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Is That Tom Cruise Playing Scientology's Pit Bull?

5/21/2007 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comIt sure looks like him, he's got the hair, that same faux-robotic candor, and we all know how Mr. Cruise just loves to get up in people's faces about Scientology. But is it actually him?

In the new BBC documentary "Scientology and Me," reporter John Sweeney is repeatedly tailed -- and badgered -- by a Scientology bigshot who bears a shocking resemblance to the "Mission: Impossible" star. (Sweeney was caught on tape last week screaming at this same Church operative.)

So is it really Tom Cruise? Watch and decide -- and then find out the surprising truth after the jump.

Well, his name is Tom, but it ain't Cruise, although this guy is reportedly a very close friend of Cruise's. The Scientology attack dog is Tom Davis, the head of the Church's L.A. celebrity center, and the son of actress Anne Archer ("Fatal Attraction"), also a vocal Scientologist.

Davis was a guest at Cruise's wedding, and is among the most influential officials in the Church.

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What really gets to me is: Who, in his right mind, would be so deep into a so-called religion that was the result of a $50.00 bar bet that one of the bettors could come up with something really off the wall, and still get it tax-exempt status as a religion??? Maybe some of the ideas are worthwhile as a philosophy of life, but a religion - Give me a f__king break! Any 'religion' that lures people in with 'secrets' that will be divulged only after they have gone through a certain period of training/donation, is the very definition of CULT.

2695 days ago


right wing fundies work to maintain your sanity.
Without us ... the world is LOST

2634 days ago


I am a total believer in Scientology, I married an ordained minister in the church of Scientology, That is the same age difference as Tom is to Kate, and we were married 1 week from the date Tom and Kate were married This by the way was 4 years before they got married. (oh and yes they are the tomcat, this is so true.) I totally feel what they are going through in there happiness with each other. I wish the world would just leave them alone.

2690 days ago


When I wrote this I didn't expect a response, but thank you for showing me that video Raquel. I can understand your point of view, but I can tell that it is a personal reason for your dislike of Scientologist. I had a hard time and still am , but I can't criticize the church because I learned good things there. I let go of the negativity and enjoy the positive things. Every religion has it's dark side but thats only because individual people choose wrong. It's not the religion that is messed up.

2686 days ago


If I were Katie, I'd put a gun to my head and end it all or better still, point it at Tom and pull the trigger. The creep cannot stop pawing her. Just disgusting ! Sends shivers up my spine. And this happens ALL the time. How can she put up with this sicko? To top all that, he is into this wierd scientology thingy. The things people will put up with for money !!! But, I guess, the revolt is just around the corner. The smile on Katie's face, these days, does not reach her eyes. Dump the creep and get a life !

2686 days ago


Thanks "Disgusted in Clearwater". As with everything else Scientology is being dishonest in attempting to expand in the (formerly) beautiful city of Clearwater.

As for Addy, Other religions don't make you pay to learn what they believe. They don't attempt to control you and they don't attack people who examine their faith. Only Scientology does that. Here is a video of what they did to one critic at an airport:

Scientology held Lisa McPherson in the Ft. Harrison hotel for 17 days. She needed to be in a hospital and also needed to be seen by a mental health professional. What she got was emaciated and covered in cockroach bites. Oh, and left destitute after "giving" Scientology over $100,000. Scientology scammed Harriet Brown, an elderly widow, into taking out a second mortgage on her modest home to pay for "needed services". As if losing her husband wasn't enough thanks to Scientology she lost her house. Scientology convinced Jeremy Perkins mother to take her son off of his anti-psychotic medications, he stabbed her over 40 times, killing her. The list of victims goes on and on and on. Don't talk to me about persecution when Scientology destroys families, bankrupts and sometimes is at least indirectly responsible for people dying. You can worship a goat for all I care as long as people aren't being hurt. Stop playing the "i'm so persecuted, wah wah, poor me" role. You're not a victim, those who get sucked into your duplicitous cult are.

As for my religion, it's free, we help feed and clothe the poor, among other things. But then I belong to a religion, YOU belong to a criminal organization posing as a religion.

2707 days ago

Greg Robbins    

Sweeney was followed and videotaped because he was obviously creating a one sided documentary. You can see the expose at

2706 days ago

paul g sames    

I have compassion on Sweeney, even though he reacted badly to the scientologist, it must be remembered that he is dealing with a big time mind warping specialist. This Cruise look a like, has been trained in the arts of mental torment to those not sympathetic to the Hubbard doctrine----and he obviously succeeded in truly unsettling Sweeney

2681 days ago

Evil Ma /capgirl68    

omg!!! will it ever end.Why don't they all go to area 51 an stay there an when their ship arrives they can get on it an leave all the world alone .An one more thing why do they use the CROSS as their symbol???????WTF.An I get grief for being a Wiccian at least i believe in mother earth. If there was a hell they all should burn in it.As it seen tom doesn't even know the meaning of glib or how to use it in a sentence.


2703 days ago

Evil Ma /capgirl68    

raquel you seem so sweet an smart how has this group of crazys touched your life.I love everything youv'e had to say.My husband an i where at his grandmothers house after she died an she rented a room to one of those people.she seems so nice but then she hands me a piece of paper on how to greive an how i should clense my husband of his pain.mean while g-ma was upstairs in bed dead.Really I wanted to strangle her!! But since i am Wiccian I told her we do our own cleansing an that is crying she should do that show some real feelings not the ones some one told her to feel.As u can see still pisses me off.Anyway u get the picture. Capgirl68

2703 days ago


My good friend is Wiccan as well, one of my favorite people on the planet. What you've said doesn't surprise me at all, there is no level to which Scientology will not sink. Just be thankful they didn't scam your grandmother into signing her house over to them. It's been done before! My brother was in the cult for several years until he finally got out. (Or should I say fled?) He wasted thousands of dollars and was encouraged to "disconnect" from his family when we tried to warn him about the cult. They hounded him for months after he left and tried to say he still owed for "services". They are scary, dangerous people.

2702 days ago


To Greg: Sweeney was followed because you are part of a dangerous, paranoid cult. And you forgot to mention the video you linked is a product of Scientology. What? A Scientologist being less than honest? I'm SHOCKED!!!!!
Sorry Greg, just one more bit of bad publicity for $cientology. You really didn't need this right now, what with more people leaving your "church" every day. Here's a thought: When the cameras are rolling try REALLY hard not to act like a pack of schizophrenic nuts.

2702 days ago

Evil Ma /capgirl68    

raquel,i linked on the
Lisa McPherson site OMG OMG OMG!!!! .An then took a tour of down town Clearwater again OMG WTF .looks like an abandoned mind as well as town .how f -ing sad now i really want to stop them.the first thing i will do is get the woman i told u about out of g-ma's house we r selling it an i will sound the alarm in our family who not to sell to .plus they will see what i have thanks to the info i now have they all don't like her anyway.My husbands uncle trIed to date her an she took him with her to "church" an he said no way .Well enough of my ranting been mad since i saw Lisa last nite an Clearwater.By the way excuse the messy typing nubie keep up all you say an do

2702 days ago

Joanne Guzman    

It is a shame that this CULT is able to pass themselves off as a Religion. They do no teaching of the bible, talk about God, Jesus Christ (except to use His name in vain) When they stand before the Lord on Judgement Day and He tells them they are not welcome in Heaven and sent to Hell. They can have a reunion home coming with Mr. Hubbard and the rest of CULT. Sorry Katie that includes you.

2702 days ago


Cruise and Davis are total nut bags. Scientology is a cult, not a religion. It is full of ruthless handlers and minders that manipulate others. Now Cruise is high enough in this "church" to perform marriages! OMG! Davis is right off of the Mother Ship: if he isn't a cyborg robot, I am the Queen of Sheba! Eeeek!

2675 days ago
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