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Kim Basinger "Very, Very Happy" with Custody Hearing

5/4/2007 8:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alec Baldwin, Kim Basinger
The Alec Baldwin Kim Basinger hearing is over. Kim's Lawyer Neal Hersh says, "Kim is very, very happy with the judge's decision and fully supports it." Hersh would not elaborate.

Baldwin's attorney did not return our call requesting comment.


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2669 days ago


Alec is more frustrated with the system than with his daughter. The system is antie man and that is a shame. I am a divorced woman with four children and I know what it is like to keep my children interested in both parents so that they are able to keep balance in their lives. Women hold children hostage in divorces, and that is a shame.

Women want equal rights but they are still treated with more respect in the court room than man. The justice system needs to see man as parents and not only monetary cows.

I have lost my pacience with my children from time to time reguarding comments they make about my divorce ....Alec is no different then Kim. There are three sides to the truth....His truth....Her truth......and the real truth.

I would be very interested in working with Alec's group to pass laws helping man get a fair chance in court reguarding custody or alimony.....

Shame on the american system

2656 days ago


Congrads to Kim and Ireland. Glad to here you can now be able to live a normal and unstressful life without that Baldwin, BULLY.....must run in the family.....Life is to short to have to contend with such childish nonsense. If he needs attention, he's got it, but the wrong kind....Hope this finds you'll both be happy and healthy and wiser.....Good Luck!! Mom of 2 Bigger Girls, Arlene, Massapequa,NY

2655 days ago

rachael weiss    

Neil Hershs partner lived in my building...They were out for blood....Kim was the director on this one...She gave them the ok to go after this man....All girls need a dad....And if Alec Baldwin went off well he needs to be in therapy with his daughter...There is such a thing as sandbagging his intentions....This was a set up..It is not a secret that Alec had issues....But he deserves to repair his relationship with his daughter..He is seeking professional advice and certainly is intelligent...Sorry that I cant say the same about this woman....That will be the last time he will be involved with a woman without a brain....My condolences for this loss to him....When a child is brainwashed its serious..I hold Kim responsible....

2654 days ago


I wish Kim could find one activity Ireland could do with her father weekly, tennnis lessons and dinner-----something. If one parent has so many problems, both should be in parental family counseling to find some acceptable way he can be having some time with his kid. Anything, he can't be a complete dog-----I see he hurting.

2648 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Alec Balwin
A. Bastard.
I need not explain from his insane political views to calling his kid a pig.
Kim Basinger- that is one mental head case there if there ever was one.

both Alec and kim have problems and have problems with each other.

Their family/ friends, laywers, KIM AND ALEC should have had mediation a long time ago. What is so hard about Alec seeing and talking to his kid...KIM!!!!! She NEVER wanted him to have contact with that child.
Alec has fought Kim in court and fought and won't give in. He has anger, temper problems going back before Ireland was born.
Kim fans, she leaked that call. he was frustrated in that Ireland was not talking to him during his measly allowed time 5-6:00 PM , something weird. A schedule.

He did not show up. Maybe he is letting go. I DOUBT IT!! Alec is hard headed. He made a big mistake and played into Kim's hand. Somebody has to let go . He should pay child support over the amount. Keep canceled checks. Send gifts for every occasion. Take a pic of the gift. Send letters. keep a copy of the letters. No email. no cellphone calls.
Try this for at least two years until the dust settles and then file for visition rights with court appointed mutual friend of Kim's present and meeting in a public place. No one- on-one contact with Ireland or sleep overs or vacations, two years of that. Alec neds to let it go. Give up. Stop the fight onhisend that he lost with that phone calladn cannoptwin. TOO MUCH HURT by Alec and Kim has been done to this child.
By the time Ireland is 18 ,then she can make up her mind...IF MOTHER KIM LETS HER!!!

2648 days ago

Hoff is a Joke, and I'm not laughing.    

Ok, this is a non story until we hear what the judge's decision was, TMZ! You TEASE!

2729 days ago


Im glad Kim's happy!!

2729 days ago



2729 days ago


Thats lawyer speak for "my client is in big trouble"

2729 days ago


Alec Baldwin is a temper tantrum throwing little brat who has repeatedly lost his temper in public and has done this to his daughter in public places with police being called to the seen with his daughter shaking and crying, terrified of this prick of a father. Yes, father's have rights..but they have not right to abuse their children and that is probably what kim is protecting her from. I would bet money that there is further evidence of this sort of behavior and that's why the judge is being swayed in kim's direction...or really...the daughter's as it is her best interest that the court is considering here. Again, father's have rights and I think a mother turning her child against their father is unforgiveable, however it seems he's alienating himself by terrorizing his young daughter...the guy needs some counseling...he's hiding behind this fathers rights movement...he's such a coward.

2729 days ago


That is not news, it's probably just more delays?

2729 days ago


If she wasn't so vindictive & kept him from his daughter none of this might not happen. Karma is a bitch Kim.

2729 days ago


It is so sad that celebrities air their dirty laundry in the media. All they are doing is hurting their children, unfortunately they feel so self righteous they don't care who they are hurting. Thank God my ex husband and I are not celebraties. We are still talking and friends because our children will always come first and they are not a pawn in our game of life. To Alex and Kim , you are both dysfunctional and need to take court ordered parenting classes, then you need to put a muzzle on and go your separate way.

2729 days ago


Kim is NOT vindictive. Alec is an ABUSER. We live in the millenium here.....

It is what is best for the child. This is not a "father's rights issues' or an issue about Kim. She has done nothing wrong but HE HAS. He is not a father he is a monster!!!!!!!! A self absorbed, spoiled, ranting FREAK who has no business having authority over a young mind.

He should LOSE custody and this poor child should be with her MOTHER - where she belongs.

Alec - seek help but leave this little girl ALONE.

2729 days ago
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