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Jacko Gets Male Escort in London

5/23/2007 2:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Buttoned down in a blue pinstriped shirt, and wearing his signature black floodpants, Michael Jackson maneuvered his way through London's Heathrow airport yesterday with the help of an armed, four-man security team. Jacko doesn't do anything without protection.

The lipstick-wearing enigma is reportedly in Britain to attend the 25th birthday party of Brunei's Prince Azim and reportedly earn $10 mil for the appearance.

Peter Pan's got to scrape up the cash to fix up the Liza wig and 1982 RayBan collection!


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Damn, I used to love Michael Jackson but now I really hate him. He's like the lowest of the low now after what he's been doing all these years...Look at him he's GROSS inside and out.

He molested a kid with CANCER and he's paraded in the streets?! SICK!

2663 days ago


DESPERATE DANS BOYFREIND.................YOUR GROSS DAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2679 days ago


10 million dollars to have a pedophile at your birthday party....... a shame, when there are children starving in this world.........I guess thats the only gigs this creepy monster can get,,,from stupid people like that prince aziz......gawd bahrain should have just kept this child molesting freak

2679 days ago


MJ is a child molester, and everyone knows it.

Why would anyone pay him to show up anywhere? I'd pay him NOT TO show his ugly mug!

(and OJ is a murder and everyone knows it!!! These nasty people need to go away)

2679 days ago


Who would still pay this freak $10mil for an appearence. He's not worth anything anymore. He couldn't make a comeback album if his life depended on it. Who's going to listen to a 40+ man sing rap and pop the way he did when he was a kid.

2679 days ago


i think that guy might really be, a child molester, seriously, IF SO THATS SAD, & SICK......

2679 days ago

The Truth    

You guys should be Mike Alone. STop hating

2679 days ago

castra regina    

Please keep him there!! Doesn't Boy George need companionship?

2679 days ago


he may be insane but he was and is a musical genius. his pedo-freak persona has helped to destroy his sister janet's career. everyone is just so creeped by the jackson name now.

2679 days ago


When I think about what ten mil could do in this world. Come on, Michael, tell us what charities are going to benefit from this ten mil. Yeah, right, what was that again.....we are the world? Sick pedophile phony creep. Maybe he will get embarrassed into giving a couple bucks to SOMETHING. And Prince Azim.....nope, no words to describe a pile of jack-ass turds.

2679 days ago


He'll end end up in Vegas and sell out every night, now that's sad!!

2679 days ago


hey people, quit hattin, the guy is a global music legend. people love him, plus he was acquitted from the court of law. Grow up and let it go hatters. I guess most of your comments are from white people who are ignorant. I'm white by the way.

2679 days ago


MJ needs to have protection. People don't like child molesters.

2679 days ago

C Ya    

HE is a FREAK of nature!

2679 days ago

Anna Bannana    

Dear IRS,
Wacky Jacky is out of the country pulling in some chump change (anyone who pays him thinking he's A-list is REALLY a chump) that he hopes you won't notice. Please make sure to check into this little paid appearance, will you? We don't want our fav-o perv-o to forget to pay his income taxes. He's SUCH a law abiding citizen, afterall...

Very truly yours,
Someone who's sick of the perv raking in cash for his watches, wigs and wee boys

2679 days ago
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