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Ballin' Pimpmobiles!

5/12/2007 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Get the f**k out my way! Can't you see my ride?!

TMZ brings you the ostentatious, outsized, overdone rides of the rich and flauntin'!

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scott storch car is craazy

2667 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

That car Ivana Trump is in is a CLASSIC; it looks like crap, but is highly sought after by collectors and is incredibly hard to find. It's a Travant, which was made out of plastic, from Czeckoslovakia. Anyone driving in that car is cool, and is making a statement about the idiotic rampid consumerism of the "jet set" hollywood types.

As for the rest of the empty headed celebrities who drop $100,000 to $400,000 on a sports car (which is a target of thieves everywhere, and can't be driven on US roads the way it's designed; 100+ mph), or on a Rolls or Bentley, it must be nice to have such unlimited funds. Also, this kind of high end car "keeping up with the Joneses" always brings out the people with the best character; why look, there's lowlife leech fedex driving his ferrari which he got when he took $16 million of his ex-wife's money. And look, there's no talent super sleeze Ray J, who bought a sportscar after his sex tape sold. Nothing but pimps & male whores here...

2667 days ago


geezus...storch is ballin'

2667 days ago


Thank you Unbelievable, you took the words right out of my mouth. Just because someone with money decides to drive a more sensible car, (and some of these "crap" cars are actual classic cars), doesn't mean they should be made fun of. I'd kill for the car Ivana is driving, it looks so much more awesome compared to the huge wastes of cash that other flashier stars drive. Is TMZ going to start making fun of stars who drive eco-friendly cars? Just because you have money doesn't mean you need to spend it on the most expensive, flashy waste of money available. Honestly, those who have money and spend it wisely (in a non-hollywood sense) tend to keep their money for longer and not have to worry about losing all their money when the chips are down.

2667 days ago


Vince Vaughs car is a piece of crap? At what price do they become "uncrappy"? $100,000?
I'll take his car anyday .... You've sure got high standards, TMZ.

2667 days ago


UNBELIEVABLE, well said indeed. TMZ, while this was an interesting piece you attempted to feature, you absolutely missed the mark. surely the people who run this blog aren't that completely consumed & ignorant to promote outright greed while looking down their noses to those who work hard, earn their money, & choose to spend it wisely & responsibly?

2667 days ago


Yeah Ivanas is a Fiat 500 that is not sold in the USA. Its the most Iconic Vehicle in europe.

2667 days ago


Scott Storchs car is worth more than my entire neibourhood

2667 days ago


#2 Unbelievable, all what you said is true except for Ivanas car, its not made out of plastic or made in Czechoslovakia. Its made in Italy from FIAT and only sold on the grey market.

2667 days ago


It is unfair to call them Crappy Cars - some wealthy celebs feel no need to flaunt their wealth - and thrust their status in front of society's face 24/7.

They are to be admired - there is a time for subtlety and a time for in your face glamour

2667 days ago


It's funny people think because your car isn't new and shinny it's crap i have a great car that has not let me down i take care of it engine wise and get great gas milage and yes it's 15yrs old but it's paid for bought it brand new and gets better milage then some of the new cars.

2667 days ago

paris u scum of the earth    


2667 days ago


It's funny how people can get upset with how someone else spends the money they make.
Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Maserati are companies that have made high end cars for decades. Cars that in the past were driven mostly my older wealthy white males. There is a lot of new wealth in our great country young women and minorities now can afford a few grown up toys. Nothing wrong with that. Plus the money the rich spend goes back into our economy.

2666 days ago

Billy Idol Still Rocks    

Calling a classic 1960's Bronco a "crappy car"... what a hoot!!

2665 days ago

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