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Britney's Workin' Hard

5/24/2007 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears gave son Sean Preston a lesson in using headlights to navigate the paparazzi yesterday.

Emerging from the Millennium Dance Studio, Britney told the assembled paparazzi, "I love you too," when prompted by their declarations of love ... for her eyes.

Wonder what was making her so preternaturally perky?


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Why isnt she ever with the other kid? Does he even exist? LOL Is there something wrong with him? She is never seen with the new baby. Odd.

2675 days ago

Fred Flintstoned    

I would play with those juggs :)

2675 days ago


Considering some of the pics of her lately, I think she looks pretty cute in these pics..And whats the big deal about her not wearing a bra? So what..

2675 days ago


Me like!

2675 days ago


Nice Highbeams!!

2675 days ago


She gets classier and classier every day, real upper class material. It's called a B.R.A. Brittany, they're usually white, they go around your boobs, have clips on the back...

2675 days ago


I have to ask, why would any man want to have sex with her? Just for the hell of it, or what?

2675 days ago


Damn, her face looks all bloated. She's hit the wall!

2675 days ago


Oh give it up. Britney looks great! At least she looks happy and healthy.

2675 days ago


And why are you all concerned with her younger baby? So you can all be mean about him too? You all sound like a bunch of stalkers...Get a life!

2675 days ago

Laurie R    

ha, ha, ha....annoyed, that's hilarious!! "bargain hooker bin" it! seriously though...she's completely aware she's advertising and we already know she's an exhibitionist. she's twisted and warped like that....but she really shouldn't advertise ti**ies that point to the ground.

2675 days ago

who cares?    

keysha--shut up!! nignogg!

2675 days ago


The papparazi should be contained for real! I mean, why should someone who chooses to not wear underwear be the subject of fodder???? The person who shot that picture of B.S. and other celebs should be put to shame-not the celeb!! They are dirty old men from the many pictures that come out of celebs!! There should be some type of restraint for these sob's and vulgar pictures of celebs or of anyone shouldn't be allowed! If they themselves want to post their own pics online or in print, fine. Paps should not have that right--to put other people's pics online/print!

I think Brit is doing just fine and I really wish she wouldn't wear those wigs. She's beautiful and bald or not, she should go for what she knows! Who the hell are we to judge her or anyone else??!! We wouldn't know a lot of happenings if the paps were not RIGHT THERE IN CELEBS FACES 24/7!!!! I've never wanted to know personal info about celebs. But that's just me....

2675 days ago


All boobs droop... You people are a bunch of nasty, hypocrites. After 2 back to back pregnancies, her's look pretty perky to me.

2675 days ago


Maybe her other kid the second one has Downs Syndrome? hmmm?
Britney is ashamed she probly can't look at her second child without getting sick to her stomach! She is soo a Tweeker! meth head coke whore ......nipples look like there pointing down ..............LMAO!
People This is What Happens When you Drink and do drugs it makes you look like crap earlier than you should ......HEAR THAT BRITNEY YOU LOOK OLD! no talent ......just take your sexy dancing to a strip bar and get a job there! are you still looking for the part for Janis Joplin? i hope not!

2675 days ago
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