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Turns Tricks

in Cannes

5/24/2007 1:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0524_dita_getty_200-1Everybody in the world wants to kiss George Clooney -- and that dream came true for one lady last night -- at a hefty price.

At an amfAR event in France, a lip lock from the hunky "Ocean's 13" star was auctioned off by Sharon Stone -- as an incentive for making a large bid on a yacht vacation. The kiss went for $350,000, with the woman's boyfriend putting up the money for a peck on the lips. $350,000 and no tongue? Outrageous!

Clooney wasn't the only highlight of the event, which also saw Kylie Minogue do an impromptu performance of "Can't Get You Out of My Head," with Stone as backup, and Dita Von Teese raising money the best way she knows how -- by taking off her clothes for a sexy, cowgirl-themed burlesque number! Howdy, girls!


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News flash: George Clooney is not gay. Commitment phobic--apparently, gay--no. I thought he might have been until one of my friends began babysitting for one of George's closest friends while she attended UCLA. She met him on several occasions over a two-year period at his friend's house. Said he's a genuinely nice guy, down to earth, not short (5' 11"), and not gay.

This same friend worked at one of Beverly Hills' biggest PR firms after she graduated, and said that the gay boy is Tom Cruise. Apparently everyone is Hollywood knows this.

2701 days ago


nice she gorgeous, she needs to get at least a 20 minute tan.O_O too much veinage after awhile. fair skinned women have the best skin in the long run in old age. but it does get old in summer. over tanning bronze will give you skin cancer in no time, pre cancer bake they call it. i hate that. plus people who over tan will age quicker and get vericose veins.

2717 days ago


Come one, TMZ, where's some pics of Sharon Stone? That's the REAL "tease," you do a spot on Sharon in Cannes and don't give us a single picture of her IN Cannes!

2717 days ago


WEAK KISS,,,,,,,,CLOONEY,,,,,,,,,,you big pussy..............but i do like him more than 1/2 the time!

2717 days ago


The wealthy is a waste of life!!!

2717 days ago

Are you kidding me???    

is anyone else tired of seeing miss von teese in pasties???? i am...

2717 days ago


No, not everybody wants to kiss George C., I'd rather kiss Clay Aiken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2717 days ago


Not everyone in the world wants to kiss George Clooney. I certainly don't. Womanizers/playboys do not interest me one bit. Yes, they are good-looking, but seriously character flawed. Looks fade and soon they will be old and wrinkled and gray and GONE! And their face will be stretched beyond recognition and in years to come....someone MIGHT, just MIGHT remember them. I bet the formerly know womanizer Burt Reynolds could tell you. If they can just get over themselves they might be able to see their real self-worth.

2717 days ago


johnnyboy! I'm not sure you have to use some of the language you do but your comments were very funny! I felt the same way about the loser who paid to keep his girlfriend happy by kissing George. Pathetic....

2717 days ago


If I had it, I'd pay it to kiss George Clooney. Yes. I would. There!

2717 days ago


Everybody knows that old Georgie Boy is gay. He's doing the Rock Hudson thing by hiding it, but I see that it's starting to come out here and there. I like the fact that he's gay but not willing to be a flamer or flaunt it in anybody's face. He doesn't feel that he has to come out for the public. Good looking guy and the female in me thinks, what a waste....................sigh!

2717 days ago


Everyone knows old Georgie Boy is gay. I see that it's starting to become known. I think he's doing the Rock Hudson thing and trying to hide it a bit. The thing I like about George is that he is not a flaming gay guy. He's not in your face with it. He doesn't feel the need to have a big coming out because he thinks his sexual preferences are none of anybody's business. That said, George is a good looking guy and sometimes I think, what a waste! Sigh.........................

2717 days ago

Gossip Hog    

Clooney is a bore.

2717 days ago


I'd kiss him if it shut him up talking about his politics and stops him from making anymore crappy pictures.

2717 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Are you saying that Clooney's ex-wife, that french lawyer he dated, and all of the gorgeous models he sees are ALL beards??? I thought he was just shot on marriage, and his rat-packer ocean's buddies were just a grown-up frat-boy extension. I don't get the gay vibe from him, but my gaydar is not sharp. Say it ain't so. Someone. Please.

2717 days ago
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