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Clooney Bags on Brangelina

5/28/2007 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney thinks Angelina Jolie is a "horrible" and "ugly" person.

While promoting "Oceans 13" in Cannes with co-star Matt Damon, the two started to rip on Brangelina, saying "Brad has had it tough" between being "hobbled with children" and "that horrible, ugly wife." Clooney went on to say that Brad should just kill himself to get out of the horrendous situation.

Of course, Pitt also stars in the upcoming caper, and the gang has a history of ragging on each other and playing practical jokes -- TMZ's favorite? Clooney allegedly putting a "Small Penis on Board" bumper sticker on Pitt's car. That's what friends are for.


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Anyone who didn't see this as a joke is terribly slow - including whomever wrote the article. Clooney and Pitt are very good friends - they trade bad jokes with each other allll the time, and I'm sure that he and his "wife" got a good chuckle out of it - who cares what everyone else thinks?

2713 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Do many of you reallythinkgeorgie is gay?

I do notknow .Anythingis possible. Maybe he is. maybe the gay jus tdoe snot want kids. Does notwant to get married like Chris Noth. He is not gay.

What about Kenny Chesney? Renne Zellwegger should have not divorced this guy by fraud. that was ugly.

What about the rumor withPeyton manning? He had a wife b ut now he does not and there is not talk of her. He sort of has one ,but she has no name? WTF? What woman married to a man like , no matter how shy or in need of HER OWN career and private life would not be at his side for theSuperbowl win and Sat , NigthLive.?

2713 days ago


I agree, I have thought for years that Clooney is gay and acutally HATES women. I recall years ago in one of the men's mags, I think it was Gentlemen's Quarterly, Clooney and Pitt were filming one of the "Oceans" movie. Clooney was quoted in the article as saying upon seeing Brad and Jennifer together, that, "they were the homeliest couple I've ever seen". I wondered at that time if Clooney had a hatred for women, and, I also wondered if he would try to humiliate Brad(who to me, always seemed insecure)into dumping his " homely" wife(Aniston).

I wondered, also, since to me Pitt seemed so insecure, that he may try to impress a man like Clooney in order to feel like he belonged in that clique. I have always wondered if George Clooney played a role in Brad and Angelinas' getting together and/or Brad trying to trade-up from "homely" Jennifer to impress Clooney, who apprears to be so in love with himself.

2713 days ago


Does anybody really care what actors think or say. Clooney, Pitt, Jolie et al are phony.
They have managed to fool themselves into thinking that they matter on the global stage. Presidents, Prime Ministers and yes, Dictators matter on the global stage, they affect peoples' lives more than these highly paid talking heads.

Actors are professional LIARS/PRETENDERS, it's what they get highly paid to do. Whether Pitt is happy or not doesn't matter to me. They will live their happy or unhappy lives and lie about it to us.

2713 days ago


I am anxiously awaiting the web of lies that Jolie and Pitt will spew when this sexual infatuation ends. Right now their reps are working overtime to prepare for when the S#!& hits the fan.

2713 days ago


It's funny that George can bag on Angelina since they are great
friends. He couldn't call Brad's previous wife ugly and horrible
since it was the truth.

2713 days ago


why is everyone commenting on whether clooney is gay or not? Who in the f--k cares.

2713 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

........................George, sweetheart, more meat on those bones please..............................

2713 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

.Their friendship a solid and tight......You should hear about the pranks they play on eachother.....He was being sarcastic.............I laughed, but then again, I have a sense of humour.........

2713 days ago


I agree with kat,

This was supose to be a joke, but really was NOT funny.

2713 days ago


In hurmor there is truth.

2713 days ago


It rightly!! Angelina is ugly and thin!!! In addition to Ca it is pretentious and wants absolutely attracted the atention of mediate to be able to complain and say to the ground entiere which it is quelqun of good and generous!! But they is false, how it is explained that oprah gave approximately 58 million dollars against 2millions for engelina and that one heard spoken whom gifts that made angelina!! It is not generause, which it gave given it is for not versed A the state, in tax!!!!!!!! As regards George, I do not think at all that it is gay, it has just a smell of special humour, lol!!!

Proposer une meilleure tra

2713 days ago

Dr. K    

Man, Matt and George have an uncanny sense of wit, which really contributes to them being credible entertainers. I was amazed they could keep straight faces (although both did let a few giggles through...) Good natured ribbing between friends is fun and healthy. I look back on some of the things I put my friends through and it was WAY over-the-top.

P.S. Old tuna and expired creamy ranch dressing, when applied liberally to the fresh air intake of a close friend's vehicle, leaves an impression that lasts a lifetime...

2713 days ago


The funny thing is George is dead right!

2713 days ago


Someone needs to convince George to come out of the closet. He is not fooling everyone. He just likes for people to think he is a ladys man. He is such a prick head anyway. He thinks these "practical jokes" are the greatest. They are so stupid. Just like a kid. Grow up.

2713 days ago
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