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Wacko Jacko's Auction Drama

5/20/2007 4:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

More than 20,000 of Michael Jackson's belongings will be auctioned off at the end of this month, including some of his bizarre sex toys and paintings of nude young boys.

Richard Altomare purchased the King of Pop's collection of oddities from a former Jackson business partner. He was planning on withholding the truly naughty stuff from the auction house, but then Jackson got a temporary restraining order and Altomare threatened to offer them up. After Page Six ran a story on the collection, and the weird array of sex paraphernalia included, it seems Jackson's camp had a change of heart.

Jackson dropped the restraining order and is now allowing Altmare to go ahead with the auction as planned. In exchange, Jacko will get to take 20 items from the auction first, probably the dirty goods. "Mr. Jackson is satisfied with the negotiated settlement," said his spokesperson.


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I think we make to big of a deal out of protecting our childern. Life is not enjoyable anymore, we think everyones going to rape our childern. We call everyone that has any intrust in kids a pedofile. The programs I remember as a child are not there anymore. They where taken away by parents afraid of pedophiles. A coach cant touch a guy on the back or hug him anymore without being fired from his job. I dont like the way this country is ran, kids cant be kids anymore. There are worse things in this world than having your privets touched by a person. We focus on this to much, I dont think Micheal did anything. Micheal did a million good things for people and kids before all this came to light. We only remember the bad but we always forget the good. I was raped as a child, yes it was hurtful but it wasnt the worst thing thats happened to me in my life. It didnt mess me up beyound beleaf. He didnt touch those kids but even if he did whats the big deal. Hell when I was a boy I wanted sex anyway I could get it as most of you did to to a point. The point is this isnt the worse thing in the world. In greek times it was very comon to sleep with younger boys, also in japanese history it was. Only with bible swinging crazys did it become so wrong. I am not saying it ok to rape kids, I am say worse things can happen.

2700 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

...................Yawn, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........................

2712 days ago

ay ay ay    

AThe proceeds should go to that boy he molested and got away with molesting...

2712 days ago

Lenn K.    

You sit back and think about Michael Jackson and you remember when the change really started. Back around 1985, when the album (no cds yet) Thiller was released and Michael was kind of normal, he was the man with a little plastic surgery and really goood music. Fast forward to today, and this kook has gone broke, molested little boys, had kids that he hides under sheets, and has carved his face up to a point he looks like a different person add to that he cloroxed his skin to whiten it. For those of us who are old enough to remember back to 1968, when the Jackson 5 first started this is a total shame!!!

2712 days ago


I would like to see a list of the items going up for auction.

2712 days ago


Why is it when people are driving life by the horns they just crash it into a brick wall. (ie Britney, Michael, etc...)

2712 days ago


Who in the hell would want a sex toy from Michael Jackson??

2712 days ago

Frank T    

Curious, the list I'd like to see is of the 20 items he takes before the auction!

2712 days ago


Can you say GUILTY on all counts ? What does one need to do in CA to convict a slimy child rapist like him ? Shame on you all. But then you did not convict OJ either. CONGRATS.

2712 days ago


Just imagine how big you would have been today and how may great hits he would have accumulated - had his career continued to grow without any controversies

He could have attained Mythical status - similar to The Beatles and Elvis.

2712 days ago


Now why would someone who says that he is not a pedophile have pictures of young nude boys. Amazing what money and power can do eh. Just another case of the rich and famous getting away with anything they want. No one will ever convince me, for one, that he was innocent.

2712 days ago


This story is so boring I can't be bothered to comment on it.

GO AWAY michael.

2712 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

He has paintings of nude young boys? What a pervert; I guess all those complaints of child molestation are true. Why does the public put up with this disgusting child predator?

2712 days ago


TMZ, you failed to mention that not all the items that are up for auction are Michael's. They belong to the entire family and the pictures of nude boys you are talking about?? They belong to Tito. They are pictures of his 3 kids . . . when they were BABIES! But I guess if you told the ENTIRE story, it wouldn't be as juicy. And by the way, Michael Jackson IS on the same level as the Beatles and Elvis. People just refuse to give him the same respect.

2712 days ago


Katie - sorry to tell you but Michael Jackson is NOT in the same league as the Beatles and Elvis and never will be. Any level he might have attained was totally taken away with all of the 'weirdness' that surrounds him.

2712 days ago
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