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Hairy Octopus Attacks Amy Winehouse!

5/24/2007 12:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amy Winehouse is hiding something ... in that rat's nest sitting on her head!

The newly married and elaborately tatted singer balanced her hairdo and a Starbucks coffee while walking around West Hollywood yesterday.

Amy seemed unfazed by the paparazzo taking her picture. It's possible she was distracted by the rabbit about to jump out of her head.


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I don't get the eyeliner she's go going on. But only having learned of her recently, I found this very interesting:

2687 days ago


I would rather listen to an artist who is ugly (or maybe makes themselves ugly) then to listen to someone who might be considered attractive by more conventional standards, but is all studio enhanced and commercial bubblegum pop. I think her album Back To Black is awesome, she has great pipes. I would rather pay to see her in concert than these dopes who pay $150 to see Britney lipsynch and dance like s stripper on a pole for 12 minutes. I will take talent over looks any day!!!

2687 days ago


Someone on this site compared Amy to Xtina....What the f*****!!! That bitch can't hold a candle to Christina's voice.

2687 days ago


True that, Xtine can sing stronger, but Amy sings and is just all do you say.......she is just classier.........

Both of them are awesome singers.....but Xtina is just a *talented* Britney, sorry!

2687 days ago

Never inked up!    

Christina a talented Brittney!!!!!!!?????? HUH? Christina has proven herself to be up there with greats of music. We will hear about Christina for a LONG time after all these no talent girls have their 15 minutes.

I wish Amy luck she isn't half bad either. But, don't diss Xtina! Girl has a given gift!

2687 days ago


She may have some freak-ish hair normally, but if you check out her website and her album cover, she looks MUCH MUCH better. And you have to admit that this chick can sing- she's awesome.

2687 days ago


TO: LalalalaLosAngelesLalalala

You are saying that Amy has more class than Christina? You don't get out much, do you?

2687 days ago


TO: LalalalaLosAngelesLalalala

You are saying that Amy has more class than Christina? You don't get out much, do you?

2687 days ago

castra regina    

Look like Vampira from KABC when I was a kid!

2687 days ago

Justice for one, justice for ALL!!!    

Amy won't be showin her *naughty bits* any time soon, Xtina got the name Xtina somehow....don't get me wrong, I LOVE Xtina, but Xtina is still a TALENTED, a VERY TALENTED *performer* a la Britney Spears......Xtina has more substance in her music and cannot really be compared to Britney, but she is the same niche for *performances*

Amy is Amy :) She won't be...for want of a better phrase.... *whoring*.... herself any time soon.

2687 days ago


Amy is the Best!!!

2685 days ago


what the hell is wrong with everyone?!? You know other countries make fun of us for two reasons...boy bands and our obsession with how people look! Amy is one of the most incredible singers/writers our time has seen in a minute. There are comments here from people who don't even know who she is, but you still insult her based on looks! We come from a country that thinks it's a good idea that Paris, Lindsay, Brittney, etc...make records, again what's wrong with this picture? Maybe we should take a lesson from previous generations and other countries and learn how to appreciate music for music and leave the poppy crap for the kids. Amy you rock!

2683 days ago


this woman is a true artist; if you don't know who she is do the research.

gotta love when the anonymous american public calls people "nobodies."

ps am american so don't get your old navy in a bunch.

2683 days ago
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