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Bikini-Clad News Babe: Sexy Pix "Purely Platonic"

5/1/2007 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The TV reporter who sent NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen revealing snaps of herself in a bikini -- and got an hilariously acidic e-mail response from Eisen's wife (who found them on their shared account) -- says the photos are, you know, just "harmless pictures" that "friends" trade.

Alycia Lane, an anchor at Philadelphia's CBS affiliate KYW-TV, just sent a statement to TMZ saying that she and Eisen have been "purely platonic" friends "for almost 10 years" and that they "regularly exchange e-mail and photos." Including, as Page Six reported, "seven e-mails and several bikini photos" from Lane, which went into the account shared by Eisen and Shuster. Oopsy!

Shuster, in a letter obtained by the Post, hissed back at Lane: "Boy, do you look amazing in a bikini ... congrats! Whatever you're doing, (Pilates? yoga?) keep doing it -- it's working for you ... sorry but those seven e-mails you sent to my husband, Rich, well, oops, they came to the e-mail address we both use from time to time." Ouch -- and Shuster then forwarded Eisen's personal email address, "since you surely are trying so hard to get attention."

KYW-TV tells TMZ it won't be taking any punitive action against Lane. Calls to Eisen and Shuster seeking comment were not immediately returned.


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Philly represent!

I will say, as a local to philly, alicia lane is our hottest anchor. i just can't beleive she can't find someone without email.....

2709 days ago


I don't care for her on the news, when she is on I turn the station. So funny to see her face on TMZ. I thought the wife took it better than I would.

2709 days ago

Karen Walker    

She sent these to that email on purpose, she wanted to get a stink started between this guy and his wife. She is c**t and believe me, her friends will back off from her after this, now that they know what she is capable of.

2709 days ago


If I were the wife I would beat that bitch down and shave her head!!!! Let's see her go on tv after that. She's hot why doesn't she find her own man?? There is obviously something wrong with her if she has been dumped twice!!!!!!! homewrecking bitch!!!!!!!!

2709 days ago


I'v been in a platonic relationship with a guy for over twenty years, he has never seen me in a bathing suit. There's more than friendship here.

2709 days ago

had enough    

This guy is a total GOOB! And the newscaster is a black widow spider. I have a sister like her ... veeeeery dangerous. I agree, her friends who have guys or husbands will now back waaaaay off.

2709 days ago


.....And you all are blaming the other WOMAN of course. NOT the man, right? Typical. It's never the guy's fault. Of course he didn't ask for the pics or email. She just up and emailed him and of course the crazy wife was just snooping in her husband's email for.......what reason? Oh please. There are always more sides to a story. Maybe the anchor woman was away in Cancun on vacation and there were other women in the shot with don't even know. You just know that the crazy jealous wife was pissed. Obviously she has some self esteem issues and probably this isn't the first time she's suspected her lousy husband of possibly straying. Don't automatically bash the woman if you don't know. Frankly, it's slander.

2709 days ago


She's hot, Looks like Suzy has some competition.

2709 days ago


Ah, it's not slander to have an opinion Angie!

Look, a respectable woman would never send pics of herself in a bathing suit to a married man via email - whether she is alone in the picture or her friends are with her!!!!!!!!!! Please. The wife is ALWAYS going to feel threatened by that kinda thing - wouldn't you? And I'd like to know how the guy would feel if his wife had a gorgeous guy friend send her pics of himself pumping iron or something! By the looks of Eisen, ANY guy would be a threat!

To be honest, what do EITHER one of these girls find attractive in that guy? And, please, women like money but there are plenty of good looking guys with money! He's gross!

2709 days ago


looks like a nice love triangle. Wish I were in the middle.

2709 days ago


Alycia Lane is soooooooooo hot! I can't believe that she would go for a dweeb like that guy.

Her newschannel just went HD not long ago and she really looks good now. I'd love to see some of those bikini shots!

I can see where the wife is a little upset.

2709 days ago


I think she typed in the wrong address and hit send by mistake. Why in the hell would she want him when she could have me

2709 days ago


This is no Jen, Brad, and Angelina excitement!!

He just looks like some ordinary pervert!!

The news anchor needs some cold cream--Is she doing a story on how clowns apply make-up??

2709 days ago



I would guess that you are a little on the young side and must not know how adult relationships work, romantic or platonic, there are rules and boundaries. If you are friends or coworkers one does not send bikini pics and seven emails a day. That is called "innapropriate". If one acts innapropriately with a married man one should expect to catch a beat down by said wife. "Appropriate" protocall for sharing photos it to create an online album and invite both the husband and wife to share vacation memories. Anything else can be misconstrued.

Main Entry: slander
Function: noun
Etymology: Anglo-French esclandre, from Old French escandle esclandre scandal, from Late Latin scandalum moral stumbling block, disgrace, from Greek skandalon, literally, snare, trap
1 : defamation of a person by unprivileged oral communication made to a third party; also : defamatory oral statements
2 : the tort of oral defamation —compare DEFAMATION, FALSE LIGHT, LIBEL
NOTE: An action for slander may be brought without alleging and proving special damages if the statements in question have a plainly harmful character, as by imputing to the plaintiff criminal guilt, serious sexual misconduct, or conduct or a characteristic affecting his or her business or profession. —slan·der·ous /'slan-d&-r&s/ adjective —slan·der·ous·ly adverb —slan·der·ous·ness noun

So no this is NOT slander.

2709 days ago

La Dolce Vita    

This Lane woman has no respect for the sanctity of marriage. She is disgusting. If you think so ... email her like I did at

2709 days ago
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