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Blows Into Paris

5/11/2007 1:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Momma-licious Salma Hayek took a windy stroll with her billionaire baby daddy, Francois Henri Pinault, after having lunch near the Louvre in Paris on Thursday. The Mona Lisa's got nothing on sexy Salma!

With her delivery date nearing, Salma's baby bump will soon be as big as her lovely lady lumps!

Salma's pending birth isn't the only baby in her future. The "Ugly Betty" executive producer recently signed a major deal with MGM to create Latino-themed films with mass-market appeal. And if there's one thing Ms. Hayek has, it's mass-market appeal!


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the DQ    

You're right, she does look like a bus...................with HUGH headlights. Even her knees are fat!!!!!

I certainly hope she has a trainer lined up, because it will take her quite a while to get rid of all that "baby fat". Looks like she's eating for more than two.

As for hubby, is he a Scientologist?

2730 days ago

Get a life!!    

It's nice to see a positive and beatiful looking women for a change. You don't hear nothing negative about her which is also great. Do your thing and nothing but the best for you both.

2730 days ago


Oh great.....another anchor baby !!!!!!

2730 days ago


I always though Slama was real, but she keeps it underwraps..she has been deludign herself into thinking she has natural boobs...hahahahhaha ...

2730 days ago


"turdboy," that baby will be anchored in france.

2730 days ago


She is a beautiful women but she has put on far more weight then she should have at this point in her pregnancy. Or she is lying about how far along she is and at her age getting that weight off will not be easy. While I applaude her for not being a hollywood unhealthy Mom she is fat even for a pregnant women and too much weight can too fast is also detrimental to the health of her child. Somehow I fear the bod will not bounce back for her and that brick wall maybe looming just around the corner

2730 days ago


So I guess all of us 20 and 30 years olds' now know what it would have taken to get with a woman like Salma ...Age 30 + years , look older than dirt and jesus ..and have money in our pocket. Talk about a gold digger anna nicole smith wanna be...Stories like this with young or hot woman dating older fossils make me sick

2730 days ago


Great! Latino-themed movies. Smart business woman. Kudos to Selma.

2730 days ago


I dont think anyone knows how far along she is, some pack on the pounds the first tri some in the middle, but your Doc will warn you about the weight since most ppl can cave into every single craving and pig out big time...who knows she may be due soon, but since she hopped on a plane something tells me its around 5 months or so, but then Holmes followed that psycho to australia in her 8th or 9th month.

2730 days ago


Getting the weight off is quite easy when you have all those resources and your bread depends on it..she can indulge in another secret surgery combine delivery with lipo..ahha

I dont think she married for money, she had come a hell of a long way since she moved to hollywood..also her family is well to do, but defintely not in the same league as this dude..Frogie is major packed and I dont see him and Salma going through a tenth of his fortune before they leave this earth

Salma has made some great business choices and she is quite successful these days.....she is not big in the media, since she is not exactly outrageous like the media cash cows...luck her or she will be scrutinized to death as we are doing...

I hope she takes the natural approach to losing the weight, its good to have all that for the baby to relax on , for a couple of years......hahahah

2730 days ago


#18 Angela....

You are need to get a life....who in the hell would know where her baby is gonna be born...unless you spend way too much time sticking your nose into celebs affairs and

2730 days ago


Does anybody know when she is due? That might explain why she looks so big. Maybe twins?? Her body looks like a healthy pregnant woman, however, the last two pictures of her walking around her dress was really shleppy and her hair really frizzy. They make great maternity clothes nowadays.

2730 days ago

Laurie R    

Thank God for Salma! i'm incredibly happy for her and have followed her career for while. and i truly love, LOVE the way she waited for the right guy to come along and she waited till she was ready to have a baby. she's my inspiration because as a woman in my thirties, i do not yet feel a pathological urge to squeeze out some kid and i'm thankful family planning has prevented me from getting knocked up. hopefully, maybe, i'll meet the right guy too and i will feel as if that's the next natural step. good luck to her!

2730 days ago


Everyone gains weight when they are expecting a child, however her husband owns design houses. Jaime Presley is dressed stylish and looks pulled together in her picture, and she is pregnant too. That dress does nothing for her. It looks like it came from Walmart.

2730 days ago

dumb asses    

for you assholes saying she looks like a bus have you jerks looked in the mirror.
oh i guess you retards think women should look like there going to fall through there as
because there so skinny. that's what's wrong with this world .

2730 days ago
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