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Why Jermaine Dupri

Ended Up in a Cop Car

5/10/2007 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Dupri, who refused to return TMZ's call for comment, issued the following statement to another news outlet:

"Just to set the record straight, I was pulled over because the police said my exhaust pipes were too loud, I had tinted windows and platinum motor plates. Nothing more, nothing less."

OK Jermaine, but it still begs the question, who the hell gets put in the back of a police car for tinted windows?!

For more than a day, TMZ has been asking the L.A. County Sheriff's Department why deputies pulled Jermaine Dupri over and then put him in the back of a cop car before releasing him. The best answer we've gotten from one of the deputies who made the stop -- "It's personal ... it's none of your business."

The rapper and music mogul was pulled over as he drove his Lamborghini Tuesday afternoon in West Hollywood. His passenger was also taken to the cop car and placed in the back. The doors to the vehicle were all wide open when cameras arrived.

A number of TMZ users have been speculating that it's a case of racial profiling. One user wrote, "It's the cops hating again. Paris is going to jail so it's time to start hating blacks driving $250k cars."

A spokesman for the Sheriff would not comment. Interestingly, neither would Dupri's rep.


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gossip in MD    

I live in the DC area and on the radio today they said that JD had been pulled over because his exhaust pipes were making too much noise and disturbing traffic. In some state having a loud exhaust can be considered a noise complaint. Here in DC if your windows are tinted past a certain percent you can get a ticket or worse yet (and I speak from personal expirence) have the cops take a razor to your brand new tint to take it off! YES IT DID HAPPEN!!

2721 days ago


I'm pretty sure they put him back there because of all the cameras. Not because he's black or racial profiling or anything.

2721 days ago


Was Dupri gayly cruising along?
That would be personal.
Maybe he needed a smacking?
Why do latino sheriff's deputies wear shaved heads like the criminals?

2721 days ago


To Blair It is obvious you are not black and you must have some racial issues. Walk in a black mans shoes. DWB is sometimes a frightening experience, especially when you have done nothing wrong. Read the book "Black Like Me". Not all white people are racist, but LA Cops are known to be that way. Now I know that I will probably get a lot of negative responses and that is okay. And no I am not black.

2721 days ago


OMG a black guy getting pulled over -- it's gotta be racism!!! --> Get a life.

2721 days ago


I think it's irresponsible to pass judgment either way until the facts are known. Maybe the cops had a good reason to pull him over, maybe they didn't. Pointless to speculate without the facts.

2721 days ago




2721 days ago


Apparently black people should be above the law too now: because thesecond a white cop pulls over a black guy it's RACISM. How come if a black cop pulls over a white person, it's not? Because Al Sharpton said so? Give me a break...

2721 days ago


The cops there wear shaved heads there because they ARE criminals. L.A. , city and county, is where you go when you can't get a job anywhere else. Worst police force ever.

2721 days ago


Byrd: I bet Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton wrote that one.

2721 days ago


i like it how jermaine hasnt said anything,
when i get pulled over for no reason, and im white, im never like
profiling, this nonsense needs to stop, cops are pricks no matter what race, live with it, they want the mean green, and thats all

2721 days ago


I hate tmz for trying to star trouble, very low tmz very low.

2721 days ago


TMZ this is really pathetic. As any respectable journalist would tell you, just because you don't know the story, doesn't mean you can speculate on the circumstances. To blame the speculation "on some of your readers" is even more stupid. I guess I'll just have to remember you aren't really respectable journalists.

2721 days ago


Don't get started on Al Sharpton, he will try to have you fired. He said all that about the mormans but nobody put him down. If his middle name starts with an s his initals would be A.S.S.

2721 days ago


Anyone else hate how the numbers on comments switch around all the time?? LOL...I mean really, if you're comment is # 3, it should stay # 3!! Sorry, had to get that off my chest!

2721 days ago
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