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Brandy Sued by Survivor in Fatal Wreck

5/25/2007 4:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

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Tya Harris    

I see nothing wrong with the victims expecting Brandy to take care of their medical bills. True she made a mistake, but there are consequences to your actions. I feel sorry for Brandy because I think this is something her career will not come back from. She does seem like a nice person too.

2673 days ago


I hope every single lawsuit is thrown out in court. Enough is enough. It was an accident. Accidents happens every day, get over it. Brandy keep your head up girl. This will make you stronger that you ever thought you could be.

2673 days ago


This is terrible for all those involved. God Bless

2673 days ago


Poor little 'ole Brandy my big fat you-know-what! People are taking advantage of her? It's wasn't like, well ya know, like she wasn't on drugs or something!! Get real you neanderthals out there. I hope the punk has-been, loser so-called talent loses everything and suffers, suffers, suffers for her stupidity, idiocy, arrogance and selfishness! Too bad she killed and severely injured others. At least Brandy will continue to exist and live her life in reasonably good health and stable mobility. Can't say the same for the victims and loved ones affected by her preventable crime. She's getting exactly what she deserves!

2673 days ago


And another thing, it took weeks for the publicist of Brandy to come out and say anything about what Brandy did. Brandy didn't give a rat's ass about what she did. Once Brandy finally offered a piss-poor apology it had been weeks since the deadly accident. So much for the punk having any feelings or regard for what she did!

2673 days ago


People are feeling sorry for Brandy . That is pathetic. THe girl killed somoene for Lords sake. How about felling sorry for the dead person and others destroyed by a loved ones death? Plus the other lady is severely injured. And no, Brandys life is not over as she knew it, If she has good auto insurance, it should cover expenses.

2673 days ago

Reality check    

I used to be an EMT. Have any of you pusbags who are defending Brandy seen the aftermath of a fatal accident? It's not like TV, dumbasses. There is blood everywhere, chunks of flesh and bone are smashed into the car's dash, doors, etc. Sometimes heads and arms are strewn into the berm from the impact. This E.T.-headed has-been freak destroyed several lives and ended one person's existence on this planet.

2673 days ago


Such anger. It was a tragic accident. The people hurt have a right to sue. But is it necessary to spew such venom? Such people must live terribly unhappy lives.

2673 days ago


Any judge with reasonable intelligence will come to the conclusion that it was INDEED an accident and that these people are CLEARLY going after Brandy because of her wealth and status as a celebrity. Yes Brandy was at fault but I don't think she she should be responsible for anything other than basic medical and funeral expenses. Other than that, I hope these greedy, broke bums don't get a cent from her.

2673 days ago


Accidents happen. However, if you are speeding, talking on your cell phone or worse, combing the two, then you are at fault. Accidents are when you obey the speed limit, keep two hands on the wheel, obey the spacing that is required between cars. When you are speeding and following at close speeds, which obviously she was becuase she did not have enough time to stop and not only could she not stop but was obviously cruising right along to have such a wreck. Get off the celeb kick here, this is a lawsuit worth pursuing. This is why people have insurance. When a person is at fault for doing something they should not have done, speed can be just as deadly as driving drunk or on drugs. She deserves every single lawsuit slapped against her. Stupid, stupid girl!

2673 days ago


#16. Is a numbskull. THere is someone dead and another person injured in this case. How utterly stupiud to feel sorry for her, yes it was an accident, But just forget it and go on with your life? Nitwit.

2673 days ago


This is a SAD situation all around, on all levels and for all sides. If you have ever lost someone through means other than disease or age, it is difficult and rightly so. However this has escalated so much we are forgetting how all parties are suffering. Some people are suffering the loss of a loved one, others injuries and do not forget Brandy will always know her actions cause the death of another human.
Money will not ease anyone's pain and suffering. I do think that each party involved should be compensated for medical expenses, loss of wages, etc..but to go beyond that is wrong. How does it look to ask for more money than necessary??? Doesn't profiting from someone's death seem wrong to anyone else??? I have lost a person due to another's negligence, it is painful and it stinks, but life moves on and you do what you can and try to forgive. Money won't make you any happier, it just fills your pockets.

2673 days ago


To # 20, Your Beer Pigs. Right on, right on. Couldnt agree with you more It is sickening that people are saying that Brandy is being taken advantage of in the case of this deadly accident.

2673 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Rich or poor, people/insurance companies will be sued if it's wrongful death. If I'm remembering correctly, she was a wife and mother of two small children. The settlement will go to benefit and make up for the loss the husband and children incurred, although money feels meaningless to the grieving survivors. The funds only serve to see that they don't further suffer financially from the loss of the second income, child care, and compensates in some small way for the pain and suffering, which will be motherless and life long for them for a moment of carelessness by another. It's sad for the children, the husband, and for Brandy also. She'll recover and carry on with a heavy heart for the rest of her life. Brandy will now drive very carefully, every time, as if she has everyone else's life in her hands, because she does. My point is that you cannot say that Brandy should not be held responsible like some 6 year old by saying 'but it was an accident.' I believe that poster is under age, as that is the cry of someone under legal age. Welcome to adulthood, where we all bear responsibility and are accountable for what we do.

2673 days ago

what in the world ???    

Has anyone ever been on the 405 where the accident happened??? there are curves hills and plenty of downhill driving
i was driving the other night regular speed limit i had plently of space in front of me to stop if needed then all of a sudden a car gets in front of me we are going down hill mind u, the car in front of me suddely slows down i slow down i look in my rear view mirror the car behind me had to swerve onto the curb not to hit me not to mention i almost hit the car in front of me
its really hard to stop when someone gets in front of u the space that was used to space yourself from the car in front of u its LA driving this happens on a daily u could blink and the car in front of u is stopping

it can happen that fast in that area no matter what speed u are going
no one really knows the facts right now its not nice to call someone all these horrible names when everything right now is an assumption
i've been there on that road and i've seen it happen many times
if anything the victems relatives should go after the caltrans for not having that area freeway fixed

its dark at night no lights, the lanes are very narrow imagine going 60 around a cruve down a hill in a norrow lane its going to happen again and again

i feel sorry for everyone involved!!

2673 days ago
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