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"CSI" Star -- Sore LOSER!

5/18/2007 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Dourdan is apparently still pretty pissed off that we caught his embarrassing rejection from Parc nightclub on tape last month.

Dourdan was spotted last night outside of Teddy's at the Roosevelt Hotel, when the "CSI" investigator suddenly went ballistic on TMZ's camera, rushing down the front steps of the place to bitch slap the lens! Ow!

At least he doesn't hold a grudge.


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Boss Ladi    

I'm a CSI and a Gary Dourdan Fan love seeing no matter what mode he's in. You look GREAT BABY I like him with an attitude!!!

2659 days ago


so he didn't not want to get filmed, big deal? he spent everyday on camera it's normal that he wants privacy....and i certainly not going to stop watching CSI just cause of that plz it's supid he has the right to do it....u larimar --->>> just jeulous....

2621 days ago


Sore LOSER? LOSER is right!

2684 days ago

Brit Ate Paris    

The rumor out here in LA is this guy frequents the Gay clubs quite a bit looking for some, well you know.

2684 days ago


Saw Amy Sedaris and Tom Freston the other night at Teddy's, looked like co-conspirators. Plotting a new Comedy Central style cable series? There has been some discussion of creating a new sitcom combining "Cheers" and "Heroes" -- to be called "Beer Heroes."

2684 days ago


Serena, I think Amy Sedaris is looking to do more of a variety show or a cooking show, rather than get back into a sitcom. What Tom Freston is up to is anyone's guess, now that he has been fired from Viacom. I heard he might be headed to Dualstar to head their film division. The Olsen Twins have $300 million in the bank and are getting bored with doing nothing.

2684 days ago


"Beer Heroes" sounds to me a lot like "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," the smash hit on the FX Network owned by Fox. I doubt Tom Freston and Amy Sedaris would rip off the FX Network. But then, people will do strange things for money.

2684 days ago

Mary T.    

Best show on TV...TMZ...Leave this guy alone......This site digs for garbage and doesn't care what they say or who it affects...............

2684 days ago

Sean Bresnahan    

He looked like a homeless man. No wonder they are not letting him into these posh watering holes. A clean shave can do wonders, my friend. He also appears volatile and ill-mannered. Rude. No. I, too, would refuse him entry.

2684 days ago

who cares?    

me too prince romanoff

2684 days ago


It amazes me that TMZ must have a full time employee standing outside this night club to see who gets rejected. I'm more interested in seeing a picture of this loser who would accept a job like this.

2684 days ago

concerned citizen    

Can someone please tell me who this guy is? I've never heard of him.

2684 days ago


I agree with Troller. I think he is great, adorable, who care who don't get into somewhere, even TMZ has to pick a fight somewhere, musta been a slow news night. Parisite is to busy off crying her eyes out for TMZ to cover that one, now thats a funny story!!!! LEAVE GARY ALONE! LOL

2684 days ago


lol! Hilarious, TMZ: "At least he doesn't hold a grudge." I love that! You all are too funny sometimes.

2684 days ago

Vivian Chapman    

You know the dude with his hand over the camera..most likely always wanted to be famous he is cope..if the camera wasn't there taking your picture ..we your public wouldn't get to see you then we would loose interest in you..I used to like your character..but I'll never watch that CSI show again..'cause you are UNGRATEFUL for all the good fortune that has come your way...

2683 days ago

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