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Hasselhoff Blocked from Seeing His Kids

5/7/2007 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge has suspended David Hasselhoff's right to visit his children in the wake of the videotape showing the actor drunk on his living room floor.
Opri and The Hoff
Hasselhoff is allowed to have telephone contact only.

On May 21, the judge will hold a hearing on the videotape and how it will affect Hasselhoff's long-term visitation rights.

The judge also ordered that Hasselhoff, his ex-wife Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff and their kids meet with a psychologist prior to the May 21st hearing. The psychologist has the power to adjust the judge's order after meeting with the fractured family.

Strangely, the judge never admitted the videotape into evidence but said it didn't matter because he's a "normal human being" who reads, among other things, TMZ.

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Pam Bach is a pig and she is trying to shake her husband down while he's down. She is totally about the money and using her kids for her own
wants and needs
she is so full of s--t-and if she thinks keeping him away from his girls is a great idea, she should think again.
This will come back to bite her on her fat, stupid ass! I hope.

2725 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

The judge has to take into account the psycholigcal impact of the teen girls, which is why he's ordered counseling for the entire family.

There's so much more to alcoholism than meets the eye. And, everyone in the household is impacted; not just the alcoholic.

These girls are at a very pinnacle developmental age. It is imperative they go into counseling to recoginze enabling and codependency. And, to make sure they recognize unhealthy relationships. Not at all uncommon for off-spring of alcoholics to wind up with mates that are alcoholics too.......easy to fall into the role of taking care of and covering up for a substance abuser, which is why counseling is imperative.

I'm more concerned about the mom's denial of being a substance abuser. At least Hasselhoff acknowledges and has faced his demons head on. And, he did so long before the video was released, which is a step in the right direction.

I question Pam's denial big time though!!! She shouldn't be throwing stones if she lives in such a glass house; especially with her girls well being at stake her. Come out and admit you have a problem Pam, and show your daughters a positive role model.

2725 days ago

Barbo Garbo    

I don't know about suspending all of his visitations, and we don't have all the facts to comment on either way... But something has to be done in order to protect the cildren and the spousal abuse.

I don't care who you are, where you come from, how much money you have, how popular you may be or what your celerity ranking status may be - YOU ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW!

Your children and spouse are human beings with feelings and rights. YOUR MONEY CANNOT BUY YOU AND EXCUSE FOR ALL CARD - NOT GONNA HAPPEN, MY FRIEND!

All of these bullies, drunks, bi-polar assholes (Alec Baldwin) need a reality check PRONTO! And if it means that they temporarily will LOSE custody SO BE IT!

The line has to be drawn, and laws need to be actualized.... watch this guy have a joining of the minds with Alec and begin to cry "Parental Alienation". They are going to be the crying shame of Hollywood fathers now and to come... Poor bastards....
Too bad they were absent when they taught how to be a human being with respect and love for their children, etc.

2725 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Knightrideus Baywatchus Europus Musicas Successus Divorcus Consumas Excessus Exposus Aaackus! Visitus Suspendus Spousus Vindictus? Judgus Hearus Psychus Contritus Reformus Contractus.

2725 days ago


I see Debra Okrie..LOL has a new client........I saw that video on TV.... that was very sad..:(
Aren't his daughters in their late teens?

2725 days ago


How OLD are these "kids" anyway??? They look as big as the ex-wife. It's not like they are small children who couldn't handle whatever happens and react accordingly. I mean, the one was BIG enough to videotape her father and expose the tape on national television. Clearly, the mother is behind this fiasco, probably lobbying for more money and "using" the "kids" to get it. She comes off as being totally obnoxious. This guy needs help but SHE needs a reality check.

2725 days ago


56. How OLD are these "kids" anyway??? They look as big as the ex-wife. It's not like they are small children who couldn't handle whatever happens and react accordingly. I mean, the one was BIG enough to videotape her father and expose the tape on national television. Clearly, the mother is behind this fiasco, probably lobbying for more money and "using" the "kids" to get it. She comes off as being totally obnoxious. This guy needs help but SHE needs a reality check.

Posted at 4:23PM on May 7th 2007 by Betty

His daughters are 16 and 14. The 14 year old tried to commit suicide last December. It is just so sad to see such a dysfunctional family. Both parents need help...but David needs immediate rehab before he does any further damage to these young, impressionable girls who need decent role models during their teenage years. It's reallly sad what he is doing to them.

2725 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

The daughter that taped the drunken video upon a visit with her dad in Las Vegas is 16. And, I believe the other daughter is 14-years old.

Old enough to make some choices for themselves; of which they've expressed wanti to continue seeing their dad. But, young enough that they're at very vulnerable and impressionable ages to be exposed to and live with a chronic alcoholic; especially the enabling and codependency. They need long term counseling if they'll ever have a chance at a healthy relationship in the future.

The judge made a good call on the family counseling. But, I think Hasselhoff should be allowed short supervised visits. The girls need to show support for their dad, and some sort of contact is pinnacle for both the girls and Hasselhoff

2725 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

Poster number 57, the youngest of 14 tried to commit suicide last year???? Where did you read this???

Sadly this wouldn't surprise me. These girls have been lost souls in that dysfunctional household. All the talk has been about Dave since the tape. But, much has been in the public eye about Pam having alcohol problems too.

If the suicide attempt was legit and confirmed, even more insight into the judges temp order that the girls have no contact. 14 is a very yound and impressionable age, and we should in no way, shape, or form expect her to have the coping ablities of an adult under such stress.

2725 days ago


I wouldn't wish that man on any woman, or child! What a drunk skunk pig!

2725 days ago


No. 59 What a Joke: TMZ reported the suicide attempt...see below:Hasselhoff Daughter Attempts Suicide
Monday September 25, 2006


One of David Hasselhoff's daughters tried to commit suicide Sunday night, law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

According to sources at the LAPD, the America’s Got Talent judge called 911 at around 6:30 p.m. from his San Fernando Valley home and reported that his 14-year-old daughter, Hayley, had "cut herself."'

David and estranged wife Pamela Bach, who share joint custody of their children, spent the last year waging a bitter divorce.

In court documents from December 2005, Bach accused the former Knight Rider star of physically abusing her during their marriage. She alleged that Hasselhoff "grabbed me and pushed me hard into a car."

She added: "In the past, he has also broken my nose and called me 'wh-re,' 'c--t,' 'b-tch,' 'slut' and 'drug addict' in front of our children." Hasselhoff has denied the allegations.

Hayley Hasselhoff was taken to a local hospital for treatment, and the Mental Evaluation Unit of LAPD is now handling the case.

2725 days ago


As well as not seeing his children he probably needs to stop seeing his plastic surgeon as well...

2725 days ago


He wasn't abusing his "children" on the tape, he wasn't even angry, just out and out "drunk" and if these girls are able to video tape him and ask him questions, he was admitting he needed help even on the "tape"! He has a disease, he is working his Program and doing the best that he can! There is a billion people out here with Alcholoc problems, if he had been yelling, screaming, or being physically abusive to them, then maybe I could understand! This is another, long marriage, wife, that makes me sick! She is just as sick as him, she cannot speak with sounding like "Anna Nicole" so what is she herself on? His kids are 16 and 14 and are old enough to make decisions on whether to see their father or not! I don't think that a judge should just come right out and say he cannot see his children, without first asking his daughters what they really want! And it is getting really old, to have to keep hearing these people's private and intimate moments, how would any of you like it if when you have been doing something off the wall or embarrassing it was played to every NEWS Outlet in the world! These ex wives need to be accountable for something and need to learn a thing or two about humility and common decency! They after all married these men and had children with them, so they must have thought something about them at one time or another! If I was David and Alec, both I would just throw my hands up at both of these immature ridiculous "loser's" of women and just never give them the time of day! Unfortunately, to have relationships with their children they have to deal with the whacked out and crazed women! Debra Opri, is just a Media Hound that is "Loud", she will throw out all their dirty laundry, then she will give Pam a huge bill and be mad at her, when it is all said and done! I trust that Pam I think she is on some type of "drugs" herself!

2725 days ago

spot the star    

He used to shop at my place of business and was always very mean. He even yelled out the F word to one of my associates while driving thru te parking lot!!! With the kids in the car!!!

2725 days ago


I would order testing done on the hair. that will prove drug use. This is too suspicious

2725 days ago
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