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Brooke Shields Comes Correct!

5/9/2007 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to play!From the same people who brought you Will Ferrell's "Landlord" comes "Playground Tales," starring Brooke Shields as a suburban mom who dispenses parental discipline using urban slang. 'Sho nuff!

The folks at have done it again. In this hilarious video vignette, Shields warns her pretty baby daughter to "Check herself before she wrecks herself" and "It's hard out there for a pimp!"

Take that, postpartum depression!


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She's hot! I'd give her feet a tongue bath!

2726 days ago

all the bad parents    

I figured someone would be on here calling Brooke a bad parent. Parents aren't allowed to have a sense of humor or be amusing or let loose and be themselves. Now, what kind of example would that be for a child? I see all these parents who fret about everything and take everything so seriously and they think they are doing what is best for their child...but their child looks miserable because he or she is never allowed to have any fun. Funny thing is, people are always bashing celebrities for being bad parents, among other things, you people don't understand money doesn't buy perfection. Quit being jealous. Well while we are on the subject of Paris, she's the first celebrity to not get out of serious charges with a slap on the wrist, let's hope she's not the last. Mel Gibson, Eve, all of them...they're rich, so just paying a ticket is not going to hurt them. In order for it to be a punishment, it has to hurt.

2726 days ago


I guess nobody gets that the video is scripted and she is acting. I bet you folks who think this represents "bad parenting" also believed the toddler landlord in the video with Will Ferrell was really a landlord. Now that video should be questioned - who would let a child learn that kind of language? That is a real example of bad parenting.

2726 days ago


I love Brooke Shields!!! And this has to be one of the funniest clips I've seen in awhile!!! Aside from Trya Tips Ovah!
Just to know where the phrases come from & to hear her & Lilly say them are just too funny! When they pull off in the Escalade at the end Cranking the Rap music just takes it to the next level!
Love You Brooke!!!

2726 days ago


#10 & to all others who don't know the Rap song: "Check Yourself" By: D Nice & Too Short. Just talking about checking what you say & do before it catches up to you... if you get a chance to listen to some old school rap - probably NOT... the whole clip would make even more sense! And come out a lot more funnier than people have taken it!

2726 days ago


seriously funny! ;-P

2726 days ago


She's obviously acting - her daughters aren't that old.

2726 days ago


Laughed my ass off!!! Very funny. Good job Brook, Yo off the hook!

2726 days ago


THis sounds dumb as hell. And what has Brooke Shields done to her mouth and her eyes ? She looks as if she fought a professional boxer and lost.

2726 days ago


Brooke's hair color is much too dark. Makes her look older than she is & harsh.

2725 days ago

Sean Bresnahan    

.I am stunned at how average these "comedy moments" are. The Ferrell clip was cute at best, and this one is just lame. I see stuff on YouTube by total unknowns that are funnier than this stuff.

2725 days ago


Incredibly lame...not even remotely funny. Just plain stupid.

2725 days ago


That was nothing like the landlord! Not funny at all!!!

2725 days ago


that was so funny i am still laughing. i have liked brook for a long time and if this show makes it on air it will be a big hit with the right writers of course. you see the same old shows just with different people all the time, it's good to see something fresh and funny. and as for the girl who's mad that brooke doesn't want to be with her kids 24/7 must not be a mother. I am the mother of 3 and if you try to be with them all day and don't have a life of your own you'll go crazy. I glad she went back to work.

2725 days ago


that was great !!!!!!!!! you go Brook !!!!! nothing more refreshing than a celeb. like her to lighten up, i needed a good laugh before i went to bed............

good night............

2725 days ago
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