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Anna Nicole Smith's Will Officially Filed

5/14/2007 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithTMZ has obtained the official copy of Anna Nicole Smith's will, filed moments ago by Howard K. Stern.

The petition to probate Anna's will was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court. It is the same will that was discussed during the contentious Florida court hearings. The will doesn't name Larry Birkhead as a beneficiary, but the petition to probate lists him as a party with an interest in Anna's estate.

TMZ got in touch with Ron Rale, one of the named executors, who confirmed that Birkhead has filed a petition to become the guardian of Dannielynn's estate. Of course, you recall, a DNA test confirmed that Birkhead is Dannielynn's daddy. Rale added, "Contrary to any speculation, there is no way in the world that there is any petition to name Larry as a beneficiary of the estate in his individual capacity."

Rale also noted that in the petition, Stern waived any right to compensation as executor.

In the will, Anna is listed to have had personal property valued at $10,000 and real property valued at $1.8 million when she died; however, she still had a $1.1 million mortgage.


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get a new hobby    

11389. I am so sorry for all of you that have suffered at the hands of my husband, Laughing. He has been off his meds. and does not function well without him. He is a real nut case. The Doctors have him on Ativan (Lorazapam), Soma, Robaxin, Chloral Hydrate, Valium, Topomax, Klonopin, and various other anti-biotics for his fungus of the mouth. We have tried everything, even giving him ice baths but he just takes off outside running buck naked screaming,"Howie, Help Me!" He is delusional, poor guy. He seems to think he is part of the HKS inner circle but those guys are too busy thinking of ways to steal money to worry about my dopey husband. He rants and raves on TMZ night and day. Then he starts to pull all of his chest hairs out and begins to howl like a hairless wolf. Neighbors don't like that. When all else fails we have to shoot him in the butt with a little Soma and then pour Chloral Hydrate down his mouth. Shuts him up for a minute or two.

Posted at 8:15PM on Jun 1st 2007 by Mrs. Laughing So Hard


Mrs Marples,

Why are you so filled with hate and rage? Do you really need to vent your frustrations with lsh in this manner?

It seems like you are obsessed with lsh, I think you need a break. Why don't you belly yourself up to that bar you mentioned?

2646 days ago


Faye, I know the state you live in, so if you give me the town, not the state, I will call you with the information on the bird breeder.  These birds are very special, and are really beautiful.  The babies are people oriented, very sweet, and healthy and smart.  I think you would get a better price than what you paid before, too.  I think you understand, in view of the behavior and suspicious character of some people posting here, that I cannot risk posting any of my friends or acquaintances addresses nor phone numbers here.  I will always give you a web site for the birds when I call.

Thank you, Bahama Nana, for the information.

Thank you, others, even the one who signed "like you couldn't look it up for yourself", which was rather ungracious, and I could have lived without that, but thank you, anyway.
Why does someone keep saying Larry didn't pay the two women attorneys?  They said themselves that he paid them promptly and was a total gentleman.


2646 days ago


Another thing that bothers me is how did Howard get Daniels pants and flush the pills in front of Shelley was that a ploy also ?

2646 days ago

Westerly RI    

I was on the way to Cranston when the storm hit! Yikes

2646 days ago


kerry - they only had one date - once....was not a big deal. they are trying to make it a big deal.

2646 days ago


i felt like it... (nothing dramatic just added an !) you like it?

2646 days ago

get a new hobby    

Faye, don't do it....Everyone who's been paying attention knows what state you live in.

Suzanne! Shame on you for baiting her!

There are crazies everywhere. Faye doesn't need them on her doorstep!

2646 days ago


Mrs. Virgie Arthur put herself in the media spotlight, thus leaving her open to public criticism. And boy oh boy, there is LOTS to criticize!

Posted at 5:06PM on Jun 26th 2007 by ahem

That is LAUGHABLE!!! VIRGIE put herself in the media spotlight?? WHO taught her to do that??? I think the King and Queen of media most likely. To say that about Virgie~~~or ANYONE~~~in comparison to STern and Anna is hysterical LOL

2621 days ago

just me    

Westerly where were you when the storm hit? What city?

2646 days ago


Why did the paramedics work on her because she was someone of status ? I do not understand why the coroner was not brought to the hotel ?

2646 days ago


21774. Revisions might be time stamped but what about 'deletions'?!! Might there have been incriminating evidence towards the Shelley/Thompson crew, video, photos or emails?
You can delete, (the data is still there although written over) some stuff might not be retrievable, being overwritten several times.

Why does no one question the actions of Shelley/Thompson crew? Is it because they are rich/powerful. Money buys alot. Since these people were introduced into the lives of Anna and Stern there has been nothing but disaster!

I dont believe a word of what that PI told the media, at first it was Daniel didnt like people Anna was 'associating with' then after her death it turned into 'Stern'!

Posted at 1:49AM on Jun 26th 2007 by Lynda
I read the same thing and wondered why the change after o'quin got to him IMO

Posted at 6:11PM on Jun 26th 2007 by norman gilliat

You two are way too funny! The PI had no reason to lie or change his story!He said Daniel told him he felt Stern was giving his Mom mind-altering drugs, which he did! After Daniel talked to the PI he dies. Anna accuses Howard of killing her son and then she dies........... You should leave well enough alone and quit your foolishness. You just keep opening up more cans of whoopa.. on yourselves!! OQuinn did not put the card in Daniels wallet.

2621 days ago

No $perm $tern    

Posted at 7:49PM on Jun 1st 2007 by Oh Really!!

I naively write: If it is factual that LB is/was here today, I do earnestly hope that he wheels that little baby carriage as fast as humanly possible in the opposite direction of his new-found-friend(s).

~ that the negative publicity garnered by associating with certain people will continue to plummet his fair-haired ratings; that his meteoric rise can be just as quickly distinguished

~ that the public is a very forgiving crowd, if one just does the right thing

~ that it takes time to decompress - sort through sincerity and insincerity - and to extracate oneself from less-than-honest overtures and motives

~ that there are those out there who have a dubious penchant for wanting to control him and his baby's life -- and it sure as hell isn't because he's a great guy or the baby is cute or sorely missed

~ forget about chasing an ethereal windfall, and a larger one will fall in his lap

~ stay as close to TRUSTED family and friends as logistically possible

~ previous opponents are just that -- opponents; they aren't going to change, just their tactics

2646 days ago

Westerly RI    

Actually I was in Lincoln, No Prov area going to Cranston.

2646 days ago


How come I just got the thunder and lighting how bad was it ?

2646 days ago

get a new hobby    


Paramedics, when called have an obligation to attempt resuscitation efforts no matter what.

The fact that the drug that they administered to her in case of overdose was found in her blood stream, meaning that her body processed that drug enough for it to be found there.

That is the reason the ME was certain that she had not been dead for hours, as some assumed.

Her body had not shut down yet, probably due to the CPR that was used.

You can look it up in the death report on the smoking if you need the name of the drug and what was said about it.

2646 days ago
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