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Brad Pitt: Mr. Mom

5/16/2007 1:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While Angelina Jolie was out bringing home the bacon, Hollywood hunk turned suburban soccer dad Brad Pitt brought home kiddies Zahara and Pax from school in Prague on Tuesday. Daddy day care!
Brad Pitt
Pitt has been quite the stay-at-home dad -- and a fixture on the school grounds -- while Angie films her new thriller "Wanted" in the Czech capital.

With his new role as happy homemaker, Brad's gone from a Greek god ... to domestic goddess! Desperate househusband!


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I hope to see Pax smiling some day. He still appears a little shell-shocked.

2719 days ago


such a beautiful family!!!

more pix of it

2719 days ago


Why keep calling it "school" ? Call it what it is DAYCARE ! The kids are too young for school, and calling DAYCARE "school" demeans what school is all about!

2719 days ago


Us Weekly reports the situation hit critical mass when a paparazzo was able to bypass the elaborate security measures at their three-story rented house and snap a photo of Angelina bathing the kids (no word on whether Shiloh, 1, Zahara, 2, Pax, 3, or Maddox, 5, was getting the scrubbing).

“She was livid,” an insider tells the mag. “Angelina felt so sick and so violated, she was shouting and crying and shaking.”

Pitt, adds the source, “spent all night comforting her.”


Ha ha ha!!!!!!!! Sucka!! That’s what you get for stealing a married man, you adulterous *****. And wait, Karma’s got some more in store for you.

2719 days ago


There are so many haters on here. If they weren't happy, you would know it by now. leave them alone. How many hollywood couples take so much time with their children. Brad Pitt is so fine and just seems like a nice person. He loves children and of course Angelina. If they were hanging out every day and going to clubs you could have something to say. Leave them alone. Let them make it. Jennifer is out of the picture. She lost out. She thought she was to cute to lose Brad. Who couldn't keep that other one she had. He was some ugly guy. No one is going to compare with Brad. She will never be happy again and it's her own fault. The children are so cute. Let them be happy

2719 days ago


He doesn't look too happy. I can't blame him.

2719 days ago

Mary T.    

Guess we know who wears the pants in this family...Do you miss the beautiful Jennifer............???? What country is next ...will it be another boy or girl????

2719 days ago


Wow, there is a lot of negativity going on here. I think it's nice. I really hope that everything goes well for Brad and Angelina and their adorable kids. Does it really matter where they were adopted from, so long as they were adopted? And so what if they put their kids in daycare and have nannies, all rich people do. At least one of them is there to go and pick them up, which is more than a lot of them do. Besides, I am sure those kids would take daycare over what their life could have been like had they stayed in their native countries, without a family. And lastly, Brad is over 40, maybe this is truly a more favorable option for him than living the movie star life. No matter what, all lifestyles need a change after so long.

2719 days ago

Gossip Hog    

Pitt seems whipped. That AJ's Pu$$y must be gold!

2719 days ago


My parents had 8 children, my mother ill more often than not, my father holding a full-time job AND doing most of the housework, plus the meals. He gave us our bath, went to meet our teachers, did everything while my mother was in bed most of the time. He enjoyed every second of it, he adored us. Once a week an older woman would come to wash and iron, that was the only help he got. If my father could do it, Brad Pitt certainly can with all that money, youth and energy. All of you bleeding hearts who cannot stand to see a man take care of his children should realize that this is the 21st century, times are changing and I approve of men doing their share. O.K. ?

2719 days ago

US/STAR Lies    

#50, You are so totally wrong. Brad legally adopted both Maddox and Zahara last year (2006), and has begun the process to adopt Pax. That is the truth. You must really have a problem with Brad Pitt being the legal loving father of nonwhite kids. That has to be the only logical explanation for you to say that Brad is not these kids legal father, with rights equal to those of Angelina, their legal mother. Brad is a good man and a great hands on caring father of three soon to be four kids. He clearly loves all these kids and they love him. He has the family he has always wanted.

2719 days ago

sue smith    


2719 days ago


Paks looks very confused....Wonder why??

2719 days ago


those kids are just 'THINGS". like little puppies. notice they all have odd names, then their nicknames are weird: "Z", "SHI", "MAD", "PAX". it is like, "What should we name the new puppy?" ANYTHING FOR ATTENTION!
if she doesn't want attention and photographers following her around, why doesn't she try to be a little NORMAL? the more eccentric she is, the more attention she draws to herself.
so, she has a photographer climbing walls to take pictures, and she loses it. what does she expect? a family made of kids from everywhere, put together like a sloppy dinner, and she wonders why people are intrigued???????????????? GIVE ME A BREAK.

2719 days ago


If he looks unhappy it's probably because there's yet another camera in his face. I love this family. Mom and Dad both want lots of kids. They are achieving their goal. Why is being a good father now being called "pussy whipped"? If they are adopting from other countries, here's a memo to all of you: My husband and I (Americans) have waited 20 years to adopt children from the USA. It ain't all that easy. If it was easy for you, more power to you. Just this sad couple's story. Please don't bash me for telling the truth that happened to me.

2719 days ago
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