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Did Rosie Leave Trail of Trash, 'Staches?

5/25/2007 9:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wild Rosie Gallery: click to launch photosRosie O'Donnell may have burned whatever bridges she had at "The View," after her ballistic blowup with Elisabeth Hasselbeck, allegedly trashing her dressing room in anger.

And that's not all: Her chief writer, Janette Barber, reports Page Six, was escorted from ABC studios after she was caught drawing mustaches on photos of Elisabeth hanging around the building. Indeed, ABC confirmed to the Post that "photographs at 'The View's" offices were defaced," though it adds that Rosie wasn't around when it happened.

As for the dressing room meltdown, ABC denies it. Still, Rosie continues to be cryptic about whether she's coming back next week, with her latest blog posting saying, "There is a point u must step away from the canvas as the work is done."
Ro Vs. E : click to watch the video

Jessica – I Ignore My Fears

Jessica Simpson gallery: Click to launch photosIt's unclear what she's talking about, but Jessica Simpson has taken to the Internet airwaves to dispense some wisdom she gained while traveling in Europe for the Cannes film festival and elsewhere. She tells us on her personal website that she spent plenty of time in museums, and read about Michelangelo, which inspired her to write something that she herself reads over and over to "find new strength." And it goes a little something like this: "Can facing our fear be what walks us to somewhere better? ... In my life, I ignore my fears too often, but then I'm left with nothing to challenge the best of me ... There is no discovery." After reading it over and over, and, again, we're not quite sure what she's talking about.

Paula Pussyfooting Around Dog-Breaks-Nose Story?

wacky-ass paula: click to launch photosDid Paula Abdul's nose look suspiciously un-broken after her supposed trip and fall over her Chihuahua last weekend? Page Six thinks so, reporting that Paula's toying with the truth, and that what really happened was, according to their source, "She pitched a fit, threw something into a mirror or glass object, and a shard of glass struck her in the face." Ouch. Hence, it wasn't broken, and didn't look as swollen and out of joint as noses generally do. Paula's rep says the story is "absolutely, categorically untrue."

Party Favors: Brangelina Makes Sly Getaway in Cannes ... Doc Martens Apologizes for Kurt Ads ... Could "Pirates" Make $200 Mil This Weekend?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie -- and Brad's castmates in "Ocean's 13" -- escaped the crush of post-premiere admirers by pulling, as FOX News reports, an elaborate bait-and-switch on partygoers in Cannes. ... Doc Martens is apologizing to Courtney Love for the ad it ran in a UK publication showing Kurt Cobain wearing its shoes in heaven, calling the ad "offensive" and "a mistake." ... The third "Pirates of the Caribbean" could be the first film to gross over $200 million over the Memorial Day weekend, say the people who watch -- and care about -- such things.


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If, and I repeat IF, Rosie had ANY "valid" arguements, why didn't she espouse them when Dennis Miller was on? She was more than aware that he'd mop the floor with her manufactured "facts", is why. She's an idiot and a phony as is anyone who agrees with her absurd tripe.

2671 days ago

in the know    

It was reported that Jessica was in Cannes at a Vanity Fair party following Leo DeCaprio around like a lost puppy. The article states Leo tried to get away from her and just basically ignored her. The article also states she didn't fit in with the people at the party and spent most of the time alone. No one could figure out why she was there to begin with. Whose idea was it for her to be there? Why Papa Joe of course. He still has control over her every move and he wanted her to hang with successful actors, in the hope they would believe Jessica is also one. Not a chance!! If Papa Joe really wants people to take her seriously, he should instruct her to stop dressing like a hooker, and taking Bimbo movie roles.

2671 days ago


I don't know how so many people be so stupid! All Rosie said is that all the people that have been killed at our hands matter just as much as we do. Life is life and just put your self over there and think about living like that. ROSIE .KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, SOMEONE HAS TO SAY IT!!!

2671 days ago


"The network made this decision based on a variety of reasons which I won't go into now. But we were never going to say this. We wanted to protect Star, I mean Rosie. And so we told her that she could say whatever she wanted about why she was leaving and that we would back her up."

2671 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

For godsake, don't people READ anymore? Or is the problem they choose not to read because it might take too much energy comprehending?

2671 days ago


"The network made this decision based on a variety of reasons which I won't go into now. But we were never going to say this. We wanted to protect Star. And so we told her that she could say whatever she wanted about why she was leaving and that we would back her up."

ABC states Rosie wasn't there when it happened and we should believe them.

2671 days ago

Jenn Mark    

Jessica posted that message on not
get your facts straight!

2671 days ago


Needed: Recovery Program, Rosie will only get worse and could be a liability insurance- wise to any company she works for. Deep-seated emotional, spiritual, physical problems are involved, its so obvious to those of us who are familiar with it.her anger is a symbol of something bigger going on. Its not all about Rosie and she has to remember that. And its not about being RIGHT its about what is.

2671 days ago


Where's Tom Selleck when you need him?

2671 days ago


As a male there is NO way that I would watch the view.....and Rosie is clearly psycho. But having said that unless the view hires another "push the envelope" personality then the view will be off the air in less than a year.

2671 days ago

Tired and Ready for A Nap    

Rosie O'Donnell has become a nasty sterotype. She needs to stop, relax, spend time with her family and stop being famous for fighting with people. Regardless of what Mrs. Hasselback's personal views are, it is my understanding that she has done a very good job of keeping herself 'in check' over the years and not grand standed or had verbal knock-down, drag outs with people - especially on television. If for that reason alone I would side with her. Ms. O'Donnell has changed greatly from a funny, entertaining personality to an angry woman who seems desperate to stay in the limelight any way she can

2671 days ago


They only said that Rosie was supposedly not around when her employee was apprehended defacing the pictures. They DIDN'T say she wasn't there when Elisabeth's office was trashed. Even IF she didn't have a "physical" hand in on it, it was her employee who "stayed behind" after she left. I'm sure she's well paid and HIGHLY doubt the "initiative" was her own.

2671 days ago


Rosie is personalizing everything and wants to be Right and wants everyone along on her boat of Her Truths. If the caption of the ship was a drunk, would you ride along? If the caption were angry like a dog that bites, would you go on? I wouldn't. If it doesn't feel right, don't ride along. Its COWARDS who go along for the ride when really, they don't want to but those people operate on FEAR and people like Rosie love it.

2671 days ago

just me :-)    

#70 - It was "Rosie's" own dressing room that she trashed, NOT Elisabeths.

2671 days ago


Way to go Janette Barber- vandalism. I guess Rosie can't return to the View now because her "writer"..... wait someone writes remarks for her, Elisabeth can't think for herself per bloggers but Rosie has a writer..... but I digress. Rosie surrounds herself with such classy people. I think it best that Elisabeth not be friends with Rosie anymore she may end up like Janette Barber.

Oh yeah I remember that Star annoucement WaWa made the day after she left. So really ABC has been willing to lie for it View co-hosts before so why should anyone believe them now.

2671 days ago
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