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Britney's Stripperific Onstage Lap Dance

5/2/2007 11:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Part singer, part stripper, all WOW!

A stripped down Britney Spears showed up to her first mini-concert at the San Diego House of Blues last night, performing "Breathe on Me," while writhing in a sparkly bra and mini-mini-skirt around a lucky guy plucked from the audience. The Britster appeared to lip-sync the number, as four other skimpily-clad dancers surrounded the seated man. It's being reported on several fan sites that the man is Howie Day ... what do you think?

While there were complaints that the show was too short -- only 15 minutes -- we're guessing this guy wasn't complaining!


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does she still gotta act like that on stage ??? clean it up a little !! if you have true fans they are for your singing talent not to watch you act like a stripper i wonder if she will be comfortable with her boys seeing her act like that on stage

2695 days ago

Jacqueline Akins    

I am sick and tired of Britney, Britney............... she is not a role model far from it.
Just let her b e our world would be a lot better without some Britneys as role model............

2695 days ago


I'm so glad she got the help she needed. I have so much more respect for her. The people around her should also be happy they're supporting another Anna Nicole Smith. Keep going Brittany and you won't see 30.

2695 days ago


Damn what must her boys think when they grow up to realize their mom acted like some trashy whore when they were just babies. She looks like needs to prove that she is once again young and free which she isnt, she needs to act more in a respectable way and ONLY can can she get respect. Wake up Britney, get some clothes on and be a mother instead of a stripper. That is so uncool.

2695 days ago

the gap    

Everyone keeps commenting about how great she looks. So many Hollywood folk slim down and look great after having babies--look at Heidi Klum (who has 3), so why is this so impressive for Britney who's so much younger? And why are her looks at issue anyway? Isn't she supposed to be a "singer"? So now all her fans realize she can't sing so their mantra is "shut up and dance"? There are so many better dancers out there...and while stripping, gyrating, pumping, flailing, posing, rubbing and masturbating on stage may be entertaining, it isn't really dancing either, is it? No wonder her head is so exploded...her fans are all lusty idiots. Brit--please do an Anna Nicole for the sake of your kids, morality, and the betterment of society. I'm sure Dr. Sanpoor will help you too!

2695 days ago


Hey Brit!, If only the world knew what your really doing.... Play it up girl and I cant wait to see the real deal when you get out there and do your Real Thing!! Glad to see your having fun with these 20 min gigs. They are your rehearsals.

" Remeber World" , She is being a Slave for you!

Take it to the bank brit!!

2695 days ago


Just goes to show, even money can't take the "white trash" out of someone.....

2694 days ago


She issss so hot right now!!! God bless her and her journey, she is a wonderful woman and a role model to all women. She knows how to party, she knows when to neglect her kids, she knows when to get divorced, she knows when to get a haircut. Seriously this woman is one of a kind and mannnnnnn those killer legs of hers. I hope she moves to making porno movies that would be great. Her sons are real lucky to have a hot MILF. If I was one of her sons Id be baggin some hardcore woody into my mothers hot female friends. I wish she was my mother.

2694 days ago


a small town hick with no talent. she may have a future in porn though. what out jenna jameson!

2694 days ago

College Class    

1. These HoB shows are just test runs on a small scale, so she can figure out what will work for the large scale

2. She has been called a 'whore' since she came out: get over it, she's here to stay ... and I'm a guy, most of the girls who say that are jealous for whatever reason ... other wise you wouldn't take time out of your day to even bother talking about her

3. She has always said she's not a good role model ... and never wanted to be one. Half of the rap & rock music is just as bad with lyrics/videos/whatever. And frankly, I don't care what anyone has to say about her personal life, and 'what they would do' if they were famous ... you're not ... so you have no idea what you actually do...cause things would be different

4. I would like to know how such a 'talentless' person has made millions of dollars ... please, let me know ... so I can drop out of college and just start making millions ... thanks

2694 days ago


I love two things:

When guys say "she's so hot"... (all girls who dance like strippers in short shirts are hot - and it's true). But that could be anyone not just fat-ass Britneck.

The second is "Britney you're such an inspiration. Don't worry about the haters." Grow UP! Britney wants your money not a pat on the back.


2693 days ago


To those who think Britney did A great job, please listen to what I have to say. Try to imagain your 30 yr old mom doing lap dance with a stranger and WELL aware of what that guy is feeling or thinking. How would you feel as a son of a stripper. Get my point? then shut your aS up!

2691 days ago


Britney has minimal talent, dresses and behaves like a white trash slut. As for chances, I feel everybody deserves another chance, even her, but what is she doing with that chance? Yeah, she's sexy and guys go crazy over that. but she's not beautiful or even just pretty naturally. She only looks good when someone with taste and class does her makeup and helps with her wardrobe. And it doesn't seem like Pimp Mama Lynne has ever taught her anything except how to use her youthful borderline kiddy-porn sexiness to make Mama rich. In some ways I pity Britney, she's throwing away the most precious thing she'll ever have -- her two babies. With all that is going on since she got out of "rehab", there is no way she is spending any quality time with the babies. Someday when she is old and not sexy and not good looking and her minimal talent is gone, those sons may be all she has. She is ruining them as well as herself and the only answer I can think of is for the world to pretend she doesn't exist since she's addicted to fame, even infamy. Prove to her she is nobody special and that the world doesn't care about her at all. And yes, I know am guilty too of reading about her trashy behavior and taking time to comment like this. But I honestly believe that is the only thing that will help her.

2689 days ago


She's not smart enough to test the public. The girl is stupid, not just ignorant but stupid. She doesn't appear to learn from her mistakes or to learn anything. Sex appeal, talent (???), motherhood, whatever, she's very near to being described as a dimwit.

2689 days ago
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