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Fan to Angelina: Please Sign My Balls?

4/27/2007 2:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As Angelina Jolie exited a press conference yesterday in DC -- her car was rushed by a fan asking her to autograph his baseballs ... random!

The crusading superstar was in Washington to plead for more US funding for orphans and other children around the globe, and to open the headquarters of Global Action for Children, to which she and Brad have already given a million bucks.

The UN goddess obliged her fan, and signed the baseballs ... making one more child a little happier.


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To Kr#58: You having a hard time figuring out what i wrote is a least of my concern, because the INTELLIGENT people on here understood the point I was making. Obviously my comment wasn't meant for you. And before you turned this into some drama, I am not interested.

2702 days ago


You know you people really need to get off of this trip that Brad and Jennifer Anniston were happy and it was a great marriage. How do you know? If it was so great he would still be there. Surely Angelina did not persuade him to hard. The man wanted out, if not Angelina it would have been someone else. And as far as the other men, did you ever think that maybe they wanted out to. Billy Bob is surely not a prize. You women get over it. I guess most of you are so perfect. Maybe someone need to look in most of your closets Probably what you all accuse Angelina of is nothing compared to what most of you have done or are doing in your life. At least have some decency and see that the woman is doing something great. The orphans here in the United States are not left alone to fend for themselves and in the streets having to beg for food. Dying from disease because there is no medical help. The situations don't compare. As far as Americans losing their jobs and immigrants being blamed for taking jobs. I say blame your President, or better yet maybe if were American weren't so spoiled and would do the jobs and be happy to have a job like the immigrants we wouldn't have companies leaving the US. Stop blaming the immigrants.

2702 days ago


Did you watch American Idol? Looked to me like there a lot of people that needed help
in America. There are people in every town in America that are doing their best and
don't make enough to get by, old and young. Some have worked all their lives and
don't make enough to pay the bills. She has said she doesn't want to live in America,
just come here to work. Why take all the money out of this country? She doesn't like
the President but wants him to give her money. I worked at a soup kitchen and be-
lieve me, most of these people were trying but minimum wage doesn't pay for a

2702 days ago


SEX EDUCATION AND BIRTH CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2702 days ago


Jack: it's called Welfare. Ya. Other countries don't have it. We do.

2702 days ago


haha its howard k stern in the background. he's gonna take all her kids lol

2702 days ago


Judy: I'll be damned if I didn't make mistakes and do thing I regret when I was younger. Must be nice to have lived a perfect life. BTW: Brad & Jen were broken up when Ang & Brad started dating. Oh, and with the whole gay-bashing sister is a lesbian, does that make her a bad person? Pretty sure it doesn't.

2702 days ago


Direct your hatred and anger towards ENEMY #1 GEORGE BUSH. YOU HIRED HIM TO PROVIDE FOR THIS COUNTRY. What Angelina Jolie does in her spare time is none of your concern. If you want our country helped first place a call to the White House. Believe me, that is where your hard earned taxes are being wasted.

2702 days ago


I read an interview with her and she doesn't feel the same about Shilo because she was born into privelage. Anyone who could feel like that is obviously very messed up. How can she go from wearing blood around her neck and cutting herself to this saint she tries to portray. Come on, something isn't right.

2702 days ago


Get over it: fabulous, FABULOUS post! You hit the nail on the head!

2702 days ago


i dont give a damn about the people who dont understand me! lmfao! retards! i'd be the first to admit that i'm not PERFECT! on the keyboard , thats just because i dont set on my ass all day on the computer! the thing is , its called freedom of speech and i made my comment whether you understand or not , thats your problem. so over and out!

2702 days ago


51. I am wondering if AJ would be permitted to adopt in the US. She has admitted to being a drug addict at one time and also attempting suicide more than once. I seriously think she would be denied a child here because of our regulations.

Posted at 2:43PM on Apr 27th 2007 by PA

Finally I got the answer I was looking're absolutely right! Attempted Suicide "No Adoptions in USA"

She does seem really depressed and maybe on some drugs

2702 days ago


She is not helping. wake up guys. She is getting publicity for it. What did she accomplish from the meeting? Yes getting pho op. yes she accomplish, people like you who worship her to say oh she is helping blah blah.

Accomplishment means when Amercican Idol contributing 60 milliion doller in oneday. That you call it accomplishmet. Where wer she when most celebrity are contribute for it. O no she is not going to mx with other celebrity. She is one ego trash celebrity.

2702 days ago


Just in case you don't remember...Brad did not adopt the last child. She went to court for a legal name change only.

Which most me would agree to do when the children have not father. It's a different story if you adopt. The man becomes legally and financial responsible for the children. Damn

2702 days ago


The public misunderstood Angelina's blob comment again- the press should have clarified it with her, but nooooooo. The "interviewer" got it all wrong. All wrong. The much older couple (AJ is 44 or so???) felt they could not give that Asian child their time (Brad is always away), start over again and devote the child's culture as the child would deserve it. Aj's skinnyness? She's on Topamaxx for migraines-it has a tendency to make you lose weight. AJ never liked grease and she loved Glitter's opinion when she said "EAT!!" . That took balls! Ange adores Rocky Mountain Oysters. She liked the public and actually missed them!. Ange was hurt and very pissed off about the snark and the obvious lying; it was getting outright bold. She eventually had to cut off John Voight off and her mom is dead/family to her. Her brother is a nut. Imagine doing that! She did not assume like the others did about her-she constantly asked for suggestions. At least she apologised. Nobody else did. But that's the way it is. The suicide comment was so rude- OMG. That made AJ. ill. That was classy. Ahem. As for Ange's wealth, freak that. Is that why she deserves no empathy? Life is unfair is sometimes, doesn't mean Ange won't get suffer and die like anyone else. What's good for the google is good for the gander. Ange fell in love with the first guy that was kind to her. Should Ange apologise for that? No. It does NOT matter in the big scheme of things...not a cure all. Not A's fault. Ange just hopes all of youse useall your smarts/looks in a good way. Better than this. Ange really does. Honest Abe wasn't that honest either. AJ knows how to press buttons and piss people off too. AJ has a pair of brass ones. AJ would have spoke up, in this case, she observed the press with amazement. She would have not gotten this far without some sense. Ball is in your court.
Err and the press would not be still talking about her if were not bothered about it...

2702 days ago
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