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Sharpton Marches Against Words He Won't Apologize For

5/3/2007 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Reverend Al Sharpton took to the streets of Manhattan today to protest sexism, racism and homophobia in music, however, the soapboxer has a history of firing off blatantly offensive slurs himself -- for which he's reportedly never apologized. Hypocritical?

According to published accounts, Sharpton publicly bashed former NYC Mayor David Dinkins as "a n----r whore," and once referred to his political opponents as "recycled white trash." Sharpton has also never publicly renounced his 1991 inflammatory public remarks against "diamond merchants" -- after which a Harlem mob singled out a random 29-year-old Jewish rabbinical student -- and stabbed him to death.

During a recent debate at the National Action Network Convention, Sean Hannity resurrected the bigoted soundbites from Sharpton's past ... which begs the question: If Imus had been armed with the same research during his face-to-face with the influential Rev, would he still have his job? Too little, too late.

Calls to Sharpton's rep were not returned.


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And.... STOP calling everyone with brown skin and African-American!! Not EVERYone with brown skin is from African heritage!!

My boyfriend is Black and from Jamaica, and HATES that the assumption is that all Blacks come from Africa. I'm called White, he is called Black.


Otherwise, call me an Italian-German-American. PERIOD!

2697 days ago

jane smith    

Yawn. No surprise. We never thought you liked him. so what?

2697 days ago


Sharpton Has taken the Civil right movement Back to pre 1960..

Can Sharpton Go Back in history and Find one of his parent/Grandparents Who actually went thru the process of Naturalization. ( citizenship). or is he an immigrant who just did not bother to Go thru the process of Getting US citizenship papers.

Is he using the Hair brain idea , that just because u were Born to NON us citizens on US soil. it makes u a US citizen.

2697 days ago


Al Sharpton has caused more trouble for the Black community than any White person has ever done. He should be ashamed to use the Reverand surname. His only interest in any situation he gets involved in is to popularize his own name. He is a phony, bigot, racist, sexist himself, and he says he is fighting against this in White people?? He's power crazy, and a dirty mouth old man. His only mission in life is to attack White people at every and any opportunity whether it is justified or not. And when it is proven not...he never apologizes for the up roar he created. Two that come to mind are the Duke football players, and the Twanay case. Both cases he led the uproar to frame white boys because of Black girls lies!! In the Twanay case, he led the accusations against the cop...whom ultimately couldn't take the humiliations and hate afflicted against him and his family..and ended up committing suicide because of it. The other guy was ruined, and financially in debt to this day. Maybe Sharpton gets an evil power-rush by demoralizing any White man he has a chance to. He certainly has proven that he doesn't care it they are guilty or not. How many White people have to have their lives ruined or ended before big business, Blacks, and Whites say enough already. You are dethroned. You ARE evil..I wonder if he has the number 666 on his body somewhere!!! I have no dislike to any race. There are evil people in every race. He just happens to be an evil Black person, and he encourages and incites rage and hatred between races. All under what HE calls...justice.. Jesse Jackson....I expected a little better from you..

2697 days ago


I find it unbelievable that a man of his low moral character has anointed himself as the black leader of this country. Sharpton has always been a hypocrite and charlatan who believes what is good for the goose is NOT good for the gander. Fifty years from now, he'll be remembered as a loud mouth, ready for prime time television hog who's only accomplishment was to get Imus off radio temporarily. He's a national embarrassment and for god sakes, he should get rid of his Little Lord Fauntaroy hairdo.

2697 days ago


Why has this man always had such ugly hair?

2697 days ago


i can't even think about the double standard, my head will explode.

2697 days ago


well if he is the de-facto leader of the black people of america, then it is no wonder they are in the sad state of affairs they are in. who are killing blacks? BLACKS......
i have yet to see a white boy corner jockey in a black neighborhood slinging crack or heroin. funny thing is i do see blacks doin that......
i dont see old white guys wearing cowboy hats mis-treating black women.... but i do see black men using black women for their money and welfare benefits on a regular basis....... as long as blacks as a people blame whites and slavery that their own black ancestors sold them into, they will never begin the process to even start moving on.

2697 days ago



2697 days ago

Bet he smells    

Al Sharpton.....does not have the right to even speak the name of Dr Martin Luther King Jr....

Dr King would probably be ashamed of Sharpton and his NO BRAIN racist remarks...

How dare he call himself a man of the cloth.......He is a lying,,,cheating racist....May he some day face the gates of hell.....

If I were African American......I would not want that man speaking for me....

2697 days ago


Latawnya Brawly should have been the end of this guy.

2697 days ago


Sharpton not only is a a racist and biggot but he is the definition of Hypocrite. Sharpton is a thug who advocates others that the Government owes them something (welfare)instead of forging ahead and advocating an education and making it in life and being proud. Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are dangerous men who hide behind "God". They do not preach the word of the Lord, they preach the word of the "Money". I just wish people would see how destructive they are to the black population. Sharpton is a con man.

2697 days ago


Dr. Martin Luther King would be mortified to see what has happened since he has passed away. All the good and hard work he had done is gone because of Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. They are thugs who make threats to get ahead in life and play the race card every chance they get.

2697 days ago

Lenn K.    

The problem you have with Al Sharpton is the media goes to him to represent black people without asking anyone with creditability who has standards. Black people are not asking for this and I don't think they deserve this. This man is going straight to hell for the terrible things he has done. Jesse Jackson is a ho and has father one or more children outside of his marriage. For the love of God can someone please come forward with a love for God, family, education and his country that will really standup for black values!!!!!

2697 days ago

Jay Al    

I would love to see what Al Sharpton documents for his occupation on his income tax? How does he make a living? From "donations" for speaking on selected people's behalf? There have been several recent incidents where if the tables where turned he would be voicing "justice" A couple of examples, in Montclair, CA. A Hispanic man was shot three times by an African American officer. The video clearly displayed he was no threat. Where was Al Sharpton voicing his civil rights? On Halloween 2006, In Long Beach three young girls were beat up by a group of African Americans. Provoked or not, that did not merit putting those girls in the hospital. If the tables were turned, an Hispanic officer shooting an African American while defenseless on the ground (caught on video) or, three African Americans put in the hospital by a group of white people on Halloween only to probation. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would have created a huge riot. I believe that every race at one time or another has been prejudiced against. Al Sharpton's approach towards civil rights is selected and only when there is a financial gain for him.

2697 days ago
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