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Elisabeth Blasts Rosie: I'm No Donald Trump!

5/23/2007 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The bitchfight between Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck officially went nuclear -- and we mean nuclear -- on this morning's "The View," and it's a miracle, frankly, that fists didn't fly.

As usual, Rosie and Elisabeth started in on one another on the topic of Iraq, but it quickly got personal when Rosie, clearly still miffed that Elisabeth hadn't defended her over the whole soldiers-as-terrorists fracas, demanded to know whether Hasselbeck really thought Rosie felt that U.S. soldiers were terrorists, "as my friend, since September." When Elisabeth didn't give her a yes-or-no answer, the verbal fisticuffs began in earnest. In fact, producers saw fit to go split-screen, just to amp up the volume.

Name-calling ensued, with Rosie calling Elisabeth "cowardly," and Elisabeth spitting back at Ro that she's not "poor little Elisabeth," even smacking down guest co-host Sherri Shepherd's suggestion that she chill for the sake of her unborn child, saying, "The baby's FINE."

Joy Behar -- not at all wisecracking and with not inconsiderable exasperation -- asked, "Who's directing this show?! We need a commercial break! What is this, PBS?"


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Beyonce sucks    

If Rosie sounds like an Idiot, then so does Elizatwit. She asked her a simple yes or no question and she couldn't answer it. If she felt that way she should of just said yes instead of dancing around it. Rosie's right, she is a COWARD!

2649 days ago

Laura Priest    

Rosie is a person with NO self esteem, thats why she attacks anyone that has it.

2649 days ago


Why someone like Don Imus is immediately fired for saying something offensive and Rosie just keeps on offending everyone and is not immediately kicked off the show is a mystery to me. She is a total traitor to this country not to mention offensive even to her costars on the show. What is it that keeps her around this long?

2649 days ago



2649 days ago


Rosie was acting like a spoiled brat. In this case, Elisabeth was right. Rosie never explained or retracted what she meant by her earlier comment. The only way to interpret it is that Rosie was implying our troops were terrorists.

Rosie is an idiot. I'll be so glad when she's off the show.

2649 days ago


Elisabeth is a clone. Whatever the right wing hype for the day is she latches on and tries to defend it. I actually think Rosie did well today. E is the one who couldn't keep her composure. Must be the pregnancy hormones making her that angry. I agree with Joy who actually stArted the whole thing.,.Impeach that son of a Bush!

2649 days ago


I thought not all blondes were dumb and retarded guess I was so wrong!!!!!!!!!!

2649 days ago


Good for you Elisabeth. Don't let that "person" get the better of you. But please, don't jeopardize that precious life that you are carrying.

2649 days ago


Rosie looked like her head might explode. She was hysterical. I don't think she slept last night. She can't hold a debate with any intelligence. I think Rosie should leave today for her own health!

2649 days ago


Good for you Elizabeth! It's about time you finally fought back!! Rosie is just like everyone on the hard left, if you disagree with their point of view, you'd better just shut up, and then you get labeled as being stupid and wrong! Good for you Elizabeth!!! Way to stand up for yourself without sinking to Rosie's pathetic level!!!

2649 days ago


Elisabeth never answered Rosie's question!! She has her nose so far up Bushes butt she can't think straight!! Go ROSIE!!!!

2649 days ago


For once I'm with Rosie. Elizabeth is an idiot who has so called conservative views that don't ever make sense. All she does is repeat what she hears from conservative, Republican politicians and commentators but doesn't have a clue what the comments mean. She actually thinks George W Bush is a great guy and is great for this county. She actually said this. She's like a dumb, bimbo puppet. Instead of Rosie walking off get rid of Elizabeth. She's useless and a waste of chair space.

2649 days ago


Rosie should keep her fat mouth shut, she has ruined that show, and sadly, she'll end up with her own show that she'll ruin as well. Good for Elizabeth for standing her ground, too bad Babwa never does!! Just go away Rosie, have another doughnut you Fat Pig!!!

2649 days ago


RO - STHU!!!!!!

2649 days ago


I loved Elisabeth on "Survivor" but she annoys the hell outta me on "The View". Of course, Rosie does too. Elisabeth can hold her own but she'll always end up looking like a crybaby. I think its at the point now where Rosie is deliberatley trying to screw things up and I love it.

2649 days ago
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