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Britney Live (Sorta) at Mansion!

5/21/2007 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you don't have MTV and you want to see Britney Spears lip synch through one of her songs -- have no fear! TMZ has some video for you!

Britney "performed" at Mansion nightclub last night in Miami Beach, Fla., busting out some old and new moves while she "sang" for an enthusiastic crowd.

Milli Vanilli eat your heart out.


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I think it was The Globe tabloid that ran a story on Britney's acting coach for her part on 'Will & Grace' and she said Britney refused to do any studying. She thought it should all come 'naturally.'

The girl has no discipline.

I am not surprised whatsoever seeing that same attitude has now gone into her so-called singing & dancing!

2677 days ago


I thought she lost weight? What happened to the thinner body she had a couple weeks ago?

2677 days ago


Haaa! Spears, her "appeal", and "talent", have always been suspect. Now she's pushing 30 and still trying to look and behave like a teenager, - and, we ALL know just how pathetic that has ALWAYS been. Now, in her latest "live" mini-show, she was finally "outed" lip-synching. She was rightfully booed and oddly enough embarassed. Did she, and her few remaining "fans" REALLY think it wouldn't be true unless it was proven? Well, it has, and for everyone to see. If she continues to appeal to any but the most rediculous of "fans", then ALL their "taste" is in their mouths. She's rendered HERSELF to a comedic tragedy of who her image consultants made SOME believe she was. I'm not sure if she continues she'll destroy what little dignity may remain, - I'm not sure she has any left. She rode the teeny-bopper train and made her money, - it's time to fade away, - at least, semi-gracefully.

2677 days ago


This is beyond pitiful. I keep thinking that she'll wake up and get her life on track and she just doesn't. I think the girl may actually be mentally challenged or at the very least emotionally challenged. For God's sake Britney get a grip, take care of your kids, get some decent career advice and clean up your act before its too late.

2677 days ago


HAHAHAHA #82 - "Twit-ney"! That's great!

*still laughing*

Anyhoo, you have to admit, it's great PR to start a comeback tour in bars. Have you EVER been to a karaoke bar that would actually boo if somebody sounded terrible? Heck no - the worse the singer, the louder the cheers from the drunk people!! I haven't read a bad review from ANYBODY that said they went to the "concert" - they all say she was great - but they don't say how much they drank! But then, of course she sounds good - it's her voice from years ago. How many cigarettes has she smoked since then? No wonder she's lip-synching...

2677 days ago


after all she's done, don't think any guy would ever want to go near this white trash again.

2677 days ago

tuna marie    

she is half lit all the time, that is why she thinks she is doing a good show, she is high and drunk most of the time, on a miami blog it said she was doing shots of booze and went to the bathroom 80 times, to do what, blow? she is an addict, end of story.

2677 days ago


I wonder how much Britney's marketing people paid for the "Smokin' Hot Britney" ad running here on the TMZ Featured Gallery window on the right margin? That's the "art" of marketing, - saying it often and loud can make SOME believe it's true, regardless of the actual truth. I think it may be the same one's that P. T. Barnum said were born every minute.

2677 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

I do not get WHY people are going see this trainwreck no talent sorry and deeply troubled girl lip sync, open and close her legs in a chair and shake her hips. That is all she does and those are some old moves that everybody has used , including her, many times before. You can go to an big city strip club and see that same thing dance routine, but better with talented people., well as far as strippers go.

2677 days ago


Hey is running a video clip about this little redneck junkie slut being BOO'd in Orlando for lip syncing. Seems the CD skipped 5 times during her 'performance'. You have to be a moron to pay $125 to see her for 15 minutes even if she was REALLY singing. So she got BOO'd BAD...Serves her right!

2677 days ago


God she looks like my Uncle Henry in drag! At least he has a nice voice and not much of a belly. She has some nerve thinking she can book herself into a club to try and entertain people. What type of people would pay for that sort of entertainment? It's thunder thighs meet the chubettes...all singing out of synch with some background noise. I swear the audience looked like the parents at my son's elementary school watching the recital for The Dancing Twinkies!

2677 days ago


Umm Like what tha f, ya'll this heres Britteny like ya for sure ya'll knew i've been lip syncing ya'll what act like ya'll all surprised, geezz ya'll I havent sang live haha geez ya'll like wow ya'll I say umm hmm ya'll its been way before I married Kevin ya'll, god gave me gift to dance ya'll peace love ya'll - Brittney : )

2677 days ago


That was seriously awful. Stiff, jerky, 3rd grade.
When is someone going to convince her to stop? She's really really bad.

2677 days ago

how sad    

That video was pathetic. I know everyone has been posting the same thing,
but no other words truly describe this train wreck.

Britney was obviously too young to have kids, as she doesn't really want to stay
home and enjoy them. Demi and Julia Roberts moved out of hollywood to focus
on their children and to have a private life. Britney will forever love the spotlight...
it's all she knows. I feel sorry for her. How very sad.

2677 days ago

fame ho    

USELESS whore ..slut..tramp....loser....
Hope her kids are adopted soon by aliens....could be better off on skid row LA....

2677 days ago
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