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Britney Plane Brat

5/20/2007 4:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsHer hair may be growing back, but that didn't stop Britney Spears from wigging out Friday night on a flight from L.A. to Miami. Page Six reports that the shorn singer flipped out when her United Airlines jet didn't have the fine leather seats she wanted. Spears' fellow passenger Tony Sanchez reported that Spears freaked, saying, "I don't want to fly on this plane. It hasn't got leather seats," and demanded that the crew let her disembark just minutes before takeoff. The captain eventually relented, and allowed the pop tart off the plane, much to the annoyance of other waiting passengers.

DiCaprio Has Bad Case of Gas--Grrrrr!

Leonardo DiCaprioDo as Leo DiCaprio says, not as he does. Even though Leo prides himself on his eco-savviness, the "Titanic" star admits he can be a titanic resource waster. The Daily News reports that he was recently riled when a reporter at a Cannes screening of his eco-documentary "The 11th Hour" confronted the star on his gas-guzzling travel habits. When asked whether he took a private jet from New York to the French Riviera, a visibly annoyed DiCaprio snapped, "No, I took a train across the Atlantic," before adding, "I try to travel commercial as much as I can."

Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuoco: We're Dating

Infamous Long Island Lolita Amy Fisher and Joey "Zooba's" Buttafuoco really are a romance for the record books. Fifteen years ago, a jealous 17-year-old Fisher shot Buttafuoco's then-wife Mary Jo in the head. As a result, Fisher spent seven years in prison, and spawned countless bad made-for-tv movies. Buttafuoco and Mary Jo later divorced, and he remarried, and Fisher, after doing time, also married, and had two children. But now both she and Joey are going through divorces, and "The Insider" reports, they are finding comfort in each other's Long Island arms.

The couple's courtship may even end up as a reality TV show, and Buttafuoco swears it's not about the money. Entirely. "I don't need the money," he declared. "I'm really OK emotionally, physically and financially. But if the money comes along with the reality show that they're talking about, fine. I think we'll have an incredible show. It will be a wild show."

Time really does heal all wounds, and many heels wind up on reality shows.

Criss Angel and Cameron Together Again...Fergie vs. Fergie...Kenny Smiths NBA Comedy...

Criss Angel really must have Cameron Diaz under his mind-freaky spell. The sun-kissed star and the gothy magician were spotted together in Las Vegas for the second week in a row. The opposites-attract pair dined at Social House on Friday night, and then canoodled in PURE Nightclub's VIP section. ... Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, meet Fergie, Black Eyed Pea earlier this week when Fergie performed at Ferguson's foundation benefit. When asked who would win in a fight, the duchess said, "Oh, she would, absolutely. I wouldn't get into the ring. It's time to let another, younger, model take over." ... NBA player Kenny Smith told that he's producing a new TBS comedy with Jamie Foxx about an NBA player who's forced to live at home with his family.


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Amy and Butterfucco...great pair. Why didn't they just run off and get married and leave Mrs. Butterfucco in one piece. I cannot stand either one of them..He is so washed up and she is soooo nothing, do we deserve such trash in our e-mails. Veronica

2678 days ago


we have reached an all time low in our society to grace the pages with this sordid pair. are they putting us on to make money or are these two really as slimy as I thought they were. disgusting. Candy

2678 days ago


Amy and Joey dating?! That's really funny! They are absolutely perfect for each other. To suggest otherwise would be what?.....criminal?! Maybe they'll have Phil Specter, Tonya Harding, Paris Hilton, OJ, and Robert Blake on their reality show....LOL.....

2712 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

Buttafuoco and Fisher.?!!......Ladies and Gentelmen, "We now have icing on the cake".....
Nothing, not Spear's, Smith&Stern, Hilton, etc.......can top this. "If it's true!!!.....................

2712 days ago

jProud American Author    

Oh people PLEASE. When will we stop making heros out of losers. Amy had an intent to kill someone...Joey is a thug and manipulator. There 15 minutes of fame is over. Let us move on to real people and celeb that are interesting. Please don't watch this stupid show. What were they thinking!

2712 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

.......#3.....................Are we suppose to read your books?!!......Of what "Faith" are you?........

2712 days ago

No tic tac needed    

Brittney Spears should have been let off the plane while it was in flight. I am so sick of hearing about her petty life. I wish she would realize how unimportant she is to this world and go away. Brittney,Wake up girl, Your man hates you, Your Mom hates you, Your kids hate you and thanks to all your selfish plays for attention your fans now hate you. Take my advice and lay low for 10 or so years and maybe if you try to make a comeback someone will care.

2712 days ago

SAY WHAT???    

As long as Leo TRIES to try commercial when he CAN! I just have to laugh in disgust whenever I hear these reachy a-holes tell us to sacrifice when they don't. Let's see... I drive a Prius... sometimes so that and "buying credits" for my unbelievable gulping of gas plus my lecturing others to do as I say and not as I do makes me the PERFECT sokesman for this ridiculous, money making hoax.

I LOVE how he got snarky when called on it.


2712 days ago

Lenn K.    

You know this world is just about over. Joey and Amy on a date? For the love of GOD, please tell this really isn't true. But if it is his poor ex-wife has got to be laughing her ass off. She jettisoned this loser and finally got a chance to see he was behind the shooting. Britney, you are a pain in the ass and your career is really over, the problem is you don't know and the public doesn't care about it. They only want you to walk around with no panties on or cut your hair off or get drunk and throwup on yourself. As far as your music it's no where. Grow the hell up and take care of your kids!!!

2712 days ago


Criss Angel has lost me as a lusting fan if he's been canoodling with frog face! She probably has fly breath. BLEH!

2712 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

Betcha if Amy and Joey go the reality show route it'll be a smash hit. (Sadly)

Guess the rumors Joey hated his kids was true.

2712 days ago

big fat, bald white guy who loves everyone except Paris    

Leo you stand out as a bright light in a sea of darkness that consist of confused youth in the lime light . I see you as one of the few younger actors who appears to know and understand, "to those who are given a lot, much is expected." So much meaning in those words, I think it was firsted coined by John F. Kennedy. My man, you walk the walk and talk the talk. As so many in your line of work walk toward the darkness, you walk toward the light. Good work my man.

2712 days ago

my opinion    

Since Britney pulled this stunt she should be banned from commercial airline transportation world wide. If she wants to travel then she can hire or buy a private jet decorated to her specifications. The woman or I should say the girl is crazy as a loon. Anyone else would be black listed from future flights that all of we peons use.

2712 days ago


So, Americans are supposed to BUY INTO the fact that Amy and Joey Buttface are an item?

YEAH...... OKAY...... RIGHT!!!!


2712 days ago


The FAA should charge Britney with interference of a flight crew and see how that rehabilitates her.

2712 days ago
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