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Why Jermaine Dupri

Ended Up in a Cop Car

5/10/2007 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Dupri, who refused to return TMZ's call for comment, issued the following statement to another news outlet:

"Just to set the record straight, I was pulled over because the police said my exhaust pipes were too loud, I had tinted windows and platinum motor plates. Nothing more, nothing less."

OK Jermaine, but it still begs the question, who the hell gets put in the back of a police car for tinted windows?!

For more than a day, TMZ has been asking the L.A. County Sheriff's Department why deputies pulled Jermaine Dupri over and then put him in the back of a cop car before releasing him. The best answer we've gotten from one of the deputies who made the stop -- "It's personal ... it's none of your business."

The rapper and music mogul was pulled over as he drove his Lamborghini Tuesday afternoon in West Hollywood. His passenger was also taken to the cop car and placed in the back. The doors to the vehicle were all wide open when cameras arrived.

A number of TMZ users have been speculating that it's a case of racial profiling. One user wrote, "It's the cops hating again. Paris is going to jail so it's time to start hating blacks driving $250k cars."

A spokesman for the Sheriff would not comment. Interestingly, neither would Dupri's rep.


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Ron: Al's going to be on Glenn Beck tonight :) I'm watching it for sure. I find it ironic that Al Sharpton has something against Mormons, when they were the first ones to start helping out "while" Hurricane Katrina was going on. Weren't black people bitching because Bush didn't do enough? But Al can still cut down the Mormons... what an idiot.

2725 days ago


Stop pulling the race card...! It gets old!!!!!!!!!!!

2725 days ago

little girl    

#36 I bet you don't in the Corporate World. probally McDonald's or something like that.

2725 days ago


hehe, I bet Blair is an albino red head, who wears his visor sideways, and a yellow and red jumpsuit down to his knees!

2725 days ago


How the heck do we know if it was profiling if we don't know why he was pulled over? If the answer was "we thought the car was stolen because the driver was black" then that would be profiling. However, if he was speeding, driving without his license, disturbing the peace, etc., then it wouldn't be profiling. If you break the law, you run the risk of being pulled over, plain and simple.

2725 days ago

little girl    

Blair do you work?

2725 days ago


What's up with these stupidly rich "Afro-American" celebrities anyways? [They] all just can't seem to learn HOW to drive a Lamborghini, now can they? First it was 50 Cent recklessly driving his $350K+ tasteless "chrome plated" Lambo Murcielago with no insurance or registration around Manhattan in the wee hours of the morning, now this overpaid moron Dupri in his brand new Lamo, who's next! Oh, let's not forget Dennis Rodman's recent 'run in' with the law when driving his Lambo Diablo from Las Vegas to L.A. Geez, there ought to be some type of 'national vehicle code' requiring any wealthy black person who purchases one of these "mechanical masterpieces" to undergo extensive training in how to drive a Lamborghini! ANY Afro-American found driving a Lamborghini who has not completed the course program accordingly, should otherwise be subject to federal felony prosecution. LOL

2725 days ago


I'm so tired of the race card being pulled, we will never move on when it keeps happening.

2725 days ago


This is getting RIDICULOUS. WHITE Joe Francis gets unbelievable jail time for his stupid crimes.. no one says a word.

WHITE Paris Hilton gets 45 days for a dumb driving probation violation.. no on says a word.

BLACK Snoop Dogg gets NO JAIL time for drugs and weapons charges... no one says a word.. apparently that's not a problem, even though had he been WHITE, people would've said he got a break because he is white.

Now we have a BLACK person got stopped for something (and there's a million reasons he could've been stopped besides racial profiling).. and right away.... MUST BE A RACE ISSUE.

I'm tired of it - whenever a black person gets in trouble or anything, its always a RACE ISSUE. NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT RACE. A black person could be caught RED-HANDED committing a crime, and people will still cry RACE ISSUE if he gets busted.

I am sure that LA cops are quite used to seeing BLACK people driving $250,000 cars around LA. There are plenty of BLACK celebrities and other rich people, and if you've ever been to LA, most of the cars in that city are worth more than I make in five years. Before you start crying RACIAL PROFILING, maybe you should take the hint that its really none of your business. There just may be a reason no one knows.

2725 days ago


Ok, unless you've ever been black, you cannot say anything about being pulled over and the cops not profiling. I once got pulled over for drinking a bottle of water..he said it looked like booze. Yeah that's what I'd do. Plus I was recently on a road trip and had to stop at border hispanic friend was driving and they made us get out of the 07' Seabring Convertible and they searched the car, to find nothing. JD Got put in the car cuz he was a black man driving an expensive car. Plain and simple.

2725 days ago


Did anyone ever stop to think that maybe he wasn't even being stopped for any kind of violation at all. Maybe the officers were fans of his and just wanted to holla at a brotha. And I am so sick of people calling people ugly, because a person is not what you like doesn't make them ugly, Has it occurred to any one that people have feelings and all the money in the world can't stop a person from getting there feelings hurt. (although it could help) But really though cut out the ugly comments that is somebody's kid. And yeah wrong is wrong but is Paris going to jail, I HOPE SO. Not cuz she is white, And yes I am black and yes I am pretty but she is wrong.

2725 days ago


By son is a police officer, he pulled a car over and he was behind him. He had no idea who was in the car as the windows were very tinted. It turned out that it was a black man and he accused my son of racial profiling. How can he racial profile if he can't see in the windows and he's in back of his car? He was stopped because he did something wrong. I don't understand why black people always say it is racial profiling when they get stopped. They need to take responsibility for their ACTIONS, they did something WRONG. I'm white, and when I get stopped I figuer it is because I was doing something wrong. Getting stopped is not because of your race!!!

2725 days ago

Boo Hoo    

maybe he set the whole thing up, just to draw attention to himself. like when other rappers pay someone to shoot them so they make more $$$.

2725 days ago


This is why the "race-card" pisses me off:
Apparently, white people can’t say anything bad about black people — because, I guess, we might hurt their feelings or something. Were I African-American, I’d be pissed and insulted at that idea. Frankly, I could care less what color skin someone is wearing — I’ve seen assholes of all colors and persuasions — and I find myself increasingly frustrated that we can’t talk honestly about anyone who is non-white and non-male.
IT'S NOT ALWAYS ABOUT RACE, unless you yourself make race the issue.

2725 days ago


Don't suppose it occurred to TMZ that it isn't any of their business...repeated phone calls, indeed.

2725 days ago
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