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Ellen --

'She's Gay?!'

5/11/2007 5:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

rosiemouth-1In a long video post on her blog, Rosie O'Donnell claims fellow out lesbian Ellen DeGeneres is not allowed to talk about anything "gay, gay gay!" on her daytime talk show. Mum's the L word?

In her video, Rosie claims Ellen signed a contract that forbids her to mention anything to do with gay issues, adding, "I talk about 'gay' because I like to and she doesn't talk about it because she doesn't want to or she can't."

TMZ contacted a rep for Telepictures, producers of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," who jokingly said "She's gay? Who knew?" The rep then added that this is completely untrue, and that they have no such contracts with any of their hosts, saying,"Ellen is free to talk about whatever she wants and we encourage her to do so."

On an episode this week, Ellen joked about being able to stand upright following her recent back injury, saying, "I'm not quite straight. Well, you know that."

In 1997, Ellen publicly came out of the closet in a groundbreaking episode of her ABC series, paving the way for hit gay-themed TV shows like "Will & Grace" and "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy."

TMZ is a joint venture between AOL and Telepictures, which produces "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."


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Ellen is HILARIOUS and I love watching her show. She is a person! Her being gay has nothing to do with her success as an entertainer. She's content with who she is and doesn't feel the need to push her own agenda to be successful. Way to go Ellen! Rosie is a BIG, FAT, IN YOUR FACE, SHOVE IT DOWN YOUR THROAT LOUD MOUTH, DISGUSTING OAF who thinks that everyone needs and cares what she has to say or what she thinks.

2667 days ago


Hey Sean:

No one is stopping anyone from doing anything. You sound very angry and bitter. The fact that you have to shout what you are repeatedly shows that you're the one with the problem. By the way, even though no one is telling you what to say or do, doesn't mean that people have to accept it as normal. People are entitled to feel the way they do. You can't force them to feel a certain way. JFTR, I'm not interested in hearing about ANYBODY's sex life -- gay or straight.

2667 days ago

Vinyl Cat    

Rosie is such a jerk. Ellen, on the other hand, has class, humor, tact and integrity. Just shut your mouth, Rosie, and stay home. I, for one, am so sick of hearing about this broad's anger management problems.

2667 days ago


Rosie sounds like spoiled grapes. She has so much controversy that ALWAYS follows her and I'm sure 98% of her fan base is homosexual. I think she just said this out of jealousy for Ellen. I think Ellen is absolutely one of the funniest people I have ever seen. Her life and humor isn't based on whether someone is gay or not> I LOVE ELLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2667 days ago


Rosie will never be in the same class as Ellen.
Rosie has no class.

2667 days ago

Bet he smells    

Rosie...needs to take a cue from Ellen.....its not ALL about our sexual orientation

Why does she feel the need to remind everyone that she is gay.....I don't feel the need to remind everyone that I am not. Rosie ..if being gay is just a part of who you are....then spend a little more time.....letting us see there are other sides to your personality.....

You are really blowing your act.....screaming in everyone's face......your anger and rancor are getting old......

Ellen knows there is more to who she is then JUST GAY!!!.......Ellen is just a person.....who happens to be gay.....NOT A GAY PERSON.....WHO HAPPENS TO HATE THE WORLD

2667 days ago


Rosie's ego has gotten as big as her butt and just as unattractive.
Can't she just go somewhere and never be heard from again??????
Maybe take Paris with her?

2667 days ago


# 97 --That was said very very well--very lady like and right to the point!

2667 days ago

Bet he smells    

#93 Sean............You are the angry reason....that there is so much hate in the world...ignorant people like you are what make intellegent people not want to hold a civil conversation with you....

Just like Rosie...filled with hate and anger....

This conversation is not about Rosie's inability to lip lock Kelly whats her name front of the world....Its about Rosie's need to go kicking innocent people in the ass...just for publicity....Plain and has nothing to do with her anger at the double standard for gays and straights......

Try a little intellegent thinking.......or DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL.

2667 days ago


# 97

You said that very well--so lady like and right to the point!!!!!!!!!!!

2667 days ago

somebody's mama    

A couple of years ago, at a wedding I happened to be seated at a table with an advisor to the Univerity of Indiana's RAs. Long story short, we got to talking about role models, and how some gay students thought that Ellen was one of the people in the spotlight that most reperesent them. Turns out when someone is gay, it's not ALL THEY ARE! Shocking, yes? Like straight people, they are more than their sexual oriantation. So, kudos to Ellen! (Or snaps, if you prefer.)

2666 days ago


The difference between Ellen and Rosie is CLASS! Wasn't Ellen the first to come out of the closet on national TV???????

Rosie needs a life.....

2666 days ago


RE: Post # 94 >Celia Rougellis

Love your post. Our tollerance levals sure are reaching their limit on many issues these days. I'm glad we still know how ( and are not afraid ) to say enough already!

2666 days ago


That Ellen is one funny lady. I watch her on HBO and she has me rolling with laughter. IMO

2666 days ago

Sean Bresnahan    

I just can't see any broadcast outlet or sponsor putting money behind a fresh Rosie chat show. She was such a rude and unpleasant presence on "The View", it would be foolish to push the idea of another show further. And I am of the belief her ratings were not from supportive viewers, but rather people looking to witness another jaw-dropping rant or attack. Big difference. Just based on the comments of TMZ writers (a good cross-section of America, I imagine) Rosie is persona non grata as a talk show host.

2666 days ago
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