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Why Jermaine Dupri

Ended Up in a Cop Car

5/10/2007 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Dupri, who refused to return TMZ's call for comment, issued the following statement to another news outlet:

"Just to set the record straight, I was pulled over because the police said my exhaust pipes were too loud, I had tinted windows and platinum motor plates. Nothing more, nothing less."

OK Jermaine, but it still begs the question, who the hell gets put in the back of a police car for tinted windows?!

For more than a day, TMZ has been asking the L.A. County Sheriff's Department why deputies pulled Jermaine Dupri over and then put him in the back of a cop car before releasing him. The best answer we've gotten from one of the deputies who made the stop -- "It's personal ... it's none of your business."

The rapper and music mogul was pulled over as he drove his Lamborghini Tuesday afternoon in West Hollywood. His passenger was also taken to the cop car and placed in the back. The doors to the vehicle were all wide open when cameras arrived.

A number of TMZ users have been speculating that it's a case of racial profiling. One user wrote, "It's the cops hating again. Paris is going to jail so it's time to start hating blacks driving $250k cars."

A spokesman for the Sheriff would not comment. Interestingly, neither would Dupri's rep.


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sounds like a bias against celebs

2687 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

................................Because you are an ugly................fill-in-the-blanks!!!!!

2687 days ago


DWB people. It's so obvious.

2687 days ago


One user wrote, "It's the cops hating again. Paris is going to jail so it's time to start hating blacks driving $250k cars."

Yeah, thats it... pull the freaking race card, typical. Hey dumbazz.... white folks hate Paris too so quit YOUR hating. this is what you call reverse racism and they keep getting away with it. TMZ, why would you even see that statement as fit to print?

2687 days ago


shame on you, TMZ. you said yourself you have no idea why he was pulled over! stop trying to cause problems. and all you people going along with it are ignorant lemmings.

2687 days ago


Since when is an arrest personal. Every other celebrity that has been arrested in recent months not only had their charges disclosed but the terms and conditions of their release. Who the hell is Jermaine Dupri and what makes him so special that his arrest is suddenly private? A few years ago when his assets were seized by the IRS and was facing possible jail time due to a couple of million in back taxes that wasn't private?! Something surely is rotten in the state of denmark!

2687 days ago


car profiling. drive a $250K car & see how many times you're pulled over.

2687 days ago


lemmings are little furry creatures that follow each other everywhere, even if one falls off a cliff, the rest just keep following right off that cliff. just another way to say these people cant think for themselves.

2687 days ago

Nancy Drew    

All races drive fancy cars in west hollywood & blacks are some of the leading entertainers today. this has nothing to do with racial profiling & more to do with the individuals actions themselves.

the only one playing the race card is TMZ!!

2687 days ago


NOT profiling... but perhaps some DRAMA btwn he and Janet... maybe she got pissed about something ie they were fighting he took off in one of 'her' cars and she called it in as stolen!
there's my conspiracy theory!

2687 days ago

Laurie R    

ooooh, good one grizster, didn't think of that! :-) personally, i'm glad that they're keeping a lid on it. unless he's hurting someone, or potentially hurting someone, it's none of our business.

2687 days ago

London not England    

ooooooo.....that was cold blooded #2 J.J.
ya baaaaastard....
But he is SCKUGLY THOUGH....but he got a fine girlfriend! I don't know how he does it, must be in his pants?
Another thing for the JJ's of the world to "HATE" ON! ;-)

2687 days ago

paul b.    

This is ridiculous, its sad when majority of the time tmz reports anything about black folks its negative, grow up!!!!

2687 days ago


It is racial profiling... The same thing happened to a black guy right in front of the office where I work. They Pulled him over, frisked him and arrested him. Then after 10 min, he let him go. I think they were doing a check or something like it. If he were white I bet the stupid cops would have let him wait in his car instead of putting him in the back of the partol car.

2687 days ago


I heard that he was pulled over because the police thought that it was a 13 year old kid driving.

2687 days ago
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