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Lohan's Ass-Backwards Exit

5/1/2007 10:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Monday is Backwards Day for Lindsay Lohan -- who was spotted doing the Moonwalk to avoid full-frontal exposure.

LiLo, never one to disappoint in the bizarre behavior department, was caught leaving the back door of Hyde last night -- walking backwards and side-stepping from the club in an attempt to hide her face from waiting photogs. Lindsay's buddy, celebuspawn Rumer Willis, left just minutes before but didn't seen to mind the attention.

As Linds finally approached her ride, the starlet let out a little shriek as she pulled a daring backwards freefall move into the drivers seat. She's sooo crazy!

Hey, at least she didn't fall this time!


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Of course Rumer doesn't mind the attention. I'm surprised she's getting any. What has she done to be famous besides being born??? I'm surprised she hasn't broken cameras. SHE IS SOOOOO FUGLY!!!!!! But that's just my opinion.

2730 days ago


Monday is backwards day? Is this the best news TMZ will deliver today? The story and picture are dumb and a waste of EVERYONES time.

2730 days ago


Please stop posting pictures of this junkie...she's not real 'easy on the eyes' if you catch my drift. No one stare at an ass-backwards drug addict who looks 10 yrs older than they are...

2730 days ago


Lohan WANTS the attention and so does Britney.....every other celebrity doesnt go to Hyde or the Ivy because they want their privacy, Lohan WANTS the media to photog her, she wants to be in LOHAN and Britney quit complaining that you do not get privacy when all along YOU choose to be seen!!!!!!!

2730 days ago


At least we didnt have to look at her ugly ass face again, quit reporting on her, who cares, was she that deprived as a child she needs attention so bad.

2730 days ago


What the hell was that all about???? Exactly what was she trying to hide?? I just don't get it !!???!!!

2730 days ago


I agree with #3! She does want the attention! She is a very sad young lady. That whole group...Paris, Nicole, Britney, Lindsay. and the others have a hard life ahead of them. I wish we would all stop caring about these talentless. tired souls and instead spend time and money on those who do something effective with there star power. Whatever happened to the susan surrandon and sally fields? What has gone so wrong with this generation? We all need to wake up and see that these young stars are sick. They need help.

2730 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

She's a total loser; I guess she's too big for her britches right now. Little miss "thang" just can't be seen doing anything (yet she continues to frequent all the hotspots where she knows she'll get photographed). Loser, Loser, LOSER!

2730 days ago


if you look at the end of the clip as she was driving away she wiped by her eye ,she was obviously crying and upset. Also I thought I had noticed last week or so or heard she had shot a scene with another woman - a girl on girl or something . now this week of all the people- she is on Ellens show . One thing you all might not realize is that alot of times when a girl grows up and is angry at her father for being alcoholic, ect.. that is the main driving reason they turn to lesbian and in many cases away from men. The alcoholism is also passed along. If I'm not mistaken Ellen also can do some real regular drinking
the last one to know that an alcoholic is an alcoholic-is the alcoholic. -de-Nile is not only a
river. ------Lindsay is a very nice likable young lady . the fact that she so pecular is one of the main things that make her So Special.WHY would she want to be like all the rest of the celebs that are all the same. Ll is a positive born winner. Lindsay and all tmz == bloggers just find a way ,once and for all , pull up and out all the old and new files we all have stored in us do what ever it takes to get rid of any and all anger, resentment, bitterness and unforgiveness toward anyone and everyone these things are at the root of and what give way to all stress disorders and all sickness and diseases ...go hit a spare car tire with an aluminum baseball bat , punch your mattress And/or pillows . Hit an Everlast punching bag ! If you continue to hold on to it... it's like drinking poison- the poison only kills yourself , it never ever does any harm to the other person at all -It does no harm to them. Holding on just in order to show that other person or other people see Ill get you ! Lindsay ,Ellen All woman in America ... just find a way to forgive your dads -let it go- really release it - to forgive all. And keep on it keep releasing and getting rid of it as a harm intended.........

2730 days ago


Hello? she didn' want to be photographed crying. Look at the part of her in the car trying to drive away. OMG she is such a drama whore!

2730 days ago


I agree with chris (number 8). Lindsay is a true talent. SO DON'T EVER EVER COMPARE HER TO PARIS HILTON AND NICOLE RICHIE! They got famous for being uber rich unlike Lindsay who has been discovered when she was only three, being the first redhead to model for Ford.

In fairness to Britney Spears, she has talent at least in singing. Why don't you bash those people who are in Hollywood who do NOTHING?? I mean just let Lindsay shine on her own REAL light. If she's not worth it, if she's just a stupid party girl, then why do people cast her in ensemble cast slash independent movies with huge stars like Demi Moore, Sharon Stone, Anthony Hopkins, Jane Fonda, Meryl Streep, William H. Macy and Elijah Wood? Why does she win A-list talent awards if she's a drama whore, a slut, a loser, huh ??? Has that not ever crossed the path of your minds? Are you too naive to think that? Or are you jealous of her?

If you don't believe me, go watch Georgia Rule OR Bobby (she got lots of praises and kudos in this movie) if that does not change your mind about her, I don't know what will.

PS. the thing about this site is that they don't post the GOOD THINGS.

2729 days ago

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