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Spidey Sensitive? Tobey Slaps Photog

4/27/2007 3:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He may be "Spider-Man," but Tobey Maguire did his best impression of the Hulk when he smacked a camera out of the hand of a fan who got too close. Tobey smash!

Maguire was headed back to his hotel in Paris when the fan, who was walking right alongside him, held the camera in front of Tobey's face to snap a pic. Tobey's spidey sense immediately kicked in -- and he swatted the camera to the ground -- you can clearly hear it bounce on the sidewalk.

Chill, Spidey.


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He has to rememer, because of fans like the one that he smacked the camera from, he is where he is today. He would not be famous or make good money if he didn't have the fans to support him. If President Bush were a fan, and he was the one taking the picture, would he have smacked it out from the president's hand? A fan is a fan...period. Learn how to respect Tobey...if you don't want that kind of attention, then quit acting!

2704 days ago


Not only is Toby an asshole, he's an ugly asshole.

2704 days ago


I would slap Tobey Maguire down, he's real tough surrounded by a bunch of body guards.

2704 days ago


I don't think he was mad that the guy was taking a picture, but rather mad that the guy was bumping into him and he couldn't walk straight. You can clearly hear him say "Don't touch me, dude!" right before he gets angry and smacks the camera out of the guy's hand.

2704 days ago


How can anyone say he was wrong? TMZ, have you lost your mind? "Chill, Spidey"?????

The fan stuck the camera right in his face at the beginning of the clip. That is ridiculous.

Good for Tobey - and bad for the papparazzi, TMZ and whoever else things he was wrong.

2704 days ago


It was a fan... NOT a Razzi. That was so rude... all he had to say was: "Don't touch me!" He didn't have to slap the camera out of his hand! He's has an attitude w/ my BOY David Letterman - said he would never come back on his show ever again... the he had his people call Dave's people to tell him to stop talking about "Spidey" or he wouldn't hear the end of it... NOW all of sudden - he MAY appear on David Letterman this Tuesday... he can stay off the show if this is really him!

2704 days ago


That guy had it coming. No one deserves for a camera to be shoved into their face that closely. The "fan" wasn't a fan. If so, he would've asked for the picture.

2704 days ago


I think the fan was just caught up in the excitements of the moment and tried to take a picture not thinking things through. I guess he got close enough to Tobey for him to say "Dont touch me Dude" but I think he could have handled it a bit differently than slapping the camera out of a fans hands. The guy was a fan not papparazi... when is the last time you saw a papparazi wanting to be in the picture with the star?

And you notice the guy picked up the camera and was in kind of a shock and didnt know what to do. I bet His not a fan of Tobey anymore.

I think the situation could have been handled better. Look at the time Tom Cruise got sprayed in the face with water.. he didnt slap the guy but wanted to know why he did that... that was handled well.

2704 days ago


I liked the French laugh at the very end. ha ha ha. Toby did get poked in the eye from the camera so who can blame him.

2704 days ago


Good for him. I would've done the same damn thing.
Ask if you can take a photograph, if he says no.. leave it be. Don't shove your damn camera in his face and think he's going to be happy about it.

2704 days ago


LOL Oh $h!t

That was funny!!!

2704 days ago


Frenchy pretty much whapped Spidy in the face with his camera and was all up in his personal space. I dont blame him for getting pissed. I probably wouldnt knocked the French right outta the guy if he got up in my business like that. Yeah, sometimes celebs are ridiculous with gettin all pissy about papparazzi taking their pics and normally I would say the celeb needs to shut their pie holes and quit complaining. But in this case I think Spidy was totally justified. It made me totally annoyed at the French fry just watching it.

2704 days ago


I think all of you who say that he should just suck it up are the real morons....the guy clearly got in his space it even looked like his face perhaps made contact with the camera....enough to piss anybody (and when I say everybody I mean YOU too) off....yes, I agree someone in the public eye should expect to be in the public eye....but they can't always be assholes need to remember that

2704 days ago


He's always been cantankerous and a rather testy snob with the press and the public going way back to when he first started getting attention in roles like Cider House Rules, not unlike his old pal Leo DiCaprio. He loves the acting process and the money of course, but completely detests the rest of it. Most do, but most understand that's part of the deal and accept it and genuinely appreciate the fans. Apparently Tobey never has.

That said, the guy with the camera was beyond rude and deserved what he got.

2704 days ago


Tobey McGuire is a butt crack menace

2704 days ago
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