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Paris Drops Appeal

5/17/2007 3:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonUPDATE: Paris' lawyer has now officially filed a document with the court, abandoning her appeal of the sentence. Documents to follow shortly.

Courthouse sources tell TMZ that Paris Hilton has officially decided to drop her probation violation appeal.

We're told Hilton's lawyer had planned to file an appeal at 1:30 PM today in Judge Michael Sauer's courtroom. Sauer is the one who sentenced Hilton to 45 days in jail.

But we're told this morning, celeb attorney Richard Hutton had one of his peeps phone the court and say nevermind.

What's behind all this? Yesterday, Hutton met with Paris and informed her that the Sheriff has agreed to reduce the amount of time she'll have to serve to 23 days. The Sheriff has also agreed to put her in a celebrity cell, away from the general population.

Apparently, Paris feels her lawyer has gotten her the best break she can possibly get. So the intended appeal will not materialize and Paris will do the time.


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Since when can a SHERIFF have the authority to reduce a sentence that a Judge has ordered?????????

2626 days ago


Saw this coming. And she wants to be treated like everyone else? Why? We would all be going to jail. Her sentence should not have been reduced and she
should not be given special treatment. She is not a STAR. Only in her own
I will never stay at a Hilton Hotel or buy any thing she has anything to do with. She is a disgrace and if I were her parents, I would be completely embarrassed by her behavior. This does not say much for them as parents.

And even less about our legal system.

2626 days ago


Good behavor???? what because she hasn't been caught in how many days??? what an outrage.....

2626 days ago


All I can really say is at least she is still getting some time and 23 days may not seem that bad until the door slams & you begin that countdown. At least there is still "some" punishment.

2626 days ago


Couldn't the Sheriff wait until she had been in jail a week before this. I have never heard of a Sheriff making this sort of a decision before he took custody of a prisoner. Hope the Judge is good and mad.

2626 days ago

the voice of experience    

I have an idea!!!! Why don't they let some ordinary person out of the overcrowded jail so Paris can serve her full sentence?

2626 days ago

tooth fairy    

We should all write to Networks and demand them to take "Simple Life" off air.

It's annoying to see these crappy shows taking all the airtime.

2626 days ago


I'm sure EVERYONE gets their sentence reduced BEFORE heading to jail and also gets put in a NICE jail instead of a regular jail. Does she really believe she is more deserving of special treatment just because she has blond hair and blue eyes???? oh wait a minute.....her hair isn't really blond and her eyes aren't really blue. Probably the real reason she isn't serving time with the real people is because she is a spoiled, overely pampered, ill mannered, drug seeking, diseased waste of human life and the po po don't want her corrupting the other inmates!

2626 days ago

just me    

This is statutory awarded good time the Sheriff's Department is computing. LA County has a complicated formula for awarding good time, adjusted accordingly by seriousness of the offense and by recidivism, and I doubt that a "special formula" has been applied to the sentence of Paris Hilton. Statutory good time is legislated and enacted by elected officials and as such it is applied equally to everyone and computed into the sentence for the purpose of determining minimum and maximum release dates. But any portion of statutory good time can be revoked by disciplinary action and it is not a credit that is actually earned, nor is it a credit that is awarded by a "special formula" for special people. An inmate only needs to stay out of trouble and obey the rules to avoid forfeiture of statutory good time. Meritorious good time is a good time credit that is earned, usually on inmate trustee work details, and once earned it cannot be revoked by a disciplinary action. I don't understand why people are so surprised that Paris Hilton may only serve 1/2 of her sentence. You can be sure that the judge who sentenced her was aware of that and gave it careful thought. That she will likely serve only 1/2 of the 45 days was on his mind when he sentenced her and if it was his intention that she be jailed for 45 days he would have sentenced her to 90 days.

2626 days ago


This case from the begininng has been all for the Media. And, whoever the Sheriff is, should lose his job. The good thing that has been expose, is how the money that we spend on the Hilton Properties are being spent. I will now alert my co-workers, family and friends to Boycott Hilton Properties. Hit them in the pockets.................

2626 days ago


The concept of a 'celebrity cell' is such crap. Where is the deterant for celebrities to break the law? Paris knew she was a celebrity when she broke the law and sometimes the consequence for breaking the law is jail time. She should be put in with the general population just like any other person. I am so sick so of celebrities getting special treatment and being above the law. This needs to end. Paris drove a car while under the influence, endangering people's lives and then continued to drive on a suspended licence repeatedly. Shame on her and shame on our "justice" system!

2626 days ago

The Big D    

It's about time this dumb blonde has it coming. I am so sick of these spoiled rich children who contribute nothing to society getting away with almost anything.
She should serve the full sentence and shut up about it.

2626 days ago



2626 days ago


Hangin' judge (No. 27), the judge is the one who sentenced her to 45 days, not me. And you're damn right that I'm bitter about the fact that a hotel heiress gets better treatment than you or I would, although since you're clearly a big fan of Paris Hilton common sense won't really mean much to you. I'm sorry that you're blinded by celebrity, but I'm not.

Are you wearing your "Free Paris" sandwich board and t-shirt now, or waiting for the weekend for maximum impact?

2626 days ago

I call bullshit    

Lets look on the bright side- PARIS IS GOING TO JAIL. She is not getting off scott free.

2626 days ago
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