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Ellen --

'She's Gay?!'

5/11/2007 5:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

rosiemouth-1In a long video post on her blog, Rosie O'Donnell claims fellow out lesbian Ellen DeGeneres is not allowed to talk about anything "gay, gay gay!" on her daytime talk show. Mum's the L word?

In her video, Rosie claims Ellen signed a contract that forbids her to mention anything to do with gay issues, adding, "I talk about 'gay' because I like to and she doesn't talk about it because she doesn't want to or she can't."

TMZ contacted a rep for Telepictures, producers of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," who jokingly said "She's gay? Who knew?" The rep then added that this is completely untrue, and that they have no such contracts with any of their hosts, saying,"Ellen is free to talk about whatever she wants and we encourage her to do so."

On an episode this week, Ellen joked about being able to stand upright following her recent back injury, saying, "I'm not quite straight. Well, you know that."

In 1997, Ellen publicly came out of the closet in a groundbreaking episode of her ABC series, paving the way for hit gay-themed TV shows like "Will & Grace" and "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy."

TMZ is a joint venture between AOL and Telepictures, which produces "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."


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Ellen and Rosie are two very different people as stand-up comics and actors. Rosie had a fantastic show and wasn't afraid to tell the she saw it and there's nothing wrong with that. Ever watched Bill Maher? He has his own show and tells his truth and no one, or not many anyway, come down on him. There's still the right to free speech in the U.S. although not over the top like Don Imus' example. No two comics do their thing the same way and why should they??!
Rosie is not necessarily combative.....she simply has strong feelings about what's going on in the world and The View gives her that forum. She's not an Ellen "wannabe". That's not fair! Each woman is her own way. Each woman has her own style and that's the important thing. Perhaps in watching Ellen's show today about mother's day, Rosie misunderstood Ellen's inability to walk straight up and then follow that about you all know I'm hiding her sexuality. She's not. Those who watch her show and read People magazine, online, or newspapers, know she's got another woman in her life now....her "perfect fit". For that, I'm happy for Ellen. Both women have experienced some really rough times growing up. Each came out in the best way for them. I say, let's give Rosie and her alleged opinions, a break.
Personally, I'd like to see Rosie guest on Ellen and let them talk Rosie's feelings out and maybe she might get to understand Ellen, better. Or, better than that, it would be great if Rosie could talk to Betty DeGeneres, Ellen's mom and Betty could explain to Rosie that Ellen chooses to live her life, a little differently than Rosie.
Ellen's had several unfortunate relationships in her life while Rosie has only had the one relationship.....with Kelli Carpenter. Each woman has taken her own path to freedom. Being lesbian is much more acceptable than it ever was before, but....there are still some segments of society who give the lesbian and gay community, grief. What worked for Rosie, might not have worked for Ellen, in coming out. Both women are very funny, very talented and I personally, wish they could work together, peacefully.

2721 days ago


I don't remember Rosie mentioning she was gay until she knew she was quitting her Daytime show. She was once loved by so many and now she reminds me of that big mouth Roseanne Barr. Can't stand to even watch her anymore

2721 days ago


You couldn't have said it better "Proud American Author"!

2721 days ago

Lisa McGee    

Ellen is seen as a nice person, people like her, and yes she happens to be gay. It is a non issue. On the other hand is Rosie a mean spirited person that also happens to be gay. I watch Ellen because she is funny, nice and talented. I don't watch Rosie because she is not funny she is just mean.

2721 days ago


Is Carol Mariane (post#77) Rosie's publicist? lol how desperate. Get the part how "Ellen had many relationships, Rosie one". what dose that tell me? Rosie found one person in her entire life to hang out with her? It just wont work for me. I don't hate Rosie. But I do avoid her.

2721 days ago


Ellen Degeneres is a classy lady, and I don't believe that she would sign a contract forbidding her to talk about being gay. She is out and she is proud and she is my favorite all-time daytime host. Ilove Ellen.

Rosey is a fat, miserable and hateful bitch.

2721 days ago


She posted an apology on her website after being confronted by Ellen's staff. Acc to Rose, "
I was mistaken". Too late, busted-just another example of her saying whatever she wants and then saying it as gospel. Go away, Rosie--and take your big mouth with you.

2721 days ago


So, what? Ellen just isn't gay enough for Rosie because she doesn't feel the need to be agressive about it.

Watch this Rosie montage. It's hillarious.

2721 days ago


Ellen is a wonderful person. she seems so full of joy. Rosie just needs to lose some weight ( her mouth). I cannot see a male or a female kissing that whale call Rosie.

2721 days ago

You People Sicken Me !    

I would turn Gay for Ellen ! She is caring , loving, funny, and rich all in one little package ! Call me Ellen

2721 days ago


reason one why evryone loves ellen.also..rosie says she taking "hot topics segmant" with her when she leaves topics were part of the view from day one.....................................2 reasons that you make me sick.....................................t

2720 days ago


Being gay myself, I feel so much respect for how Ellen has dealt with the pressures of being out and so visible. She walks through her day as many of us out do. We are kind and good people who sometimes get meanspirited remarks or silly ones (like I'm sometimes asked if I know Ellen or Rosie just because we are all suppose to know each other? I laugh and say no.) Rosie is sad to me. She has let her frustrations turn into a toxin and that isn't good for her or anyone around her. I hope she takes a break, enjoys her family and thinks about things. I send both of them compassion and love. I think we all need that these days.

2720 days ago


Oh My God! Can Rosie just shut the funk up!!!!!!!! I mean, it's not all about you douchebag!!! She's like ... the contract was on the heels of my show .....
Hey Large Marge!!!! Did you miss the fact that Ellen on her own sitcom came out?!?!? You always say how you had your fat ass parked in front of the tv ... did you miss that episode? I mean Ellen's been out ... came out before she got the talk show. And speaks 'bout Portia on the show from time to time. No, she doesn't force feed the fact that she's a lesbian down people's throats like you do. I don't understand why you have to now start stuff with her. Stay on Dina Lohan ... she needs the battering. Leave Ellen alone. You're alienating everyone from you. If you keep this up you're going to end up with less and less friends ... well atleast true friends.
Grow up!!! It's not all Rosie all the time!!

2720 days ago


I have a lot of respect for Ellen. She does not go out and throw it in everyones face that she is gay. She is not a loud mouth like Rosie. Ellen is a very likeable person. I do not believe in the gay lifestyle, but I like Ellen. She chooses to live her life like she does but does not force it down everyones throat. She does a great show, great interviews, she is very funny, and people like her WAY WAY WAY more than Rosie. If anything she is one of the best role models for gays. She is also smart, she knows people watch her show to be intertained and for a laugh not to hear her talk about her gay lifestyle or promote her own agenda on how people should act and live. Three cheers for Ellen. I even watch her show. I never watch anything with big mouth Rosie on it. That is what the OFF button is for. So I can shut her up in my home.

2720 days ago

Celia Rougellis    

I came across an article Don't Quote Me: Rosie, Ellen, and Daytime TV

I applaud Ellen for"just being herself". She doesnt need to pull the "Im gay" card for attention. She has an amazing personality, she's funny, and people like her. I dont think she keeps it a secret. I dont think she has a special contract not to talk about it. I think she's confident in knowing it doesnt matter. It doesnt define who she is.

There's two types of lesbians.

The type that feel they need to belong to a special group to define themselves. These types brag and boast about being gay, it makes them feel they belong to something that gives them attention and immunity to whatever deficiency they feel within themselves. "Im gay , thats why they dont like me". "Im different than you". "Thats why they disagree with me". "Thats why I dont fit in". "Im in a special club".
Think about often will hear from these types: "I went to this gay bar...", "My friend who's gay..".
Do you hear from straight people: "I went to this straight bar...", "My friend who's straight..". No. Why? Because we are not tryng to tell you; "Hey, Im Gay, Treat me special"!

Then there's the type that just decided, Im going to like what makes me happy. What makes me feel good. They dont care what the rest of the world thinks of their personal choices because they are comfortable with just being who they are.

I dont care who Ellen sleeps with, why would I? Just as I dont care who my straight neighbor sleeps with. Should these people; mixed marriages, gay, lesbian follow what society says is normal, or should they do what their heart tells them is right? Who are we to tell them what to feel?

2720 days ago
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