funny!!!!!!!!! I have noticed that. I am from the NASA area in Clear Lake. Not long ago we had a crazy woman run over her cheating husband with her Mercedes (not to say he didn't deserve it), and an astronaut wearing diapers chasing down another lady, and recently a disgruntled NASA employee shooting his boss. How sad. I'm white. Wish me luck!

2707 days ago


Well said California

2707 days ago


Washington Lee General I hope Tmz is like keeping your ip addy your deranged you might need mental health.

2707 days ago


Finally! My masterplan has come to fruition. Apples will destroy human emotions and cause medical bills to skyrocket! (sadistic laugh, rubbing hands together)

2707 days ago

Pam The Real Pam    

I didn't throw a brick at a little girl; she was bigger than me.

I'll tell you what a bitch she was. We were in the same Girl Scout troop. There was this new girl who was very shy, and anyway we went to a campground for the weekend. She told the new girl to call the leader's husband a son-of-a-biscuit-eater, she told her it was a nice word. The little girl had no clue. The little girl got griped out and ended up crying the whole weekend. I admit I do like to reminisce about the brick incident. It just makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

2707 days ago


How frightening for them! Fortunately they weren't hurt and the suspect is in custody. Let's hope the justice system keeps her off the streets for a very long time!

2707 days ago

South Lakes HS    

Beth C., you obviously haven't read my post carefully.

2707 days ago


Son of California Dreamer, so let me get this straight. She lied ONE time to try to get you in trouble when you guys were in ELEMENTARY school. So you threw a brick at her, made her pee her pants (in front of the whole neighborhood) and then she got beat by her dad. Instead of letting it go at that (letting her be traumitized and humiliated the rest of the time she lived in the neighborhood) YOU tormented and humiliated her all through highschool as well. For something she did in ELEMENTARY school. I'm sorry but it sounds like YOU are the bully here and she is the victim. You make me sick.

2707 days ago


you are crazy as a bedbug california dreamer --- wake up --- you almost make me afraid, but i bet you're really a coward

2707 days ago


Son of a Cali: We didn't come on here to hear your "sap story". You've already proven yourself to be a bully, and no, you're not going to earn repect back by telling us that the girl cried all weekend. You're pathetic.

2707 days ago
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