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Huuuuuge Payday for "Will & Grace" Creators

4/28/2007 4:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NBC has settled a gigantic lawsuit in which "Will & Grace" creators Max Mutchnick and David Kohan alleged NBC screwed them out of a fortune in profits by cooking the books. In a bizarre twist, the case settled after the jury rendered a verdict. TMZ knows what that verdict was -- $48.5 million plus an untold amount in punitive damages.

It all came down yesterday in Los Angeles Superior Court. After a three-month trial, the jury deliberated. Just before the verdict was read, NBC lawyers stood up and said they discovered new information about the foreman -- that he had a website which revealed he allegedly hated big corporations.

The judge ended up kicking the foreman off the jury and ordered jurors to go back in the jury room and deliberate all over again with an alternate juror.

But the stark prospect of opening the bank vault drove NBC to settle. Sources say, Mutchnick and Kohan got "a s**tload" of money."


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Hooray for Gay undertone sitcoms!!!

2735 days ago


The networks have been cooking the books to rip of tv show producers. This goes back at least to the 1970's when James Garner, whose company produced The Rockford Files, was ripped off and it took more than a decade for him to get justice.

2735 days ago

patty cake    

so lucky

2735 days ago

who cares?    

boring SHOW!!! my gay firends thought it was like watching how blacks were shown in the movies in the 1920-30's

2735 days ago


This is why actors and producers and even UAW members don't want profit sharing. Its easy for corporations to "cook the books" and make things like they are not making a dime ( Eddie Murphy's Coming to America was one of these). Enron said they were making a profit, so why would I trust the companies

2735 days ago


that stupid show reminded me of "third rock from the sun", never understood the hype & couldn't sit through 30 minutes of that crap. I think it was an old fart/who thought they were hip show.

2735 days ago


Will and Grace was a great show. The ratings spoke for themselves...does anyone in this World E-V-E-R have anything kind, positive, or thoughtful to say? These post show what a truely miserable World we live in because of people just like you.

2735 days ago


#4--who cares? You must, or you wouldn't have read the article, or taken the time to write!! You didn't like it, doubt if they care. They are all set for life!!!

2735 days ago


#7--Carla--I agree with you. Why can't anyone be positive anymore. They made people laugh for years, had fabulous ratings, and made enough money to live on for the rest of their lives. How many of us can say that? Will and Grace was fabulous!!!!

2735 days ago


golly gee whiz, why we can't we all like the same crap?
grow up.

2735 days ago


#7... I enjoyed it as escapist, fun trivia-- Will and Grace brought us a sense of caring between two characters. Basically, though, the interior Jack and Karen show was about a couple of cartoonish clowns, who experienced occasional forays into genuine-ness. Jack especially annoyed me towards the end, with his exaggerrated voice and mannerisms and TOTAL shallowness LOL !!! So many people think this was a disappointing look at gay life, but it was never meant to be serious at all... it was silly, unbelievable, over-the-top... but FUN. If people wanted a serious side of gay life, all they had to do was look at real life...

2735 days ago


Ain't it great that people who really NEED the money seem to win the lawsuits? Now they won't have to live off "Beany Weenies" any longer. They make me puke!

2734 days ago

who cares?    

as a gay man i agree with who cares?--that show made all gay men look like fairys!

2734 days ago


Great Show, well written ... and if they owed you the money .... glad you got them to pay up. I miss the show ...

2734 days ago


Pipe down, anti-Semitic trash.

2733 days ago
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