Tommy to O: Racist E-Mail a "Big Fat Lie"

5/2/2007 5:40 PM PDT
Tommy Hilfiger has never been kicked off Oprah's show ... because he's never even been on Oprah. But today, the preppy designer appeared for the first time with O to refute an ugly urban legend that's been circulating for over a decade.

An e-mail first popped up about ten years ago -- and has recently resurfaced -- which alleges that Hilfiger was booted off the set of "Oprah" when he supposedly admitted that he intended his designs for "upper-class white people," not for Blacks, Jews, Asians or Latinos. Turns out that Hilfiger never said anything of the sort -- anywhere -- and that he wasn't even a guest on the show.

Hilfiger was so floored by the rumors, he tells O, that he paid FBI investigators "a lot of money" to track down the source, though the closest they got was an unnamed college campus. And, in the end, he says, the rumor's ridiculous because, frankly, what he really wants is money "from anyone that will buy my clothes."