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Kid Rock Battled Anna Nicole

5/5/2007 4:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kid Rock makes enemies everywhere he goes -- including Anna Nicole. At last year's Kentucky Derby, the jock rock cowboy went toe to toe with Anna Nicole because she was making a scene while filming a TV show. The Rock told Maxim magazine, "I had my son with me, and she strolls in shooting a TV show, so I politely ask her 'Miss, we're just trying to have a good time, and you've got those [bleeping] cameras rolling. And she was like, '[Bleep] you.' So I was like '[Bleep] me? [Bleep] you. You're a [bleep]ing pig.'"

But rather than storm off diva-style, Anna Nicole gifted Rock's son with $300, apologizing for the blow up. "I didn't know about it until we got home 'cause he bought some Nintendo [bleep]. I'm like, 'Where did you get the money?' He's like, 'That blond girl with the big boobs gave it to me.'"

Bittersweet Derby for Larry Birkhead

Dannielynn baby daddy Larry Birkhead's love affair with Anna Nicole started at the Kentucky Derby in 2004. Yesterday, Birkhead made an appearance at the Barnstable Brown, the soiree where the star-crossed lovers first crossed paths. "It's exciting, but it's sad," Birkhead told an AP reporter.

Kentucky boy Birkhead attended the event solo, but told reporters that Dannielynn was home with his family and that she's "doing well. She's eating well. She's sleeping well."

The event, which raises money for diabetes research, was also attended by Jerry O'Connell, Jenny McCarthy and Cybill Shepherd, among others.

Bruce Willis: Conspiracy Theorist

Does Bruce Willis know something we don't? In this month's Vanity Fair, Willis divulges who JFK's real killer was -- and it's not Lee Harvey Oswald. "They still haven't caught the guy that killed [President] Kennedy. I'll get killed for saying this, but I'm pretty sure those guys are still in power, in some form. The entire government of the United States was co-opted. But, he adds, "I don't think my opinion means jack [bleep], because I'm an actor. Why do actors think their opinions mean more because you act?" Good question.

Party Favors: David Lynch, Meditation Master ... New "Spider-Man" Set to Break the Bank

"Mulholland Drive" and "Eraserhead" director David Lynch is launching a global initiative to eliminate poverty and promote peace. One major part of his program is teaching more than a million students to practice meditation. The weird wonder has meditated at least twice a day for the last thirty years. ... reports that the new "Spider-Man 3" is selling out four times faster than "Spider-Man 2," putting it on track to be a major record breaker. "Spider-Man 2" was the third biggest film of 2004, bringing in more than $784 million.


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"Admirer of true Success stories!"    

"You are ALL very interesting with the comments!" Personally- I never did care for Anna Nicole's show- Such a tragic END- however-she is a "success story" made possible in America! Kid Rock is another example! The Kid is WHO he is! Why must these "two" be considered any less- for it is utterly IMPOSSIBLE to PLEASE everyone! Think of what both have (given up) in order to entertain US!!! Both have proven where their HEART is by protecting their kids from all this! Anna will always remain a beautiful person with such a young death and I look forward to what "KID ROCK" has in store for all of us- I don't believe that we have seen the BEST of the KID yet! He'll settle down eventually- hopefully it is with someone none of us know!

2620 days ago


So who did Bruce say killed the prez? Yes...I am too cheap to buy the mag.

2673 days ago


In defense of Kid Rock's rep., he did just purchase golf clubs to replace the ones that were stolen from some school in michigan, an all girl golf team. Maybe he's better with kids than grown women. I have to defend him, and eminem, they are from Michigan, as I once was. Kid did this out of the goodness of his heart, GO KID!!!!

2673 days ago


re: mr. url as a name

He can have his opinion if he wants. If the slut Anna Nicole screwed up things between his son and himself, then he has every right to tell her off. Do you disagree that she was a pig? She was hideous over the past decade. She's a pig and a slut. Let's face it, it took a DNA test to figure out who her daughters father was. Ever watch Maury Povich? I bet you don't get all emotional for the whores on that show.

Get a life.

2673 days ago


While I am glad that Larry B got his daughter back, is he going to show up at every event now and get publicity for having inseminated a star? I think he should be at home playing with his brand new daughter.

2673 days ago


Howard was there.

2673 days ago

Your guilty, Doc!    

Last year Anna Nicole was pregnant at the Kentucky Derby. What show was she filming?
Kidd Rock probably is making this up. He has no idea where he is at, because he drinks
so much and is higher than a kite...

2673 days ago


Give Larry a break!!!!! Is he not supposed to have a life????????????

2673 days ago


So Larry got his daughter now he is leaving her home and going out all the time, guess he really did just want the money.

2673 days ago


I'm glad Kid Rock told slob Anna off.

2673 days ago


So Howard and Larry are back in the good ole USA!!! Where is Daniel and Anna????

2673 days ago


Howard is NOT with Larry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2673 days ago


I don't think Larry is bad for attending the Derby. He is from there and that is a tradition for him, plus, it has memories where he met the mother of his daughter..
Give him a break.. If you could make milliions out in the public selling your pictures, you would be doing it also.. It is just a blessing that he is a good guy, so I think that he very much deserves it.. Especially after what he has been through.
I love Kid Rock< but you will never have a lady on your arm with that kind of language in public>>>>at least Larry Birkhead sounds like a gentleman.. Go Larry!!!!! We are behind you as you gather in the millions for Dannielynn and yourself.. You deserve every dollar.. After all, you are the father of Dannielynn, and you seem like a great man.. I wish there were more like you in the world....If I could sell my pictures in public for millions, I would do it for my child's future also.... Ignore the negative comments Larry...

We are backing you all the way in Arizona..

2673 days ago


Larry has shown class all through his fight for his baby!~! He owes thousands in lawyer fees, so I am for him getting all the money he can to support his baby. He will only allow certain people to photograph her, and besides, it is HIS business. The world needs more men like him!

2673 days ago


Bruce just said the one thing I hoped one actor realized. acting makes you nothing but an actor, it's just a job thats not really a job. It does not give you any more perspective on anything except being overpaid lazy person that can play make believe like any 5 year old. Don't know myself if he's right about who shot Kennedy. But i think he's right that we dont know the truth.

2673 days ago
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