Lowly Subjects! Behold $22 Mil Beckingham Palace West!

4/30/2007 2:13 PM PDT
After months of searching, the Beckhams have finally landed a pad in Beverly Hills, and TMZ's got a look at King David and Queen Victoria's castle-to-be. Do not look the monarchs in the eye, please.

It's a 13,000-plus-sq.-ft. Italianate villa built just this year, with six bedrooms (barely enough to hold the Beck-brood), and nine bathrooms (conveniently enough as David flushes what remains of his soccer cred away) in an appropriately posh part of the 90210. The long narrow entrance hall looks like something out of the opening credits of "Get Smart," just for good measure.

No word from real estate sources on whether the kitchen will enable the veddy-veddy-British couple to produce edible food.