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Screw "Idol," Pick Hillary's Theme Song!

5/21/2007 4:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hillary ClintonDemocratic presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton is really interested in what the people of America think about the important issues: the war in Iraq, health care and ... her campaign theme song! Sing it, girl!

On the former First Lady's official website, Clintonites can choose from nine songs. The winner will be the New York Senator's presidential anthem. Don't stop thinking about tomorrow, Hills!

Tunes in the running include: "Get Ready" by the Temptations, "Right Here Right Now" by the ever-popular Jesus Jones (huh??), two U2 songs: "Beautiful Day" and "City of Blinding Lights," and most interestingly, Bush-bashing and Grammy-winning artists the Dixie Chicks with "Ready to Run." Holla!

Sadly, Mitch Ryder's "Devil With a Blue Dress" is not on the list.


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Allred Tree    

I CANNOT STAND HER and want to see her run ONLY to see her LOSE and make a complete fool out of herself.

Her voice and speeches are horrid; I always think of Adolf Hitler when I see her speak.

Of course Bill can't wait. Think of the fun he can have. Maybe he'll get back with Monica Lewinsky if he hasn't already, like Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuco!

2719 days ago


I am amazed that you have gotten this far Hillary, you refuse to answer questions that you do not like or cannot answer, you sit in the Senate with an angry look on your face, you despise and hate President Bush and it shows, you are a chamellion, you stand for nothing, have no solutions and on top of all that you will raise taxes if you can. Your national anthem should be flip-flop, flip, flop. Don't say anything then you cannot be held accountable.
Anyone reading this should get the book the FBI agent worte while he was in the white house trying to do security checks on all Clinton's cronies, cannot remember the name of the book but it will open your eyes as to who the Clintons really are.

2719 days ago


How 'bout....STAND BY YOUR MAN!

2719 days ago


How could anyone look at her for leadership when she can't even keep her husband from straying? To top it off, she doesn't even seem to care because without him, her power goes down to a big fat "ZERO". Shows her hunger for power overides any morality. Not to mention, she's one hell of a bitch!

2719 days ago


I voted for "Friends in Low Places - Garth Brooks

2719 days ago

AMC Fan    

'The Bitch is Back' is the first song that comes to my mind. I'd say that's appropriate.

2719 days ago



2719 days ago

paris whoooo?    

how about FIST CITY by Loretta Lynn

2719 days ago

paris whoooo?    

how about WHEN HE CHEATS by carrie underwood

2719 days ago

Lenn K.    

Can't wait for that socialize healthcare. Won't it be nice with close to 20 million illegal aliens and their familes who are mostly uneducated and dirt poor become citizen by stealing their way into this country. Her theme song" Whatever you want I got It". I hope she gets elected because you know the terrorist will leave us alone if we just be nice to them and surrender and come home. Remember during the Clinton Administration we were never attacked that what I keep hearing. It was Bush who stole the election I keep hearing and It's him why we should lose the war not the troops. Bush is worse than the terrorist so I keep hearing. Hillary will make everything alright!!! YEAH RIGHT!!!

2719 days ago


Hilary, Obama, Guiliani all suck. Vote Kucinich. There's a real candidate instead of all the hypocrites running for president.

2719 days ago


1. "Toys in the Attic," Aerosmith
2. "Stanglehold," Ted Nugent
3. "Something for Nothing," Rush

2719 days ago

Georgia Girl    

Doesn't matter what the theme song is. The important thing is that we restore some respect to the US after 8 years of Bush tyranny. It will take 75 years to recover from the last 8 years.

2719 days ago

Georgia Girl    

Yea! My first of many votes for Hillary!!

2719 days ago


The perfect song is "The Bitch is Back"

2719 days ago
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