Is That Tom Cruise Playing Scientology's Pit Bull?

5/21/2007 4:20 PM PDT

Is That Tom Cruise Playing Scientology's Pit Bull?

It sure looks like him, he's got the hair, that same faux-robotic candor, and we all know how Mr. Cruise just loves to get up in people's faces about Scientology. But is it actually him?

In the new BBC documentary "Scientology and Me," reporter John Sweeney is repeatedly tailed -- and badgered -- by a Scientology bigshot who bears a shocking resemblance to the "Mission: Impossible" star. (Sweeney was caught on tape last week screaming at this same Church operative.)

So is it really Tom Cruise? Watch and decide -- and then find out the surprising truth after the jump.

Well, his name is Tom, but it ain't Cruise, although this guy is reportedly a very close friend of Cruise's. The Scientology attack dog is Tom Davis, the head of the Church's L.A. celebrity center, and the son of actress Anne Archer ("Fatal Attraction"), also a vocal Scientologist.

Davis was a guest at Cruise's wedding, and is among the most influential officials in the Church.